Video: Top 3 Runs from Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 21, 2022 at 23:41
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis year marked the 16th edition of the legendary freeride mountain bike event and Red Bull Rampage 2022 did not disappoint. Canadian Brett Rheeder triumphed on a near perfect day in Virgin, Utah, with a run that combined technical trick mastery with pure flow. Watch Rheeder's winning run in the video player above.

The judging panel awarded Rheeder a score of 90.66 on his first and only run down the mountain. Szymon Godziek finished as the runner-up with a score of 86.33 and taking home third place and the last podium spot was Brandon Semenuk with a score of 84.00.
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 Godziek you really have huge balls&style, my win was for you!
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 Hardline was like 99% better overall than Rampage in 2022... Warner, 100ft sends, no arrow followme graphics... rampage was missing something this year..
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 You’re comparing two wildly different things
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 Agree, my mates and I were saying the same. Something was missing this year. I think the graphics ruined it as we could see the run before they did it. I like the surprise of the craziness.

Hardline is very different though. So difficult to compare - but how lucky are we to have two awesome events Smile
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 @bushwacked: don,t think anything was missing, rampage has just morphed into a run of the mill slopestyle comp with a big drop here and there. All the spectacle is gone to be replaced by irritating commentary by a few guys trying desperately to drum up some enthusiasm and drama for what has become quite a boring stale event.
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 @b45her: couldnt agree more and what was up with the commentary?!
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 @b45her: Spot on, rampage isn't as exciting for the average mountainbike fan as it used to be 10years ago - time to pull the plug.
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 Yea I was super pumped after watching hardline, rampage this year left me feeling a bit meh.

The fact Semenuk didn’t do any digging, the fact this venue has a lot of slow traverse link sections and the fact that Szymon Godziek should have won... and the fcuking wind...
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 @rabcity: Not really 'wildly' different. Comparing it to Curling, now that would be wildly different.
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 @HPdeskjet3630: Extreme curling sounds scary. Dare to broom right in front of a heavy puck sliding and tricking down that canyon.
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 Agreed 100% and no judging bs
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 Wow - yeah I felt the same this year for some reason. They both have all the pregame hype the week leading up with all the vlogs and stuff but for some reason Hardline’s never gets old and Rampage for some reason feels stale. As sad as it is I find myself waiting to see who gets seriously hurt - speedy heals Kyle!!! And then the main event has turned into something anti climactic. But the bottom line is I have always not liked “judged” competition. Put something against the clock and I’m in. Click NEVER lets us down.
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 I think the issue is that you're all friggen spoiled and don't appreciate what you're watching. Yeah, Rampage should be cancelled because some dummies on a website didn't agree with the judging or didn't like Cam announcing and it was windy. Great logic. This year's Rampage did not disappoint. It was incredible this year but then again, I watch Rampage for the lines and riding.
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 @rich-2000: Semenuk didn't do any digging? He missed like 1-2 days and was digging the entire time after he got on sight..
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 It wont be canceled because of dummies. It will be canceled if no one watched it. The riding is great. Actually fantastic. but the camera work has been better in the past. And the commentary is always the the same. Bromentary .it’s Boring. Every other event has upped its game but rampage hasn’t
The main problem is they waste the good weather, doing replays and boring interviews and scoring between each rider. Which ends up making it very long and boring.
Start earlier
Score after all first runs are complete.

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 @gcrider: that’s not why they take so long between runs. They give each rider 10 minutes to drop so that they can deal with wind and nerves. And start earlier? You really think these guys want to backflip 60 foot jumps at 7 am?
It’s tricky but it’s just how it works out. Most years the wind isn’t an issue, but sometimes it is, and we just have to deal with it
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flag scott-townes (Oct 22, 2022 at 6:39) (Below Threshold)
 @gcrider: Thanks for proving my point. LOL so cringy.
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 @b45her: Agreed on the commentary, it was awful. C-Mac is okay, he actually brings some knowledge to the table. But the other guy, why is he even there? Just cliché after cliché after cliché. And their chemistry is not there at all, dragging them both down. Now imagine Rob Warner doing the color commentary!
The camera work looked straight up amateur at times.
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 @bushwacked: racing has much less downtime and the wind kinda f*cked rampage
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 Great points. It is dark here when it starts. so I have no idea what time it gets light or even starts there. @olafthemoose:
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 @codyben123: Warner and Tippie would be hilarious commentary I think.
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 @SimbaandHiggins: i don’t think I can listen to Cam McCaul’s laugh one more time.
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 You might be right. But no need to be a dick. @scott-townes:
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 This felt like the first year in a while where almost everyone stuck the run they wanted to which was satisfying.
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 @rich-2000: jeez... it's the same venue as 2008 to 2013, some of the supposed glory days. It's always had those same 'slow link' sections. In fact back then they only went left or right; nobody was dropping into the belly like they did this year. And half the features were prebuilt wooden ramps back then. Yet people want to say that now it's 'stale' and 'too slopestyle' and we should 'pull the plug'. What utter disrespect for what these athletes just did. They rode sections everyone shunned in 2013. If you don't like it don't watch it but don't ruin it for the rest of us.
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 @scott-townes: totally. No appreciation. The single run format may have sucked but we still saw 15 complete runs. Or maybe that's why everyone's whining... they wanted to see crashes and riders getting hurt.
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 @jimfredo: yeah but racing has everyone riding the same line the same way. Not the same
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 @scott-townes: Yeah, I agree with you. I mentioned it elsewhere, but I also think that people have seen the event in more favourable conditions (less wind) and riders could perform more impressive tricks because of that. I appreciate the event as it is. Super glad everyone got to show what they could do (except for T-mac maybe) and no one got hurt during the event itself. Hope Kyle gets well soon and proper.
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 Literally only 15 minutes of action in over 4 hours of McCaul and Masekela awkwardness. Weird venue where riders disappeared behind the mountain or behind fans at certain times. Unreliable camera feeds. No second runs. No real progression. It wasn’t a good event this year. I’m sure Red Bull is thinking about making changes going forward.
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 @gcrider: yeah, and after looking into it it turns out these guys actually ARE back flipping jumps that early. They are up at the crack of dawn finishing connectors and practicing their hits. I think they just need that morning to get their heads right
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 Yeah, second runs... Oh and good judging.
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 without so much bullshit intbetween the runs riders could have don 2 runs easly before the wind picks ups... also more riders invited... big pitty Aguado and Silva were out...
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 @b45her: what would you change about rampage?
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 @neilpritchett: get rid of the hoardes of lackeys that turn the hill into a slopestyle track that could be ridden on a jump bike. it used to be raw and unpredictable , now its just like any other paint by numbers slopestyle comp.
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 @b45her: How do you decide who is a lackey, and do you replace them with different riders? Or just make the event way smaller?
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 @neilpritchett: Lackeys are the 35 "mates" that come along to turn the hill into a bmx track for their employer/friend.
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 There’s a real lack of understanding of how judging works here.
LINE matters! By going wayyy riders right along the ridge, canyon gappers skip the heart of the gnarliest and steepest part of the venue, and that reflects in the judging. Honestly Godzi scoring as high as he did over there is a huge testament to how gnarly his in-run 360 to canyon flip really was.

Take a look in the mirror. Do you really think you know more about this than:
Kyle J

Come on.
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 Got bored watching it last night. The delays, with or without the wind, really kill it. It may adrenalise the riders but not me. WCDH and Hardline are far more exciting these days.
So watched the top 3 again just now. Godziek is the clear winner. He’s killing it, sadly the Judges are killing Rampage
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 I watched the replay and just skipped to the start of each run; still got bored and gave up
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 Watching rampage live was like watching paint dry. Even sprint stages at the TDF are more interesting, at least they have chateaus!
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 I agree. Started to watch it and gave up after a couple of riders. It’s way too slow with massive gays between riders filed by inane commentary and some blond bimbo asking silly questions
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 How would you judge the event mate?
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 By watching it and seeing which I thought were best?@neilpritchett:
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 @robguide: That's what the judges did, so whats your problem?
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 Total BITCH fest on this site anymore. Those riders put everything into there runs and we should appreciate it and appreciate that we get to watch it FFS.
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 For reals
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 Please upload that run from Reed Boggs with the onboard mic, that says all about the emotions that get into that

Regarding Rampage getting boring: it's just the riders progressing so much that they make this kind of stuff much easier, just stoked on their precision of getting everything on point, huge respect for them
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 not sure how you backflip the canyon sender and get second but....
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 Maybe you should rewatch 2013 Red Bull Rampage...
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 After watching it live and the top 3 runs again 3 times I agree. Szyomons was the easily the best run
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 Brendog's been asking himself a similar question since 2019.
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 Needed to tailwhip it, apparently
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 Because it’s not a best trick contest
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 How would you judge the event mate?
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 @src248: do you have any idea how difficult a tailwhip is?
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 @coadymacmillan: true, but that being said...I thought he had the burliest line.
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 with the 360 into canyon backflip Szymon should have won
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 Something definetly felt off this year. From camera placement and commentary I mean I LOVE Cam, but the fact they missed that crank grind from Dylan for example... several rider angles werent covered in the first 4-5 runs... Judging, no surprise there. And then the waits and wind delay. I agree Rampage no longer lives up to the stoke. They've ruined it by trying too hard. Maybe no coverage of building or first hits until after the event? Judging of first rounds after everyone is down. Possible day for wind delay. Godziek, Brendog, Mcgazza runs, even Brages from last year, more of that, less slop more big mountain? Nothing new.
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 I really enjoyed it honestly, bummed there were no second runs but don't blame that on anyone
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 i think we all feel a little ripped off by the one run syndrome due to conditions and also the fact that these AMAZING riders make it look like vanilla cake is being served. I do not have that gut ache feeling watching anything else in the world of sports during the entire event.
Give your collective heads a shake and rewatch what the F just occurred and imagine yourself dropping off a cliff on an angle most steerer tubes have on your front fork knowing you might die falling down the cliffside.
2 almost left us in practice, I still have not heard anything about Kyle yet and I gotta say I'm scared shitless about his condition. The rest made it look so easy I think most of the weekend warriors here think they too can ride it all less the tricks.... good luck with that I'll save a room at Belleview for the brave.
I salute every person who attended, dug, rode, announced and made the event successful. Look back 2 decades and see a handful of devoted mountain bikers trying to build something that they might not even be able to ride with no reward. 1st place in the RBR year one was $2,500.00. I think Bourdo won a grande and blew it in Jamaica on rum. My point is the community has turned Red Bull Rampage into the penultimate event of the year drawing in the top dogs who lay it ALL on the hill. Some devote the entire year preparing even moving to the desert.......and for what? money?.... that's a joke just look at the past and see the trail of broken riders who lost it all for what?=To be loved and respected by their fellow riders doing what they live for and I must say reading the comments here depresses the f*ck out of me.I think most here take it all for granted. Will not surprise me to see the event ended by the destruction from within.
This is mountain biking in it's finest glory built and produced by the community. Announced by past heroes built by and for the people we want to see dropping off the starting plank.
Support and love what is happening. Do not piss it away with unwarranted comments from behind a laptop ruminating about some minutia that bothers them like someone's voice or a drone whizzing by.
thanks for the ear.
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 Every bit of this 100%. I'm so sick of dickhead keyboard warriors whining coz 'boo hoo, it doesn't seem as real as it used to'. Everyone knows how it 'could be better'. No you don't. STFU. The organisers have been battling the desert to put on a show that satisfies viewers, riders and TV money for 20 years but sure, you know better coz you can tap a fking keyboard. The progression is making it look smoother and less tech, you just don't understand that and think that seeing sketchy loose runs of the past with guys crashing all the time was somehow superior to the incredible shit that's being thrown down now without wooden ramps and in parts of the course riders never even dared go before. Go ride it yourself before you comment and the we'll see how tame you think it is.
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 Exactly! People used to be impressed with the big drops, fast chutes and just riding down, now they’re bored with flips, no handers, 360’s.
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 Maybe it shouldn't be a contest anymore. Just annual or even beter each 2 or 4 years check of the state of the discipline. And discipline should be freeride not slopestyle. Godziek the winner.
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 Well I totally enjoyed it. The tech lines at the top were mind-blowing but maybe we are just becoming numb to the spectacle. I assume the judges are working with a set of criteria, assigning a set number of points for each category. Maybe they need to change the criteria. Would be good to see how they judged each run.
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flag chrismac70 (Oct 22, 2022 at 10:23) (Below Threshold)
 What tech lines. The lines were smoother than the tarmac road outside my house
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 @chrismac70: maybe but I'm pretty sure you don't have to acid/caveman/ninja drop off your driveway to get on the road or risk death if you trip.
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 @singletrackjamaica: Its not supposed to be a slopestyle competition. I know thats what it actually is. Its supposed to be about tech gnarly lines, not tricks on groomed tracks.
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 @CM999: I'm not a fan of the jump section at the end. It certainly shouldn't decide the scores. But the riders are the ones who have pushed the tricking of big features. And there's no way (ask Cam!) that the stuff they are riding down and off would be possible without sandbags, berms and landings. Rampage has evolved into this and it certainly isn't the same as Crankworx slopestyle. Maybe there should be an event where there is no digging allowed. I suspect it would be like watching an old Bender part ( which are fun to watch). People are making comparisons with Hardline and I think that has changed away from its roots too with more emphasis on big jumps (and groomed ones too!) and less on gnarly DH.
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 Seems like the rush of posting an edgy comment is more intense than riding now see it in person, it will change your opinion and your buff ass keyboard fingers might get some sun
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 Crowd favorite got second (was robbed) and then they robbed him and us again by not showing podium celebration
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 I bet next year someone will build a kicker with a 90 ' ish ' degree landing, almost like a hip/quater and down side whip it. Another step would be to do a truck driver down a flat drop. The single crowns might just become more common after 21 and 22.

GODZIEK's run gave me goose bumps which is what I want to see from this event.
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 Lets call a spade a spade.. Rheeder did nothing up top, threw 4 maybe 5 tricks from mid mountain. That's not a winning run.
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 Thank you redbull for Rampage!
I wait all year for it and the riders never disappoint.
I do agree that time between runs could be tighter together to keep the hype going and also move the interview/bike checks to the build up would make a better rounded profile for the riders and dig crews who we invest time to.
Bringing in rider guests,past contestants in to commentate, share there views would keep the breaks going to.
Also don't skip the podiums either! That's what the people want.
Ps I know they won't read this but hay hoo
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 I thought I'd wait for these as I bailed on the actual event after a few runs. I used to like Rampage and I'm not really sure what's changed, but I can't really be bothered with it anymore.
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 Did anyone have a proper crash in finals? I feel one of thier goals was to limit rider risk and I feel they achieved that (not for poor Lyle though, so good to see him walking)... but it did miss some excitement. Mostly for the bogus judging. I'm not saying that the judges are wrong in applying they metrics, but that the metrics are skewed towards tricks and less toward handling the gnar... Which just feels wrong.

Anyways, glad everyone is safe and that we still got rampage. Props to stark for doing his own thing
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 Not one person crashed, that is ignoring Lacondeguy's trail trash incident, which should have also been ignored by the judges but sadly wasn't. More and more slopestyle vibes has an advantage, less injury inducing crashes!
  • 22 19
 Phew. Its over. Can we have something else besides RBR?

...ready for the down votes...
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 lol way more interesting than the standard bike reviews and lame content generally going around these days
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 Everyone knows that Godziek should win. Congratulates the judges.
  • 1 0
 This could well be objectively true. God got Zieked.
  • 7 3
 Rampage is becoming repetitive, it's time for a format change.
  • 2 2
 Agreed, with all the opinion pieces of lately they should do one: how to save rampage. Then we can contribute in the comments.
  • 3 1
 totally agree we need a complete venue change like get out of utah completely. it's time to do something new.
  • 4 0
 @nismo325: yeah I agree, they should move it to Wales. And move Hardline to Utah.
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 This is like saying downhill is repetitive - they keep just going for the fastest time
  • 4 0
 Redbull stole my dogs
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 After watching Brandon Semenuk's breakdown of his 2021 run, I can understand people's criticism of Rampage becoming more slopestyle than freeride. It was an amazing run, but the line he rode was almost all carefully made and groomed, which although I'm a noob, isn't what I think of as freeride. Looks like he rode a more raw line this year.
  • 3 4
 Most boring rampage I've ever seen. lines were mediocre and reused from 2013 in the worst ways, lots of people seemed to be playing it safe, minimal media leading up to the event and the camera angles were terrible. rampage needs a fresh start somewhere new like AK, mexico, south america ect
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 Has anyone here tried tailwhiping a downhil bike recently? You guys seem to have a lot or opinions about it
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 I can’t understand the judging controversy. As has been said, the guys in that room making those decisions know better than anyone beyond a keyboard what those lines actually look like in real life. They walk all the lines and measure shit. They know how big and gnarly things are and how to compare one feature to another. Godziek’s line just didn’t have the same difficulty level as Rheeder’s when viewed as a whole. For one Rheeder drops straight down the hill a whole lot sooner. Godziek’s line has a lot of not particularly consequently (for this event and the skill of these riders) ridgeline traversing at the top. Yes flipping 75’ is impressive but it was done almost 10 years ago already. If you can’t understand that a backflip, even one of that distance, is less of a risk that tail whipping a very large, highspeed step down, I can’t help you.

As for the idea that taking a break for a few years will somehow freshen up the event or how riders approach it – are you serious? Do people honestly believe that riders will just forget how to do tricks (or keep learning them) or how to build massive features they can link together. Or maybe tricks will no longer somehow be cool. Maybe they can introduce random trick bans like mogul ski contests had back in the day. I’d love to see the mountain bike equivalent of a double daffy. The only way this could ever return to being the “core” event that some people seem to want it to be is to drop the riders off at the bottom of some random Utah hill and tell them they have ½ a day to scope a line and then ride down it. Personally I have no interest in seeing that.
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 All those words for an opinion no one cares about..
  • 5 3
 I fell asleep, what did i miss? Oh not much... Zzzzz
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 Seem like crazy backflip over canyon gap is receipt how not to win rampage
  • 1 1
 How could Riddle even get above 50 points?
I´m sure hes a good moto rider but that ride looked lame compared to the competition.
  • 2 1
 One of the most boring videos I’ve ever watched. Glad I didn’t bother watching it live.
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 Are there any negatives for running single crown here?
  • 9 8
 Not now it's slowly morphing into a big slopestyle event.

[awaits flaming]
  • 3 0
 @gibbon-on-an-orange: slowly morphing since 2010 or something
  • 3 4
 It's unfair to the riders running a double crown IMO.Rampage ≠SS
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 I wouldn't say it's unfair as such, since there's nothing stopping the others from running them too. Plus modern single crowns are so much better than the dual crowns from years ago there's really very little drawback.
At the end of the day there's only so big you can go before it gets too silly so they've got to start tricking the bigger features. Once you've done all you can on a dual crown then you need to spin/whip to stay ahead of the rest.
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 But yeah, if your style is to go big rather than have a huge bag of technical tricks then Rampage is slowly moving away from that.
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: semenuk arguably did the most gnarly steep on a single crown
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 @jabblede: exactly. That's what nobody seems to appreciate. You think Rheeder and Semenuk are cheating or something? Their lines are just as gnarly. If they are skilled enough to ride the exact same mountain that these other guys do on single crowns and make it look easy because they're so damn good... bring unique tricks as well, why is that wrong?
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 If Rheeder and Semenuk ride the same line on a dual crown, what will they do on the same trick they ride on a single crown? You just can't win something on the different bike cause you could do more tricks with that bike.It's Rampage, it's not a SS Station Events in Utah.
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 @zengwang: er... yes you can. Wtf are you talking about??? There's no rule about what kind of bike you have to ride. If Semenuk wants to ride a bmx next year that's his call. It's got fk all to do with slopestyle. Riders choose whatever bike suits them and the course best. Exactly the same at a slopestyle or downhill or xc or road race. You choose the best tool for the job. Nobody tells the riders what kind of bike they are allowed to ride.
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 Godziek got robbed
  • 2 0
 Godziek wow!
  • 2 0
 Godziek got robbed!
  • 1 1
 Next year the 720° will show up!
  • 1 1
 Why is it only the 16th event of Rampage? Was the first event in '01?
  • 2 0
 They haven't had it every year...
  • 1 1
 @Tacotruck21: that's news to me, I was unaware
  • 1 1
 Holy 3-sixty !
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