Video: Winning Runs from the Snowshoe DH World Cup 2023

Sep 30, 2023 at 17:12
by Ed Spratt  
Relive the amazing winning runs from Snowshoe below.

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 Wish they included the shot from the live broadcast of when Oisin and Ronan realize what is happening. It was absolute gold, the most genuine reactions of pure stoke from Ronan and utter disbelief from Oisin.
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 What a surprising podium. Sheeeesh, I really hope Bruni and Laurie are good for MSA. I feel like these riders who were only in the top 30 in previous years caught on something for them to be so competitive. Another change of the guard
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 Semifinals have got to be a big part of it
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 @Dogl0rd: Ah true, and now that you mention it, all the team members watching lines and reporting back at a rate never done before in DH...
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 @Dogl0rd: I agree but the lad was as fast in the semi’s so can’t take that away from him.
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 Oisin, what a ride! Such a nice family of riders, always a pleasure when we used to welcome them at the BDS. So polite and respectful, well done, really pleased for you!!
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 Go on the lads !!!!!
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 I'm asking sincerely, has an Irish rider won an Elite downhill race before? I can't think of any at least in the last 10 years! What an incredible showing for Ireland Salute
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 @jptothetree: not that I'm aware of. Ben Reid used to win practice but i dont think ever pulled a podium run together
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 Pinky has been close to the top elite times on the steeper, less technical tracks bit this track showed a significantly bigger difference of 9s between juniors and elites. Looks like it is some track for having more sections to differentiate riders and the risks are probably slightly higher too on this type of track. Wild racing...
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 Track was more wet for the juniors race
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 Not gonna be a popular comment but I think the combo of Rick and Aaron was good. They compliment each others style of commentary.
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 the problem/complaint is they all talk over each other, with Aaron the most actual insight, Rick often stating the obvious (you don't need to interrupt Aaron to say "he's going fast!") and most of the time I have no idea what Cedric is saying - maybe it's insightful but often unintelligible.
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 @plyawn: They need to listen to other top sports casters.

I watch F1 and Supercross. Same setup, a tv hype man and an ex-racer/industry insider or two.

But the difference in quality and clarity is no where near the same level.
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 Yeah Mush
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 Awesome to see Oisin win for sure. The crash by Bruni though, whoa!!
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 Oisin on the double drop was madness, landed the first drop nearly on the take off of the second! That’s was on the edge!!!
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 Also that left hander that took out three other riders near the top of the course... he was on the absolute limit there!! Legendary run.
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 Faaaark yeah, that winning run was mega impressive.
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