Video: Szymon Godziek's 2nd Place Rampage POV

Oct 28, 2022 at 4:37
by Ed Spratt  

Szymon Godziek shares his full and unedited 2nd place Red Bull Rampage run.


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 I'm a teacher and we watched Rampage live with my 5th grade classroom. Hands down, the kids were screaming like no other run for Godziek's.
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 Where were you when I went to school?
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 You are a W teacher.
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 I think I got to watch Our Mr. Sun in 5th grade.
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 Teacher of the year award goes to.... @sk8mountain!!!
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 Wow that must be nice
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 Should have won just like McGazza should have won in 2013
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 Rabble! Rabble rabble rabble rabble
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 Sigh-mon Godziek.
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 100% after they read his score our whole section and half of the venue booed! I was there for McGazza and there for this and his 3 into a run in that you had to grease the speed and then flip it, and then sui flip afterwards was the shit! There is a theme of the in club for Rampage riders and it seems they gear the score towards them.
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 Best run of the day. The line flowed so well and 360 before the Canyon was nuts!
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 What i really appreciated about this run was it looked like he was ripping speed the whole time! Reeder was creeping down the mountain, slow rolling to the drops so he could trick them. Looked like Syzmon hit everything with more speed and flow.
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 @Questlove967: Could not be more incorrect. Do you know how much speed it takes to flat drop flip a 30+ drop with a one foot can? Or tail whip an even bigger gap at high speed lol. My dude.....what are you talking about.
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 @zone66: General flow, look at the top section on the narrow exposed ridge, Szymon was hauling at least 30% faster and on the back wheel for most of the ridge
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 I will say. One of the problems with crankworx in the last 10 years is that the winning run was more obvious especially throughout the Semenuk, Rheeder, Emil era. Rampage has the opposite problem where the runs are so varied with so many lines and different tricks. Makes for more excitement and debate which is good in my mind.
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 Remember ZINK win with on single huge flip on the Oakley sender drop.....with any another trick..... So the arguments like '' yes but BREEDER make's more tricks.....bla bla bla''.....kiss m'y ass. Simon IS the truly winner....what a run!
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 Rheeder had fewer tricks actually, but more diverse ones. And he had more big drops than SG.
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flag 14pslope (Oct 28, 2022 at 6:45) (Below Threshold)
 so disrespectful, you're an ass
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 No I don’t, because Zink never won with a flip off the Oakley sender.
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 My dude. Everything Rheeder hit was massive, absolutely massive.
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 @zone66: Yes, I'm having trouble understanding how people thing Godziek got robbed. His run was sick but he was also given 2nd place. Personally, I'm fine with that. I just think Rheeders run was better.

It was a bigger more technical line (outside of the canyon gap) and his tricks were better. Godziek's big tricks were 3 backflips off jumps, one with a no hander, and two regular 360 drops.

Rheeder's were Flat drop backflip can-can, 50ft tailwhip, 360 drop, tailwhip step down, and opposite 360. Plus he had the big technical drop up top on the ridge. Outside of the canyon gap flip I think Rheeders tricks were all generally bigger and more technical.
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 Zink got 3rd for that backup run since that was his only big trick.

Rheeder never did a sketchy 3 into the run in for 75 foot back flip. if oppo tricks and tail whips are winning runs, lets call this a slopestyle event.

I think godziek deserved a higher score.
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 @slayerdegnar: I’m not sure I follow your logic. So Godziek should get full credit for doing two 360s in his run, both his natural way, but Rheeder does two 360s, one being opposite (which is more difficult) and you complain that his run was too ‘slopestyle’?

That’s how you differentiate the runs. If two guys are doing the same tricks but one is doing it opposite you score that rider higher.
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 @mi-bike: Rheeder rode slow and carefully - that a HUGE different
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 @jergus: your brain is slow, stop supporting athletes based on where you live, it's super weak
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 @jergus: you're so right. SG took only 80 seconds from start platform to finish corral. BR rode at a glacial pace and took a whopping 1 minutes and 24 seconds!
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 @mi-bike: So...4 seconds longer? Is my sarcasm meter broken?
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 @gnarnaimo: so right, glacial pace, whopping. Your meter is broken beyond repair.
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 Feels crazy to say but semenuk with the drop into the chute was what I thought should win. That chute was big mountain AF. And he backed up the chute with legit tricks.
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 It's funny how half of the pinkbike comments are complaining that rampage is just a slopestyle course, and the other half of the comments are arguing about which of the two runs that most resemble slopestyle (godziek and rheeder) should have won.
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 @toast2266: If you look at rampage through bender's original interpretation of trying to mimic big mountain skiing, then semenuk, sorge, and storch nailed it. As someone who follows the freeride world tour as closely as rampage, those three understood the assignment. The rest were mimicking natural selection which is cool too, it just isn't big mountain
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 @adrennan: Have you watched the Alaska stop on NST? It literally and metaphorically is bigger mountain than anything FWT has. Don't get me wrong - Bec des Rosses and Verbier and gnarly as hell, but the NST Alaska stop is HUGE mountain
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 @adrennan: I'm happy to watch all of it - at the end of the day, it's a bunch of guys sending it in burly terrain. But yeah, semenuk, sorge, and storch had ridiculous runs. Sorge rode that top chute scary fast.
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 Was definitely big mountain, but if that's your argument, then Andreu should have won, the line up top having to turn on the steeps not just a straight line was absolutely banana's scariest line out there
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 the canyon flip looks so small on the gopro, but when you see the final photo epic, it's just ridiculous how huge that gap is.
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 he doesnt even look like hes going fast enough to hit that gap, then just explodes off the ramp. insane
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 I was waiting to look through the goggles when he was putting them on
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 Me too - that's coming.....
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 Szymon was wobbed
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 His tricks were great and the 360 to canyon gap was epic.. but compared to Lacondeguy, Semenuk, Storch, Sorge, Zink, and even Rheeder he has no big mountain technical lines or drops. For people who say Rampage is just a big slopestyle comp, this run adds credence, whereas all of the others mentioned above had technical chutes, drops etc. If Rampage is differentiating itself from big mountain slopestyle, then this run didnt deserve to win. Personally I would rather see technical big mountain lines scored higher.
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 Godziek is from Europe and when ha came this year to Zone he tried to find big drop like he had in 2021 but all lines was accuped alreday
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 Pizza scored highest on this run specifically
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 That exposure on top is pretty incredible. So is the lack of time to get ready for that spin onto the lilly and then right into the canyon. I haven't seen Rheeder's pov but that seems like the winner right there. That being said Brandon's caveman into that chute and bar on the craziest step down, besides Gee's, is about as rowdy as it gets.
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 yoooo but WHY is no one talking about how semenuk BARSPINNED one of the gnarliest gaps ever
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 That landing is hanging off the edge
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 AGREE!!!! trick of the comp for me for sure. There is an epic photo of it here
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 The 360 drop before the canyon gap was close to desaster! Front tire barely clears the rock behind the lip and landing was a bit short. To go for the giant canyon flip after that is nearly a death wish. Crazy man. Winner of hearts and pure freeride bravery!
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 Mind-blowing run. Szymon can do it all! I'd have put him on top of the podium. All in all, this is (like Crankworx Slopestyle) an event to entertain viewers, more so than numbers and formulas on a spreadsheet. And this run was most entertaining!
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 I love videos like this, the run was so intense to watch in POV but the stoke at the end really gets me pumped! Hugs his wife and high fives his kid after back flipping a canyon lol how awesome is that?!
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 To do this while having kids..
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 @Midnightwheelie: Doing this while being in labour would for sure be the most technical and would 100% deserve the win amirite?
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 Robbed by the triple crown. Sad that 1 barspin or tailwhip would have won it for SG
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 This is what a winning run should look like, not a bunch barspins and tail whips.
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 Yeah, no more barspins and tailwhips! We demand sui nohanders, 360's, and backflips!!
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 Totally agree, this rampage not crankworks. Everything is gonna start looking generic.
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 @Theysayivebeentheone: Generic in your town is very different from generic over here... Win or lose, all of the runs are way more insane than anything I ever come across
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flag Theysayivebeentheone (Oct 28, 2022 at 11:58) (Below Threshold)
 @evergreenc2s: I doubt it the retarded ass selfies you’re taking gotta be the the must insane shit anyone has ever come across lmao!! Boii u look like a f*ckin failed abortion!! Tell your boyfriend that whenever he goes to titi f*ck you not to dick slap you on the face!! Boii you ugly as hell Lmfao
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flag lalientoxc (Oct 28, 2022 at 12:02) (Below Threshold)
 @Theysayivebeentheone: I was gonna down vote you.. until I saw his selfie!! @evergreenc2s is f*cking ugly hahaha
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 @Theysayivebeentheone: @lalientoxc: What is this, Middle school? Totally unnecessary. And pathetic.
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 Lol. "we don't want these tricks! It's too slopestyle and not big mountain enough! We want THOSE tricks that are the real freeride®!!"
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 I love it when the first people that greet some of these riders are their families and friends. What other sport/event does that? Seeet run!
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 Sweet, I love typos.
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 That upper ridge looks insane from a POV of the rider. The camera did not die it justice when watching the coverage
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 Sure it did. It looked fast as he shot debris all over. Way more aggressive than the rest up there.
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 Winning run by far!!
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 Prity epic guy, run too!
He’s got nerves of steel! And seek wheels too.
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 That shadow!!!!! Was almost like watching it with two camera angles. Super cool.
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 So legit. 1st!!! The speed at the top narrow section!
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 Pretty hard to get in let alone win if your not cannayyydiaaannnn
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 Proper extension on the no-handers might have been enough to win it... amazing run.
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 He had in plan make there BF superman seatgrab, but aftre 360 and canyon he didn't want to risk more to blew up this ride. He knew about wind afternoon.
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 Epic run - Works comp must be pretty pleased with the placement there too.
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 SG burglarized
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 First place run!
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 . !!!!
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 SG embezzled
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 fou raide .......
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 Savage !

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