Video: Tom Walker is Back Walking and Riding After His Horrific Train Gap Crash

Sep 3, 2020 at 8:05
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesI wanted to make this video to show people that no matter what struggles we face in life, big or small the power of the mind is powerful enough to overcome anything. The last 12 months have been a massive struggle for me, not just physically but mentally too, I’ve shed many tears and felt a lot of heartache but it feels so good to be able to show you what I have been doing for the last year. I want to say a massive thank you to my friends and family for the support over the last 12 months, I would not be where I am today without your love. I was told I would have to get used to my life in a wheelchair but f*ck that, we can overcome anything if we really put our minds to it. Tom Walker


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 I would not hit that on a bike. I would not hit that on a trike. I would not hit that on a board. I would not hit that really hard. I would land that on my head. I would land that and be dead. I would not jump that, sure I am.
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 "we can overcome anything if we really put our minds to it." I appreciate the feel good vibe but this simply isn't true. There are people with spinal injuries who will never walk again...and it's not due to lack of willpower. Accepting what you cannot control is part of their recovery process.
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 As someone who broke their neck. I was told that I'd have a very rough recovery and that my mobility was going to be limited. I had to learn how to walk, move my body, do basic things everyone takes for granted daily. Having the mentality, "we can overcome anything if we really put our minds to it." helps and drives you to push yourself. The day I was able to hold a cup of water or take a shower on my own was a huge accomplishment. Yes, not everything can be accomplished but to be able to do basic things again is a huge accomplishment for people that suffer from spinal injuries. (Not needing outside help to do things.) So don't knock that saying, because it saves people's lives... I know it saved mine.
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 This. That is why the whole warrior imagery associated with some health conditions like SCIs, TBIs or cancer makes me feel uneasy. I understand it can be helpful for some to help them build resilience and hope, but sometimes people will simply have to adapt to the best of their abilities to new circumstances, and there will be no going back to how things were. In any case, I am really happy to see that Tom seems to have beat the odds with regards to his physical recovery and wishing him the best in the future.
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 well that sure but a damper of this lovely video thanks man
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 @Grunk the big picture part of overcoming anything if we put our minds to it doesn't always have to include overcoming it physically.

Finding a new manner in which to move through life happy with being alive is the overriding sentiment.

Pretty sure we all understand that sometimes your body isn't going to be whole again. He's just letting people know to not give up and make a new path.
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 @corey-bentley: as somebody who broke my neck and also my back i completely agree with all that you said, stay strong mate
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 As you say some never walk again despite trying as hard as humanly possible, for them overcoming would be the metal idea of not letting the injury dictate your life (aka not living your live like a victim and feeling sorry for yourself) and i think most of those in that situation do get through to that. So in my opinion his statement was correct.
But as a perfectly healthy individual who am i to say...
Anyways huge props to those that do overcome whether physical or mental.
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 I mean, I guess the one triathlete who had his arms blown off sorta overcame?
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 @corey-bentley: nail on the head dude
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 @grunk A person with spinal injuries may never walk again but they can still overcome new obstacles every day, create new goals that are achievable to your new way of life, the point that I was trying to get is that sometimes life really sucks, but it’s about how we deal with those bad times that makes us who we are, I could of sat in my bedroom and cried for a year , but what would that do?
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 @tommowalker: Glad you recovered man and are able to rip a bike again. Always awesome to see someone with a similar story get back on it.
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 @tommowalker: hey man - any insight on the rando conversation with the dude in Vancouver hospital? Musta been a good one...
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 @grunk you got that right. He was lucky as f*ck to not die. Let alone not be paralyzed.
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 @shredddr: it was actually a woman dude, her name was Stephanie gust, I remember being in the canteen of the hospital in my wheelchair and soup was the only thing I could eat at the time ( I had a shattered jaw) although the soup was slightly out the of reach for me, I tried for a few minutes to reach the ladle but couldn’t, and broke down because I couldn’t even do the simplest of tasks, she came over to me, gave me a hug , poured me some soup and we chatted for maybe an hour, she told me how her toddler was born completely deaf and that the doctors told her there was no was of her son ever being able to hear, 4 years later her son can probably hear better than me, she comforted me, told me everything was going to be ok and expressed so hard how powerful the human body was and that amazing things happen every day and with the right mindset anything was possible, I Felt wisdom that I had never felt before, from a complete stranger, she came to my hospital bed that night , bought books, videos and snacks and held my hand for a short while. I woke the next morning not feeling sad , or angry at the situation, but determined more than ever to beat this. Thank you Stephanie for giving me the kick up the arse that I needed ❤️
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 Imagine watching that and your brain process is... "That quote he said that helped him mentally overcome the physical battle he had ahead of him after that horrific crash and awful injury isn't actually correct because it doesn't apply to every situation and I should point that out"

There really is some absolute plant-pots around.
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 @krystianj: thanks for saying what I was thinking dude , the internet is a funny old place
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 That crash though....................what uh....the f*ck?
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 This is insanely amazing! Going from a worst case scenario crash, to being told he'd never walk again, to incredibly hard work every single day both mentally and physically, to walking again. Wait and then he can ride again? Huge, HUGE props man!!!

If you've ever seen that train gap, the idea of going down to the tracks has crossed your mind. We're so stoked to see you upright and riding again.
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 So glad to see you back riding and shredding man. Was very sad to hear about your crash. See you next year in Whistler!
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 That's the kind of crash footage I can only watch once. I can't imagine what you've been through to get back to where you are today but I'm sure everything tastes a hell of a lot sweeter to get there. Amazing to see you back on the bike with a smile on your face. The maddest of props. Keep charging man.
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 I forgot ive seen the video already. I legit felt like i fell 30 feet and i got a metallic taste in my mouth from the sheer horror of that fall.

Tom dude you have been to hell and back and you’ve inspired me to ride more and bitch less.


*Somebody please Tell that motherf*cker to stop cutting onions*
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 Mad props for recovering from that accident Tomo!! You are lucky, be very careful not to tempt fate again, I think you were just given a pass. I must be getting old, as wanted to throw up just at thought of being in his shoes after that take off.....and had that inner feeling of falling with him. Giving me chills just thinking about it.
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 Many have been there, and many will come after. Sharing your story will be an inspiration to all.
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 Anyone know the story behind the crash? Did he try and stop last second?
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 Would love to know too. Have seen dudes overshoot it often, but this was seriously scary. Maybe his front slipped and he tried to stop, but it was too late and he just couldn’t.
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 there's a small flat rock/slab just before the take off. Ideally you need to ride straight over this rock to line yourself up for the ramp. Looks like he tried to skip around it, found himself off-line and then panic braked.
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 He got way off line - stop the frame at 0:04 of the video and see where his front wheel is in relation to the ramp. Braking was probably still the right move.
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 @jayacheess: I believe in one of his comments he said slipped a pedal just before take off.
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 If you look at the run in to it, it is really steep double black tech, and pretty damn tough. Serious GoPro effect. He clipped a pedal near the lip, and couldn't brake, or stop himself.
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 @nvranka: my pedal clipped a rock on the right hand side of the run in, blew both my feet off the pedals, you can’t see on the video but it had been raining hard and the wood was wet, I tried to stop but actually went faster when trying to brake on the wet wood
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 @tommowalker: Duuuuuude!
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 @tommowalker: oh man. Nothing more bone chilling than a pedal strike causing this shit....they’re so sudden and unpredictable always.

Have a great weekend. Huge respect for getting through this and back on your bike.
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 Good for you Tom, keep up the hard work! 2.5 years ago I broke my neck and destroyed my shoulder in a motocross crash, the shoulder was a mess, shattered humerus head and very difficult to repair. I was told the bone would not stay alive and I’d need a shoulder replacement, with very limited function as a result. It’s better than anyone expected. You've probably been told this already but you’re not even near done healing after one year. I kept noticing big improvement for another year after the first, so keep your chin up. As good as it is now, it likely isn’t even near as good as it gets for your recovery yet. Keep shredding!
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 @tommowalker: Awesome vid here Tom. Despite some of the neg comments up here (It’s PB ya know) What struck me most about your vid is how deep the desire to live and especially to ride is within those of us who’ve “felt it”. Also how powerful is exercise??! Bodies were made to move. People who don’t exercise and don’t want to move suffer the greatest injury of all. Slowly declining into ever worsening health. Such a great message here on so many levels. Mind, body, and soul are inseparable. Thanks for this.
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 Yo this is truly incredible! I'm two months in on a broken heel from a riding crash. Seeing this gives me so much hope that I'll be back on the bike shredding! My hat goes off to you Mr. Walker!! You truly are inspiration for me!! God bless brother! ????????????????‍♂️????????????????????????
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 Incredible Tommo. Can't even imagine what you went through but to see you back on a bike is something else. Big ups man, see ya soon.
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 I wonder if he'll ever consider attempting it again? I'd be interested how he contends with the mental hurdle that will forever be associated with that feature.

Aside, congratulations on a positive attitude and admirable progress with rehabilitation!
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 Holy f*ck that’d be intense after this
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 Don't do it Tommo, we prefer you the way you are now
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 more important things in life than a silly train gap to attempt again.
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 crazy, my stomach felt sick watching the pov. over the years i've seen videos of people doing that train gap but never an accident. Tom, you were broken down but now you free to fly again, glad you out and looking brand new man.
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 Watched this and couldn't believe the crash and the recovery to be able to ride again after all that in a year. Amazing what the body can do to repair itself. Iv'e seen so many stories of amazing recoveries from serious injuries and whilst there are so many bad permanent injuries you don't necessarily hear about, its great that this dude can share his personal experience.. Don't really see any need for the negativity in some of the comments.. Good on ya @tommowalker
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 Shit dumb arrogant doc who told you that. Good job not listening. My surgeon told me I'd never be a runner. He was right. So now, I ride bikes.

Word of advice: don't ever slow down for one second. You think you are fully healed but if you stop using and pushing your injured parts, they will rot into useless dead weight. The fight for your ability to walk isn't over until the end.

Now that doesn't mean you have to ride fast and huck yourself into oblivion. It just means stay active. Good luck! Never surrender! Never give up! Battle to the death and die happy and healthy!
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 As one who recently broke his neck and skull this summer, loved seeing this and following you @tommowalker on your journey to recovery. Congrats man and thank you for the inspiration to get back out there.
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 That was really good to see. You're a tough mofo Tom! Many would just lay down and not take the pain or put in the work to get back like that.
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 I saw Tom Walker in the title and for a second thought, "What's Jonathan Pie done now?"

Good to see you back, best wishes going forwards. Beer
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 Seeing him back shredding in the woods in the sun after all he went through was mint. Best thing I have seen this year. Cheers!
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 Your will power and mental toughness is pretty astounding to say the least... holy smokes dude God speed.
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 Its the only crash Ive watched through my fingers, hard to watch. Amazing you came back from it. More power to you.
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 We, riders trying to push our limits pretty much all the time, are thankful to see content like this that balances out the amount of success and fail that happens out there.
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 HOLLLLYYY....i've heard about that crash...what happened? did you try to stop?
I'm glad you're back in action
Take care man
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 asking in case anyone knows...what mph do you need to hit that gap to "Make it"?
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 Mad props mate! Glad and surprised you didn't lost your style in this accident ! #styleisforever
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 Mega recovery dude. Was hard to watch that crash

Whats the track for the music?
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 Hell ya, great to see. 3
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 Apparently we can't use greater than or less than signs smh.
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 Thank you for sharing this with us Tom, we are glad of your come back!
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 Really remarkable mindset, sick to him on the bike again
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 this is dope! always love seeing stuff like this.
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 That crash is difficult to watch. Glad he got his health back.
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 Props for real!
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 Great stuff Tomo
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 Well done dude...!
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 3 3
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 Get well soon.
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