Video: Sam Hill On his Early Career, Racing Success & a Hint About the Future

Nov 16, 2023 at 8:41
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIn this episode of Australian Supercross Bench Racers, Lee Hogan sits down with 8 x World Mountain Bike Champion, Sam Hill.
Sam started his career with Motocross in WA and went on to have one of the most successful careers that the action sport world has seen.
Australian Supercross Championship

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 Loving Sam's dad bod! Legend.
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flag likeittacky (Nov 16, 2023 at 11:53) (Below Threshold)
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 @likeittacky: embrace peak male sexyness
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flag likeittacky (Nov 16, 2023 at 12:05) (Below Threshold)
 such a tool
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 @likeittacky: LOL uh oh everybody watch out - tough guy right here! lol
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flag likeittacky (Nov 16, 2023 at 15:21) (Below Threshold)
 @cuban-b:The typical PB Weirdo Union that misinterprets words continually. "Mess around shit and get splattered"- would be a tough guy comment...... "Such a tool"- not so.

Your parents actually paid for your education is most laughable. Wait let me guess another tough guy comment according to you.?
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 Mmmmmmmm, Sammy thick. I like
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 So strange.. Before the term dad bod, this would read: Loving that sam has gained a bit of weight! Legend!
There, that’s woke rather than tough.
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 @emptybe-er: Exactly, what an odd sentiment. Not trying to be fatphobic or whatever it's called these days, but what a strange thing to be positive about. "Great to see this living legend slowly fall from grace! Love it!" Uh, alright?

Sorry for being an internet tough guy about it.
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 My first thought was man he got old. My second thought was sh!t I got old.
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 @sherbet: what a strange thing to be a dick about
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 @cuban-b: Not trying to be rude at all here, and you can explain what I've got wrong here, but I don't see an athlete gaining wait as a positive thing. It's his life, his choice, and I'm happy that he's enjoying it, but that wasn't the point of the reply.

So if you could explain how saying "gaining weight is not a positive thing" makes me a dick, I'd love to hear.
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 @sherbet more weight = more power. Do you even lift?
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 @sherbet: I apologise for causing offence. I was only making clear Sam is a dad, he has a body and he's also a legend.

Now go dry your eyes.
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 What a strange thing to be a dick about.
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 @sherbet: your burner account gave a proper wank. No need to be shy.
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 Legend, will never forget Sam coming down the old Canadian open DH track on his Sunday. The speed he hit that old track was insane. Nothing beats being caught by Sam Hill in his prime.
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 He's been tending to the grill more than most seasons it would seem.
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 barbie *
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 its the liquid he marinades his steaks in... but who cares.. a living legend
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 TLDW: stay tuned on next year, wants to race, but not sure if he's got the oomf for a full season of WC
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flag xice (Nov 17, 2023 at 0:10) (Below Threshold)
 As much as I love Sam, I lack the imagination, he's gonna be up there ever again.
Legend status aside, he doesn't look like an athlete any more (physically and mentally). Additionally he's probably got a genetic proposition to gain weight easily, which absolutely doesn't help in todays gravity elite categories.
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 @xice: you sure? Did you see the WC overall or world champs in women’s elite?
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 @dkendy1: What do you mean? Men's elite DH is so brutal currently. Sam sure has the speed, skill and probably still the reflexes. But you have to be physically and mentally in tip top condition. If you're not, you'll get eaten towards the end of the race without mercy.
I hope he doesn't push himself into something, which ends in the next desaster injury.
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 @xice: even Loic Bruni mentions at the last race of the season that he has to lose Weight next year to battle with Jackson Goldstone light and flowy style.... Is Not about being fat-phobic, look at the type of e-bike racers, Small and light..
Appart from races, i could totally See him being an iconic staff member in a top team sharing advices and lines like Peaty or Pages does, i love his style on flats and will Always be a Legend of this sport and a referent to many
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 @xice: I mean what I said. I didn’t say men’s elite.
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 @f*cktoryteam: it all makes sense, just look at Vali Hoell Smile
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 @dkendy1: Yeah but he'll have to race in men's elite, right? So why compare to women's DH? Are you trying to say, Vali was a bit overweight and won all season? Competition in the men's is a whole different game.
I'd be happy to be proven wrong, if Sam shows up 10kg overweight and wins. It's just not gonna happen.
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 @xice: you said in todays gravity elite categories. And then I pointed out what you have now mentioned. Get my drift? Being heavy.. there is room. Your’re wrong. See?
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 Love Sam Hill. Who cares if he doesnt have the loud mouth, his riding does the talking. Who cares if he has a Dad bod, that's what PT's are for. He's got plenty time before next season kicks off. You enjoy yourself Sam, you deserve it.
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 I'll never forget the best answer I heard of his. What tyre pressure do you run? He looked at the bike and pressed the back tyre. "About half a thumb"
Classic answer to a silly question.

Interesting to see him slate the Demo. Everyone knew that was a shit bike and the one after was even worse - the one that had suspension that worked pretty good without a chain.
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 He should do the Crankworx series. LOL! Honestly though, I'd like to see Sam transition to powered vehicles. Get into off-road trucks or SxS racing. He's got a champions mentality and would likely transition really well. And I'm sure Monster would support it.
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 E-bike Enduro beckons, surely
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 @Paco77: Wash your mouth out.
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 with age comes the cage!
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 @zyoungson: lol - sorry
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 Sam should compete in a few years when Discovery has cut the DH world tour down to 3 races.
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 Nice! Sam Hill long form interviews are super rare.
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 He's still eating likes he's racing. Lol. I know how that goes. Stop working out like a fiend but keep eating like a fiend. Oh well. Life was meant to eat good. Live it up while we can. Cheers
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 Anyone that doesn't have respect for this man is a loser
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 sam tippie or brett hill ?
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 such a class act and legend....always been my fav racer to watch.....and still is!!
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 Cmon people. You are aware that we humans gain and lose weight, right?
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 Comment section is exposing themselves as never bulked in their lives lol. Kooks. Sam is GOATed !!
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 I haven't seen him for a long time....where and when did he get so many kgs? Oo
and now he looks so
anyway - the king!
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 Sam hasn't officially retired, has he?
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 Be brave, be bold, be V bad
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 Powerlifting in his future? Neck is thick!!! Smile '
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 Works a lot better at 1.25 speed. Thanks for that YouTube.
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 Sam keeping a two seat gap like Seinfeld in the cinema.
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 Ahh age catches us all he still beat me down any trail by a minute.
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 What did they say?
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 bro- don't be lazy, just watch the vid. then tell us what they said.
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 @savagelake: totally racing ebikes next year
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 He is getting into extreme unicycling ....
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 @bman33: You mean, without saddle. Right?
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 26:20 - he says like 2 sentences about it
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 Blue car
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 @oldfaith Is someone teaching their kid to drive in the background?
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 Hmmm...Fox t-shirt
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 Take it you didn't watch the video...
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