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Video: Top 3 Slopestyle Runs from Crankworx Whistler 2022

Aug 14, 2022 at 4:04
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesEmil Johansson reigns supreme, Tomas Lemoine does the unthinkable, and Timothé Bringer carves his name into Red Bull Joyride history. Relive the top 3 runs from Red Bull Joyride 2022.

As the world watched closely, the most prestigious event in slopestyle mountain biking delivered. On the closing weekend of the Crankworx Whistler festival, the 10th anniversary of Red Bull Joyride saw 15 of the world's top slopestyle athletes, over 38,000 on-site fans, and millions more around the world, gather for an iconic celebration of dirt, chains, and progression.
Red Bull

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 The best trick from this year was no trick just a Biiiig SEND
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 He obviously didn't get the memo from the Fest boys that going full send in full view of the media is not permitted. There's already rumours that it is on YouTube and Sam Reynolds is pissed because it's not on his YouTube. Lemoine needs to sort his shit out before he becomes a pariah in the full send community.
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 I don't know how the judging criteria works but would he have been scored for that "trick"?
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 Timo Pritzel, 2004?

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 Johansson is undoubtly a beast, but I wonder if he is not overnoted a tad. His bag of tricks is full of 360, barspin, tailwhip in all the direction you can even think about, but I don't see anything new and creative. His runs are looking a bit the same. Really hope a giy will be able to push him to "make" a competitive second run.
However, qudos for the smooth en effortless riding
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 He's getting the Semenuk curse now. They make really hard technical stuff look so easy and effortless that people are getting bored. They can throw 4 combos on a jump most can only do 2 and still make it look cleaner. I'm sure their competitors are in awe of what they can do while fans are like booorriiinnngggg.
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 You really have to watch Emil's run in slow mo. I had the same opinion when his run was scored first. Then I really started to watch on the replays and the combos he is doing are insane. I had to rewind it twice to catch the triple bar because I thought Cam was making it up. He's so smooth it honestly looks boring.
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 It happend at crankworks Innsbruck. He crashed the first run. Had backflips and frontflips AND the insane stuff in the second - won Wink
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flag EarIysport FL (Aug 14, 2022 at 7:11) (Below Threshold)
 @learningcycles: also because Emil himself is such a boring dude
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 The "new and creative" stuff he's doing is there but to your point, they are usually combos that are iterations of tricks he has done before. In some ways that's cool because it shows his own progression and he has a signature flavor, but I understand if it doesn't seem like his variety is super wide. My favorite Emil runs are where he throws a frontflip as well as all the tailwhip/barspin stuff.

I remember watching Soderstrom years ago and being frustrated he would never go upside down, sort of like Emil. But they're doing something amazing in their own right and I think they deserve(d) the spotlight!
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 Just watch Emil’s victory lap to look how smooth the dude is. His ability to ride effortlessly is unrivalled. I agree with you in a sense, but how difficult the tricks he is pulling are makes him unquestionably the winner
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 Pinkbike commentators will never change. The criticism Johansson is receiving now is almost a blueprint of the criticism Semenuk received when he was competing and on a winning streak. Semenuk had to stop competing and start filming in slow mo to be appreciated again.
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 You described every slopestlye run I’ve ever watched.
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 @tommez: Don't take my words wrong. If my memories do not play tricks on me , Emil got all his wins after the first run. It would be good to see a rider stepping it up and push him to make a second run where he has to send it, not just flow down the track.
I also believe that the technical rides from Emil are appreciated by the core riders who can feel the detail that makes the difference, those with less sharp eyes can't appreciate how difficult it is.
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 Just watch the latest 50to01 video where Emil pops in at the end. All the guys before are awesome riders and jibbers but in my opinion Emil is a clear step above them in terms of fluidity and technicality. It's actually amazing to watch what he can do.
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 @EarIysport: I think it’s called dedication…
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 Year: 2024
Name: Emil Johansson
Occupation: Professional mountain biker
Sponsor: Subaru
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 Couldnt agree more!
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 @thepwnstar39: Dont forget though Soderstrom was also throwing bangers like that 3 triple whip that sidelined him for so long.
also Semenuk makes everything effortless while throwing massive tricks, not only 3 combos. I agree Emil has crazy combos but double flipping of the step down (Bringer?) and BOOSTING the final jump / drop were just crazy moves. Maybe Emil needs to be pushed to the second run to step it up, otherwise he will keep doing what works and looks pretty similar
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 All that is needed here is a 5 minute video of Lemoine's gap on repeat.
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 Lemoine for Rampage
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 Lemoine put a new version of the french line over that jump !
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 Lemoine definitely takes the win!
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 I feel like if Lemoine had done something like a toboggan or some sort of variation on his MASSIVE gap, he could have found himself in first. Or if he did something more on the fruit bowl? Really stoked to see him on that podium
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 I was wondering if he was going to try to trick over it on his second run... I'm sure he could given another run or two.
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 My head says Emil but my heart says Lemoine gap.
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 Side view of lemoines booster would be sick
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 Check brendog stories
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 @todayisthegreatest: this was great
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 Lemoine's HUGE gap and Emil's perfection, what a comp!
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 lets be honest lemoine didnt get robbed. What he did was an awesome send on a rather ok run, that in my opinion wasnt on fedkos level. the thing is, everyone got excited about the gap and forget the technicality emil brings to the table. imo emil, erik, tim and many others could pull that of. but an opossite 360 double tailwhip, only emil. Thats the diffference
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 Hating on athletes because they don't "perform" the way you want is some next level entitlement. Go back to ancient Rome. I loved watching all these runs. Lemoine's gap was ballsy as hell, but I can see why Emil won.
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 Emil broke his hand at Åre bike festival in Sweden second week of July. Amasing to get back to competition and win. He might even have been riding in pain, thus no big smile
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 As mountain biking progresses it is becoming more segmented. Gone are the days when one rider (Tomac!) would win everything. Obviously Tom Piddock would win every event he enters but otherwise it will never happen again. Slopestyle used to be bigs sends with pretty basic tricks. It's not anymore. I saw PB comments hating on that last feature but it turned out to be the defining thing about this year's Joyride. I think Joyride and some of the other iconic slopestyle should keep it big. But we now have competing big send events for the big senders (Dark vs Fest) so even that is split. And Rampage is now getting tricky. So we need a more bigly Rampage that is just sendy. Proving Grounds should be interesting...
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 I know its harder to Judge and so on but I would love to see more Features that push the Riders out of their comfortzone and see them interpret shapes differently. I personally just love stuff like Tom Isteds Air or Lemoines Gap, but of Course you never want to push anyone into risking their lives. Basically I would love to see the Sport go in the direction Semenuk has been taking it the last years but with more Riders making it more diverse. MORE CREATIVITY PLEASE
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 Leonine gap was insane almost made me think I was watching sum damn arcade game or something, like hold on a minute wtf ,,did he just, no f%#n way
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 emil is great to look at but his runs dont really stir the emotions so to speak. too technical less bombast. I miss the slugfests between brandon, brett and rogatkin.
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 David Godziek`s run was my favorite style fluidity bangers world first trics wish he nailed his last trick without mistakes
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 Lemoine going for the big send not once but TWICE and cleaning it the second time. pssshhhhh, not even on your best day muh man
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 That gap!
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 When I saw that on/off feature I wondered if anyone would try to gap it Timo style... Thought nah, it isn't possible!
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 Is there a side view video of Lemoine gapping that last jump?
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 Nevermind, I found it... what the f*ck lol

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 @graham2017: oooof!
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 Someone needs to coach the commentators in "how not to repeat yourself ad nauseam"
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 I enjoyed Brender’s and Lemoine’s run a whole lot more. Emil didn’t even look happy to get first.
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 I understand that may be how he handles the pressure and stress, but when you land in first and don’t even smile? Definitely makes it hard to cheer for him
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 @devin-m: He didn't smile because he didn't think it was his best run. Emil said he broke his hand 4 weeks ago and his first ride back was at the start of the week. You can also see just before he lit the last feature he took his hand off to give it a shake because it was probably stressed out. He would have been smiling if he had landed a banger run but to him, that was an average run.
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flag Jakubnemec (Aug 14, 2022 at 19:00) (Below Threshold)
 @Rafmiller: sure, maybe.. just felt like I was watching algorithmic robot doing a job rather than a dude riding his bike. That’s all, nothing but love and respect.
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 Extremely impressive, but also rather boring. I'll go and watch some cx now.
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 Oh my gawwd
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