Video: The YT Mob Tests Components & Race the Opening Enduro World Cups

May 27, 2023 at 4:15
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesReturn of Tales of the Mob. In Episode 1 we focus on the uncaged philosophy of YT Industries and how we've adapted that to racing. It gives Jack Moir, Christian Textor and Kasper Woolley the freedom to specify their choice of parts in search of peak performance.

The uncaged philosophy resonates throughout YT Industries, within its staff, products, and ethos. Now, its made its way to the race scene.

Stay tuned throughout the season as the team takes you backstage in Tales of the Mob. It's going to get hectic!
The YT Mob

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 Old-ish guy here. Grew up racing BMW bikes in SoCal in the 70s/80s. Switched to MTB in 80s/90s (UC Riverside DH Derelicts) and bombing NorCal trails since then. Not quite a dentist but body slowing down. My 2020 YT Capra CF on 27.5s is the most capable bike I've ever ridden. Not a single problem in 3+ years and continues to bring a smile to my face every weekend...
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 (Forgot what a sh*t show PB comment section can be.) BMW bikes?? BMX, thanks autocorrect...
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 agreed, still on my 2018 YT capra, a bunch of new parts but she still rides lovely.
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2018 XXL 29 Base with many parts changed - went back to the e13 cassette, I missed that creaking Big Grin
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 2015 Capra CF Comp 1 here, used for EDR, DH, DS racing, and everyday trail riding. Sold my 2018 TUES here on PB because I just didn't need it. Yes, I ride an 8 year old CF bike. You should see the looks of pity and dismay I get in the lineup!
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 As someone who bought a different brand of bike and added a cascade link to increase progression, the thought of having a progressive rear end totally stock is pretty intriguing.
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 @twopups2: you love BMW really
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 @twopups2: Should have left it at BMW! That one would have been a show to follow.
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 Just be thankful it wasn’t a Capra Shred lol
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 @twopups2 I am a dentist and have been one for quite awhile, but that's not germane to this discussion. Big Grin I've always thought YT bikes were interesting, but the way they are setting up their team riders this year with whatever they want to run is truly unique.
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 Looks like YT is focusing more on enduro rather than world cup dh right now. Kinda makes sense because the bulk of bikes sold is more in the trail/enduro categories.
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 Uncaged - yeah a nice idea but as I see it apart from the frame both team riders stuck with exactly the same components they have been riding the season before.
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 Goes to show, that getting used to a setup is the most important factor for those athletes. I could also imagine that they will experiment way more for the next season. Switching frames is probably the biggest change you can make, as much of the other factors the same can only be helpful.

It also looks like Texi has experimented a little more. He has used Conti tires at one point for example and really liked them. The benefit of riding tires whose characteristics he knows inside out (Schwalbe) was most important for him though. Which brings us back to the argument of familiarity over performence.

Longterm this could really be interesting to follow. Also how interesting would it be to have such a team sponsored by a suspension brand. It would be interesting to see what frames they'd go for. Financially it would probably make sense to go for RAAW, because those bikes seem to be made to last.
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 Jack really should have consulted the blue square heroes in the PB comments section, he's gonna be rubbish riding those SRAM brakes.
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 @jdejace: RSC’s>Hope V4’s
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 @Xaelber93: Ohlins is doing exactly this by sponsoring the "Let's Go Racing" project with Brian Cahal & Conner Wygaerts. They are starting Season 3 of their project on four different frames w/ identical suspension & build kits, for head-to-head testing and racing. Plan is to add a couple more frames to the mix as the season progresses. One of the frames they are testing is same one I'm on at the present, so I'll be following w/ interest.
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 @jdejace: he is riding the new Sram Maven DH brakes anyways, surely stronger than codes
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 @powturn: Interesting too because the ohlins is what Brian chose himself last year after testing a few brands. Truely chosen setup
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 Kasper and Christian were on fox last year...
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 Lets go MOB, I dont ride a YT bike right now but I sure loved it and will still follow the company
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 Great flick focusing on the human side - like the PB DH specials - and I love it!
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 How do modern YTs ride if one isn’t particularly young or talented? Asking for a friend.
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 I love how versatile and capable CAPRA is. Responsive and quite snappy yet absorbs huge misses from a not-that-good rider.
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 @Velosexualist: same - had some front-wheel cases that should have landed me on my face but was saved by being a bit overbiked. Agreed on all other points. Responsive and snappy. Just plain fun to ride. 2023 Capra Core 1 here.
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 Jesus PB still no Delete Comment?...
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 If you open the page on desktop mode you can edit the comment 1 time I believe.
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 @abueno: You can edit all you want in the first like 3-5 mins on a desktop browser. Sometimes it doesn't even time out
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 @suspended-flesh: also on phone you can edit (indeed for 3 minutes after posting), by switching to desktop version.
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 Sneaky Pagey cameo, nice!!
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 Speed and Power
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