Video: Top 3 Slopestyle Runs from Crankworx Rotorua 2022

Nov 13, 2022 at 2:19
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesCrankworx World Tour 2022 done and dusted! And what a show we've witnessed in Rotorua!

Emil Johansson
Timothe Bringer
Max Fredriksson
Red Bull


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 Tim Bringer got robbed
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flag scott-townes (Nov 13, 2022 at 8:36) (Below Threshold)
 Thank goodness the judges are actually looking at the tricks instead of what looks the most impressive visually. I'm so happy the general fanbase you see on PB are not judges.
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 If he wanted it he should have not settled for it on his second run and thrown down a better run than the first; even if it counts or not. this would prove the position you suggest.
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 @scott-townes: Yea, i rewatched the top three runs side by side pausing as judges do, having multiple screens to compare the detail and differentiate what is the more technical run; as opposed to the most flashy or hyped looking run. With that, its conclusive Emil secured his win. Bringer definitely had a baller run but he was mainly doing back flips and double BF's, which are kinda getting old imo for a technical judged sport.
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 @likeittacky: Bringers run had minimal flow tho, he almost paused mid run
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 The problem is that Emil makes nearly impossible tricks look easy. No one in the field is doing half the tricks he is
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 Trick by trick Emil deserved the win:
360 tuck > flatdrop BF
450 whip to inward table = 450 double tw
oppo truck to double downside >> double bf tuck NH
BS on to downside TW off > double downside tw gap
Sui up to 3 down oppo whip up to 3 down
nosebonk table = nosebonk tobbogan
Massive tobbogan 3 > massive 3
oppo 3 bar to bar = double BF (arguably Emil here too, just not as flashy)
360 triple whip >>> BF double tw

Emil wins on tech, variety, & style (& amplitude arguably)
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You need to take your hands off the bars to do a tuck, Emil didn't. I would dock points for that, clearly a mistake, you can see he attempts too but doesn't.
450 DW beats the 450 Tw to invert. Trust me it does.
Emil spun regular not oppo. Double flip no hander has way bigger repercussions if it goes wrong. Timmer wins here.
Wall ride is a wash IMO
Timmer wins up with the oppo whip. Emil wins down as his spin was OPPO. Kind of wash but in Timmer's favour.
Another wash on the hitching post.
Timmer went much higher on the spin, call it a wash if not in timmers favour.
double flip 100P beats oppo drunk driver.
Flip Triple whip beats a flip double whip/

I think Timmer had the better over all run, Won the first 3 features. Washed the middle. Won on the step down. Emil had an obvious mistake up top on the drop. The flip triple whip didnt carry enough IMHO on its own to surpass Timmer.

Had Emil had to take a second run, did the exact same run but cleaned it up. I would place him 1st.

Emil has the same issue I had with opposite tricks. he makes them look too easy.

More unpopular opinion, I thought Fedco was 3rd.
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 @mitch1616: 450 whip to inward is definitely deserves a higher score than a 450 double whip
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 @mitch1616: ain't no way emil and bringer were even on the wall feature. There is a reason that no one tricked onto it, and only seen tables/bars/tucks off.

Emil's 450 whip to unturndown beat a 450 double whip anyday

And no way can you say that truck double down whip is better than a double flip tuck. Just because emil makes it look easy, doesn't mean he shiuld be scored less.
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 @mitch1616: judges also can't dock points for assumptions. Sure emil missed the tuck on the drop and you can clearly see that was the intention, but in reality he did a nollie 3 drop that was just kinda bar humped.
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 @ratherberidin: Sure they Can, and they do. Emil tried to let go of the bars on the 3 tuck down the drop. An attempt is an attempt, regardless. you see him release the bars in his run. If you do it in practice; its expected, especially since you can see him go for it.

And yes i can say double flip no hands beats, truck double down whip. Truck to down whip, done, Never done a double flip, much rather toss another whip than take my hands off.

Putting a run together isnt easy, never has been, never will. Emil does make it look easy. and that hurts him sometimes. I know the feeling.
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 @mitch1616: you need glasses if you think his hands came off the bar
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 @ratherberidin: unfortunately already wear them.
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 So much respect for Emil that was a sick run, but Bringer's was ridiculous. He definitely deserved the win imo.
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 Yeeeahh Tim bringer got robbed of 1st here
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 Bringer? I barely know her
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 People saying tha Bringer got robbed and deserved 1st clearly don't comprehend how difficult Emil run was. The same type of guys impressed by a flip but don't know that a 3's or a straight whip is harder.... Go watch some 05' crankworx replay if you don't like barspins
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 looks like the 10 year old me playing dave mirra freestyle bmx on the gamecube. Such insane combos. UNREAL, what these guys pull off nowadays!
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 Fedko robbed of podium
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 Bringer def got robbed. Can't see why emil won here. Maybe best trick but the rest...
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 At the risk of being down voted into oblivion, which I could actually care less about, I feel like Bringer is hurt in style by beating such a beast - super tall and strong and lots of his tricks, which are absolute bangers, looked muscled around and less stylish…smaller dudes doing similar tricks look smoother and more fluid…I am 6’4” and love seeing a big man rip it, but other riders, even Rogatkin these days (who suffered some of the same criticism early) has worked on his style to add to robo spins and whips…There were a lot of sick runs near the top. Who should have won?! IDK….
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 Yeah I see what you are saying, Bringer has this ferocious style that is just an explosion of raw power! It's like the bike will separate from the bars when he does a tailwhip lol. Emil is just like a programmed robot, perfect execution and effortless style. It really does look "easy" for him.
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 I actually think the scoring was spot on, at least for the podium. Bringer was throwing down an incredible run, but Emils style beats his double flips. I am sure we'll see him at the top quite soon! Really sorry for Godziek, i want to see a clean top to bottom run from him, then he'll be unstoppable.
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 The level of competition is unreal
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 Emil had a fair win (worlds first)
Tim had a awesome run
Max deserved it
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 People forget Thomas actually gave up his second run? Emil only rider to trick in and out of the wooden banking so dialed, the commentators missed it before the replays!) and was doing a lot of opposite tricks. On top of that, he is more accurate than any other rider out there. All the riders put out runs that had me shouting at my laptop...I can see why Emil won, but I also think the scores should have been closer.
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 i cant wait for dawid to land a full run and secure the win
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 Can I just say...amazing runs from *everybody* at that event. The first two riders down had amplitude, technicality, tricks. Damn good show. Top 3 earned that freakin' podium.
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 The riders need to be doing the scoring. I enjoy watching the riding, and we all like Emil, but his ride was meh except for one trick.
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 @sanchofula I think the judging was fair. Emil is so technical but so smooth it looks like he is doing nothing. He goes higher than everyone, flows better, more combos just a formula for winning.
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 Hard to judge who won that. I liked Bringers run. Just seemed like bigger airs and more danger.
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 Emil got robbed!
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 I can't anymore tell if this is bike riding or gymnastics with bikes... just insane
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 Nice course.
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 Second place should have got first! Bringer got robbed
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 2nd place should have taken first.

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