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Video: Winning Runs from the Les Gets DH World Champs 2022

Aug 28, 2022 at 1:53
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis had to be one of the most wild races of 2022. With the Rainbow Jersey on the line, riders put it all into one race for the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships 2022, but only two came across the finish line as newly crowned MTB world champions. Red Bull

(Video may be geoblocked in certain countries)

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 Not even the bullshit winning runs are available in my fucked up country. You shitheads can powder my goddam ballsack.
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 install Windscribe (Chrome VPN) with free option, set region to Germany, navigate to Redbull.tv, change language (bottom menu) to English, click through to live events/World Champs and you can see links to replays. Open replay and start playing, stop VPN (to not use the limited data) and enjoy. They only geo check for the page load, once it's streaming it will keep playing without VPN.
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 @gramboh: Still shit though. I am in Poland, EU. Germany can watch it and we can not? What a shit.
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 An "investigative" PB article would actually be helpful to understand the licensing etc. behind the geo-blocking and differences between world cup and world champs. Including statements from UCI and/or RedBull.
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 @gramboh: I'm not installing shit, this geo-blocking is BS.
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 You tube has s live stream of the XC races right now, I found Loic's run as well.
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This one is better
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 Red Bull app suck ass..because it also geo block countries that isnt on the list.. so you have to watch from the webpage..
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 @KiwiSheep: thanks buddy Smile
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 powder them red and white because my balls are already blue.
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 @patryka: Spain can't either. What a pile of shit!
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 What a stupid way to stunt a sport thats trying to grow. Pissing off your core (microscopic) fan base for the lure of fringe eyeballs is absolutely baffling to me. Ive been watching the races since day one and Im even questioning if I should be loyal to this gong show.

Riders - start a union. Ditch the UCI and find a home that will support you…..and deliver a better (and safer) product.
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 Excellent rant.
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 @lastminutetech: agreed. Fellow Americans, had any of you ever heard of FloSports dot com before this week? What a load of garbage. Just let Red Bull stream it for chrissakes.
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 @KiwiSheep: I watched the top 15 DH runs live on Youtube - whoever put that there . Thank you!
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 @KiwiSheep: (this one better) Anybody knows what's that green light on the left of Loic's bar on 1:25 ???
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 I would honestly pay RedBull TV a 1-time sub-$10 fee to watch, but I'm not paying FloBikes, whoever they are, for a single event that they've monopolized away from the rest of the World Cup series.
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 @pgomez: Yep, me too.
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 It's crazy that traditional broadcasters still don't realize that in the modern era, you need to make your product as easy as possible to consume. This goes for most all products but especially video. The younger generations will just watch something else on YouTube or TikTok, much less BS to still be entertained.
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 f*ck coverage has gone downhill for the last few years and now this. f*ck you uci. f*ck you outside +, f*ck you Disney +
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 Comment of the year !
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 Race day Moi Moi TV is online. Haven’t watched it yet, but it’s 100% better than this geo block grey screen, that’s for sure. Moi Moi bringing it to the fans for EWS and DH. Good one, Gary!
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 Steveo probably responsible for the geoblocking. Or so I heard.
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 Redbull haș made it available in Somalia and South Sudan though!
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 I don’t think it’s Red Bull is it? I think it’s UCI
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 Mountain Biking is huge in Sao Tome, Djibouti, Dem. Rep. Of Congo, and Kuwait so It makes perfect sense. I heard the sport is growing in Iraq too. They are simply targeting the key customer demographic.
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 Bruni's run is an absolute masterclass in downhill racing. Perfection (ignoring the dab in the first berm).
Super Bruni for President.
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 It's so much more profitable when literally a quarter of your potential viewers cant watch your blacked out races, right UCI?
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 Fucking cunts. Fucking cunts Fucking cunts
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 Well said
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 Stupid geo garbage...!!!
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 What the f.ck? Not available in my country? We are in EU dumb ass.
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 Our fantastic TVP has the rights and they will only broadcast XC (and not necessarily live) on Sunday. It is so damn stupid …
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 So, why would pink bike then post this. Just to piss everyone off? Absolutely absurd.
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flag edspratt FL Editor (Aug 28, 2022 at 5:18) (Below Threshold)
 I didn't realise the video was blocked in other countries when it was posted. I have added a note to say it may be blocked.
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 FUCK U , not available
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 I don't know the full story. But I know that in some countries, broadcasters have paid the UCI to get exclusive broadcasting rights, so people who want to watch it will have to go to their paywall. That is why Redbull is not streaming in those countries, they are not allowed. It is also why so many African and Asian countries get Redbull streams, there is not a big enough fanbase there for a broadcaster to pay. I suspect (but do not know) that Redbull only streams to countries without paying broadcaster, or maybe there are some countries with a broadcaster that didn't buy exclusive rights.
What doesn't make sense to me is why the UCI doesn't sell the disciplines separately. Because for example in NL, the broadcaster that bought the rights didn't even show the downhill or xcc. There was an internet stream, but no TV for the XCO. They mainly bought the rights for the road race, which draws many viewers in NL and is broadcast live on stream and TV.
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 whats the reason to block canada and the states ? uci is alwas been garbage for mtb there road bike idiots running mtb the mtb community should get together to put there own association together it be so much better i remember racing dual slalom in the early 2000's and i was wearing a protec skate helmet and they said it wasnt safe so i had to borrow a little shitty stirofoam xc helmet make complete sense ?
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 how nobody is talking about that bright green button on Loic's bars is beyond me. surely that electronic lockout / tune switch or whatever is what heloed him win by huuuge margin
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 I did but I was accused to drink too much...
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 What a shitshow trying to watch this. Next year WC will be full shit, I ain't adding another subscription. I will just watch crankworx
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 No Rob commentating is gonna be f*cked anyways!!!! GOOD f*ckING LUCK replacing that commenting god.It will never be as exciting without him(IMO). Very sad
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 @nug12182: Unless of course you are there (which I will be). Can't wait for Fort Bill after watching that. The atmosphere looked incredible.
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 @Niseach1: What have UCI set as the mere mortal (cattle class spectators) entry blood money price?
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 This is PB trolling at its finest, trying to get the torches lit and the pitch forks raised, it’s working.
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 I can only hope the moderators on PB are out riding bikes . That's an acceptable excuse for posting something I can't watch .
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 privado VPN, connect to Mexico and can watch redbull tv on their website. still not youtube/google stuff as they still know where you are.
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 WILL be geoblocked in every country that gives a shit about Pinkbike.

Seriously. Why post this? Just to rub it in and piss us off?
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 ok? But why?
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 Usually if an event isn’t available there’s some mention of how to watch it elsewhere. If I where a sponsor I’d be pissed that several huge markets can’t see my riders compete in that atmosphere. WTH Pink Bike? Give me my outside plus money back.
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 You had me until blaming pinkbike for UCI’s moneygrab.
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 @pisgahgnar: i think you need to reread. I didn’t blame them for UCI’s greed, I blamed them for not including viewing alternatives for those of us locked out.
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 @Bondseye007: There are not alternatives unless the rights owner in your country provides replays. Pinkbike already posted the article about using VPN's last week.
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 @pisgahgnar: again, you need to reread
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 ...the "uploader" has not made it available... blah blah blah. The "uploader" should upload some of these comments...
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 F*ck it ! I saw on Eurosport and Recorded It... i can see the whole race whenever i want... Geo location can't stop me
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 Geo blocked Lol. Meanwhile the men's and women's XCO races have been uploaded in all their glory on YouTube.
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 VPN... Works for gcn TV too.
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 You all should be using a VPN all the time anyway.
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 Well I enjoyed them. Thanks PB.
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 Any news where super Bruni pulled 2 seconds in sector 2???
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 Way to grow the sport, build interest, and increase sales... Block us!
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 Pinkbike has gotten so shitty in the past few years.
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 has nothing to do with Pinkbike. blame your country for buying the rights and blocking out the ones who want to actually watch it
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 @HeatedRotor: don’t tell more people to blame Brandon. They’ll believe you.
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flag Tannerstolt (Aug 28, 2022 at 17:31) (Below Threshold)
 @HeatedRotor: no no no I have been here a long time, its not even about the country lock. Pinkbike was just better back in 2012, better community, no paywalls, no comment section full of bitching (which even I can no longer avoid)
You had to be there.
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 @Tannerstolt: i get it, The community for sure was better back then. Now its full of whingers who can hardly ride by get upset about .5 of a deg for seat angle.
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