Video: Winning Run from the Crankworx Cairns Slopestyle 2023

May 21, 2023 at 3:32
by Ed Spratt  

After a crash at last year's Crankworx Cairns Slopestyle Emil Johansson got his redemption this week as he returned to take the win and equalled Brandon Semenuk’s record of 11 Crankworx Slopestyle wins.

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 what does godziek need to do to win ? an opposite twister no hander. I don't understand how Emils run was more difficult
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 Emil is insane but slopestyle looks a lot like scooting nowadays. The temptation to do more and more tailwhips and barspins is understandable, beacause it's kinda like a comfort zone for these riders and scores high. But if I wanted to see a flood of tailwhips and barspins, I would watch scooting comps! I think there should be more penalties for doing the same tricks over and over again
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 I totally agree
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flag 14pslope (May 22, 2023 at 7:14) (Below Threshold)
 you compare slope style to "scootin" that how we know you're clueless
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 So sure "more spinning" can be seen as more of the same if you don't know what's happening, but Emil is absolutely not repeating tricks with the variations & combos. I too felt that this run was scored high but even substandard Emil is still the top rider in the game.
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 @plyawn: I know the stuff Emil does is just impossible for most riders and that he has variety. I've been dirt jumping for 20 years and can't even dream of that stuff.

But things get a bit boring to watch when you can cook up endless variations with mostly 2 tricks combined with rotations Big Grin
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 @kanioni: so the impossible things Emil does are now "bit boring" for you, that's literally what you said
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 @14pslope: well yes and many seem to agree Big Grin Kinda like F1 speed is almost impossible but gets boring after 50 laps. Obviously no one forces me to watch slopestyle and i'm fine with that, but I think this sport could take some interesting turns if scoring would change a bit! We could see more stuff like pendulums, turndowns (yes possible with mtb), body varials, cannonballs and cliffhangers and that would be cool. There's so many tricks if you get creative
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 @kanioni: so just to clarify, you want a different kind of impossible and you think that's reasonable request. Who knows when the next "impossible" thing will become boring to you....

this is so disrespectful to the athletes from a guy watching his screen, give your head a shake
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 @14pslope: I absolutely do not mean to shit on any riders here, but I guess I did. As I only want to talk about judging criteria and evolution of the sport, there was no need to drag any riders into this discussion. Sorry about that!

But what do you think? Is the judging criteria perfected for good or should we adjust it as the sport evolves?

To make it clear I'm not trying to tell riders what to do. I'm obviously in no position for that! The thing is, all of these riders have an insanely wide bag of tricks (especially Emil) but you gotta leave half of them home if you want to succeed. That's a pity

What I'm suggesting is that as a spectator, changes can be made to the sport to keep things as entertaining as possible. This new track was a great example as there were many lines to take and a variety of different features. The kind of stuff that spectators seems to like! And without spectators there will be no events
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 The state of slopestyle right now is sooo good- the riders are all so talented and insane. I feel like almost every rider could get on the podium if they got the run they wanted. I’m on the edge of my seat almost the whole comp. We’ve got some creative courses again. Vibes are great. All of that!

But then there’s the judging. It needs updated. Emil winning 11 times now with pretty much only 360s, barspins, tail whips, and unturndowns is getting so so old. But it works in comps- he’s checking all the boxes and it’s producing scores. I’m not saying he’s not absurdly talented, he absolutely is!

Idk, I just feel like if the judging criteria doesn’t change, eventually all of those riders with diverse and unique tricks and styles will become discouraged and eventually we’ll have a field of riders doing what I personally feel like Emil does- hyperspecifically catering to the judges, squashing creativity and the progression by prioritizing gold medals over everything else. I can’t blame him. Nothing is his fault imo, I think it all comes down to the judges and established judging criteria.
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 I do agree the 3s on every jump are getting a bit old and I have always been a bit frustrated with some of the judging the past couple years but it’s the way to goes. I definitely don’t think it’s squashing rider creativity. Just look at Nicholi he can’t do opp tricks which the judges really like but somehow when he stomps a run he gets a really good score.
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 Emil is so good, people can't comprehend what he's doing. Semenuk was right.
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 I comprehended that he had a lot of amplitude and smooth landings, but also did two double tailwhips, two inverts, and two double downside whips, all with minor variations built in.
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 @mi-bike: what you don't understand is that no other rider can do an oppo 360 double tailwhip and emil can do all of the other riders' tricks
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 @14pslope: show me emil doing a cashroll whip, and that’s the first one off my head
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 @coadymacmillan: Lots of riders are doing cashrolls, two are doing tailwhip cashrolls in comps. on a regular basis. No one is doing anything close to the oppo stuff Emil is stomping.
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 So true. Semenuk called him MJ all they way back in 2017 and it’s definitely true.
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 Godziek probably has the skillset to learn those opposite tricks but he just isnt going in that direction. Hes consistently smashing huge bangers and is the only one who can twister no hander. Nothing against Emil hes insane is well, I just think Godziek has been laying it out consistently and deserved that win. Nothing against the judges either its a tough call to make.
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 @coadymacmillan: Emil can do a cashroll, and corked 7's both ways. I'm sure he could do a double back or front flip combo as well, but meanwhile none of the twister crowd comes anywhere close to his combos, precision and overall style.
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 @brigstevenson: Godziek is the NBA player with insane hops who wins the dunk contest. Meanwhile Emil drops 30-plus a night and wins multiple championships.
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 @plyawn: The NBA reference goes perfectly into my next point. Nothing against Emil but even if he wins more than Brandon it will still take a really long time for him to gain the same respect as Brandon.

This is the same as MJ. People have beaten his records but he was the first to do it and because of this he will always be considered the greatest of all time.
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 @plyawn: right ok but this contest is like the dunk competition right not a regular season game
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 Quadruple truck, 360 barspin double downside whip, barspin, oppo barspin, double tailwhip, oppo 360 double downside whip, 270 unturndown, 270 double downside whip, unturndown, oppo 360 double downside whip

2 360s, 2 oppo 360s, 2 270s, 6 barspins, 1 oppo barspin, 10 tailwhips, 2 unturndowns.

Spin, spin bike. Spin, spin bike. Spin, spin bike. Spin, spin bike. Spin, spin bike. Spin, spin bike ‍
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 I don't know about that I haven't seen him double flip or double flip variation, cashroll variations, twisters... it does go on
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 I suspect that EJ will continue with the same formula in the next few contests as it's obviously working well and he probably wants to beat Semenuks record. But I wonder if he reads the comments. It would be awesome if busted out some flips and twists to prove his critics wrong. I also wonder how the other top riders feel about the judging.
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 I thought that the trick variety matters..
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 But like, surely godziek would've been in first if he landed that right?
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 I don't think so. Sure his tricks were very big, but he still didn't have the same trick technicality as Emil.

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