Video Teaser: X Games Real MTB Edits Launch April 19

Apr 15, 2021 at 9:00
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesX Games Real MTB 2021 videos drop at here​ and on the X Games YouTube channel on April 19. Invited athletes include DJ Brandt, Danny MacAskill, Veronique Sandler, Brandon Semenuk, Brage Vestavik and Cam Zink, all debuting new 90-second edits of footage. X Games

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 ooooooh I am not going to have a productive Monday!
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 nah, I'll be real productive.
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 Real missed opportunity for a 4/20 release.
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 Athletes are already sponsored by other drugs (Red Bull, Rock Star, etc).
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 Hanahahahaha funny number XD 69 420 Nice.
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 4/19 is "Bicycle Day" Albert Hoffman would be proud...
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 @Mattysville: the world could use more "bicycle days." And it's one F, two Ns on Dr. Hofmann.
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 @lRaphl: All of them, except, Brage, DJ and Veronique.

Last time I checked, 50% is not the same as 100%
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 @megatryn: dj is sponsored by rockstar shut up and ride your bike
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 From google; Bicycle day....."Honors the anniversary of the first ever acid trip, undergone by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann on April 19, 1943 in Basel, Switzerland."
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 @RadBartTaylor: makes for an interesting 2 day stretch if you like to party.
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 @ryan-monson: Thanks for the advise. It was awesome!
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 Here's some advice if you don't want it spoiled like they did with Real Ski: Don't follow XGames on instagram or watch anything from XGames on youtube
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 XGames really needs to redeem themselves after Real Ski this year
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 dang Brandon. that nosebonk to sui on the DH bike might be one of the steeziest things ever. psyched for all of them though!
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 I don't care who wins. Everybody is a winner here.
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 True. But if I had to guess the “winner” I’d put my money on Semenuk or Danny. Both regularly make some of the most legendary edits as it is when there’s some bragging rights on the line I bet they step it up big time.
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 @Mattysville: while they all make banger edits, one can't undervalue the viewing pleasure of a DJ Brandt shit-mix on insta. The king of the shit-mix.
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 Cam Zink for the win! If anyone has seen his Instagram lately and has watched either of the two latest Dennis Enarson edits knows serious stuff is about to go down.
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 Been waiting to see what he did at that spot since he teased it a while ago... But a flip!?!? Jeeeez
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 I sincerely hope this becomes a regular thing, at least annually. The line up is star studded for sure but there are SOOOOOO many more creative senders that could be involved in the future. So hyped so watch this though!
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 Zink, Danny, and Brandon are all INSANE riders. This gonna be fun to watch.
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 Brandon 1st Why? Because semenuk
Brage 2nd Why? Unique jibs and massive features, not in utah
Vero 3rd why? She won't go AS big as the above, but she kills it and has a very unique offering in being the only woman in the line up. And, certainly, won't be at any disadvantage because of her gender. She kills it.
Zink 4th why? The edit will be banger, but it will be 2nd to Brandon's Utah edit, and therefore will be at a location/uniqueness disadvantage
Dj brandt 5th why? As above, but doesn't have the provenance/history/status of Zink. Yet...
Danny 6th why? Because, unfortunately, he's done it before. And won't go as big as any of the above. Going big never dies.
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 from what i have seen so far dj's edit will be absolute banger
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 Let's go Veronique! Hyped to see everyone throwing!
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 Get it Zink!
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 I'm excited!
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 I bet it’s gonna be Real good
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 Yes, looking forward to Monday!
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 I am super pumped for this!
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 I think Dandon Zink could win
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 Chuck your Monday`s suck
with a bit of Pinkbike Huck Smile
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 Sweet idea!
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 X-Games still exist?
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 It does! We are just getting old Smile

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