Video: Winning Runs from the Lenzerheide DH World Cup 2021

Sep 4, 2021 at 9:37
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe deceiver. Lenzerheide showed few signs of dramatic racing as riders walked the track last Thursday. After a couple of days unravelling the puzzle, we soon realised how wrong that perception would be...

The high-alpine resort churned out the drama today as Myriam Nicole and Loris Vergier take the win on Swiss soil for one of the most nail-biting Downhill World Cups of the year.
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 Please Red Bull stop with the annoying close up footage - we want to be able to see the rider in action, line choice etc., not the dirt on the riders shoes
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 I tried to watch the replay today and ended up turning it off, absolutely awful to watch. Zooming in an out and showing only the bottom half of the riders wheels, what the f*ck is that about??
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 Yes, zoomed out to show them in context to their surroundings which then shows their raw speed better.
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 Yeah... without mentionning the Mick Hannah's run which was brutally cut to show Benoit Coulanges warming up. Absolutely detestable from RedBull.
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 Well the pros slated the track and they are the ones riding it but I thought it was an awesome race. The speed really translated and the close times for each racer was pretty exciting. Mucho enjoyment
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 I think it can be really different between riding the track and racing the track. Tracks like Val di Sole or Les Gets are straight up beasts and are quite intimidating, either the pros ride them or race them. Tracks like Leogang or Lenzerheide however, will feel awkward and unadapted at first glance from their point of view when walking or riding them, but the amount precision and preparation they have to put on the line to race them properly make them also very interesting, nail biting and tight. In this regard, I sincerely want to thank every pro riders for the kind of show they offer us every race week-end. Make a DH race on a parking lot and they would still be able to have us at the edge of our seat !
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 Vergier is an animal.
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 Vergier the animal
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 The French are going to be hard to beat for years to come
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 The French have always been great bike riders for sure but in the future hard to beat is questionable. There are a handful of talented riders from all around the globe that can win but those country men are not likely to fill the top 5 consistently, as due the French.
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 The seems to be such good friends with each other. You can tell it doesn't matter which one of them wins - they are each so stoked that one of their friend's won.

IIRC, I know in the past the French had enormous government support for cycling, in all disciplines. In Australia we saw our track cycling go through the roof when the government said "Okay, we want some gold medals." Forget about flat pedals, cash wins medals.
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 Well done Myriam and Loris! Awesome runs in a very difficult race.

P.S: after seeing Loris' small mistake over the gap just after the first corner, you kind of think what would have happened if that bike was a full 29er and not a mullet... mullets FTW!

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