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Crimea - A Paradise to be Discovered

Jun 21, 2017 at 8:47
by Yaroslav Alpizar  

Region Information: In March 2014, following the overthrow of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, unmarked Russian forces with local militias took control of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. The Russian-controlled authorities held a referendum on Crimea joining the Russian Federation, after which the territory was formally joined to the Russian Federation as two federal subjects: the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol. The Constitutional Court of Ukraine deemed the referendum unconstitutional and Ukraine continues to assert its rights over the peninsula with most UN member countries continuing to regard Crimea as Ukrainian territory.
The following is a trip was undertaken by long term Pinkbike users to Crimea

When someone mentions Russia you think of cold long winters, a couple meters of snow, Siberia, vodka and bears wandering around on the streets—the usual stereotype. But many don't even imagine that due to the vast terrain of the country and the wide variety of terrain, you can find anything in Russia, ever frozen lands (permafrost), long winters with -50 Celcius and alike. But in the South, you have places where it barely snows and average temperatures rise above +10 Celcius. Also, the tallest mountain in Europe is Elbrus mountain, located in Caucasus mountain range, precisely in the South, not far from Crimea.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Crimea is one of those privileged places, with warm and dry summers and short, not very cold winters. Recently there was a lot of talking about this region due to political conflicts between Russian and the Ukraine. Many friends commented, "Are you sure, what about security there?". Well, my friends, there are no issues at all in Crimea, security is not a problem at all. A large percentage of the local population has Russian roots for generations, so switching from Ucrania to Russia was not an issue for them, on the contrary, most of them are really happy with it due to the quick increase of Russian tourists and all of the business possibilities that come with that. Historically, Crimea has been the main summer tourist destination for all ex-soviet citizens; currently citizens from around 15 different countries. So everyone cares more about the increased number of tourists and therefore the increase on businesses and income related to this.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

And what about mountain biking, what can you say about it? Well, welcome to the paradise. Mountains up to about 1,700m high, with a wide variety of terrain and a huge trail network for all levels. I stayed for three weeks in the small town Alushta, just 70km (one hour drive) from Simferopol where the international airports are located. Alushta is right on the seashore on the beautiful Black Sea, surrounded by a U-shaped mountain range with the highest peak ranging around 1,500m. This location offers an extensive variety of trails, flowy, technical, steep, fast, all kind of them, many ending just five minutes from the sea where to enjoy a fresh local beer once you finish the ride and even take a plunge into the sea if you feel brave enough.

I planned my three weeks of riding with the help of BikeTest.ru, a small but active company focused 100% on MTB routes for all levels. Their main leader and guide is known Russian rider, Vados Barbados, with more than 25 years of riding experience. In the 90´s and beginning of the 2000's, he used to race professionally and even participated on several DH world cups in Fort Williams, Vigo, and Catalunya. With those credentials, fun is assured.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

I booked my flight to Crimea just one month before my trip, so it was somewhat on the pricey side, around 300€ from Spain to Simferopol. But if you plan ahead several months, you can get two-way tickets for less than 200€ from Spain and other locations in Europe. All flights pass through Moscow where you need to do a change to a local flight to get to Simferopol in Crimea. There aren't, at least for now, direct flights from European countries to Crimea. Aeroflot was my chosen airline, it offered the best price. Also, if you travel light and your bike box doesn't weight more than 23kg, there is no need to pay extra for the bike. So you save about 50€ as compared to other airlines. Just grab all your clothes and helmet with you on the cabin luggage, that's what I've done without any issues. For three weeks, it was more than enough for me, so if you plan for just one week, you will be covered.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

BiketTest.ru offers pickup and drop off at the airport, so you don't need to worry about a taxi, bus or alike. After 1h drive you arrive at Alushta, the accommodation suggested by BikeTest.ru is a "bike friendly" small hotel with 12 double rooms and one attic for four persons. It has a secure room for the bikes, washing station, and a staff perfectly aware of riders necessities. It has a small restaurant where they offer tasty local food and breakfast. The hotel is located a five-minute ride from the sea and town center where you have plenty of places to choose to eat and enjoy a nice holiday. Prices are usually around 30–40% less than in most European countries. And, what's most important, about just 1h slow pedaling from the first trails.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Trails, what about trails?! Let me tell you, there is a lot more than you will be able to ride in one week. I spent three weeks riding, doing around 40km long routes on a daily basis, some days combining lifts and some pedaling and still didn't tried all the trails around. Just about 30-minute pedaling from the city you have already several fun flowy trails for all levels, mainly green and blue levels as Ceraus, Ai-Iori, Mamontovaya or Alushta trails. BikeTest offers several options according to each group of riders, trying to accommodate same level riders on one group so the ride satisfies everyone. There are also technical step trails for the hardcore riders with a lot of exposed zones, rock gardens and more gnarly sections.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

BikeTest offers several options according to each group of riders, trying to accommodate the same level riders to one group so the ride satisfies everyone. There are also technical step trails for the hardcore riders with a lot of exposed zones, rock gardens and more gnarly sections. Trails like Iagodka, Zimelinika, Man, Zpovednii, will leave you with a big smile on your face. And the views from the top, that's something to take into account. Starting at around 1,500m height and ending near the Black Sea means the same amount of non-stop descent with very few climbs. There is a ton of information on the TrailForks website, with all data. I even updated some of them to make it even more accurate.

Alushta mountain biking trails

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Some days we had even up to five uplifts with some pedaling involved to get to the trailhead, accomplishing by end of day about 1,500m of cumulative climbing and an astonishing 3,700m of descent. Days usually start at 10am with pickup at the hotel and a small briefing to let everyone know the plan of the day. Usually around 3–4pm the route is over, that's about six hours of riding, including stops for snacks and the delicious sandwich that BikeTest always has ready for each rider, each day. For me, the best moment of the day was enjoying those moments just sitting, enjoying the views and eating that sandwich, thinking about the awesome trail that lies ahead.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

In order to enjoy the days to the fullest my advice is to be in a relatively good physical shape and be able to withstand several hours on the bike. There are no really long and epic rides, but riding several days in a row, doing lots of descents where your arms and legs will suffer, it's recommended to be ready for that. If not, you will risk having crashes due to fatigue and you will not enjoy all that the trails have to offer.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

As for the spares, I recommend taking at least the minimum necessary for several days of riding with you. A couple of tubes, one spare derailleur hanger, at least one pair of brake pads and if you have space, take a spare tire just in case. In my case, I didn't take one as I was limited by weight, and on the third day of riding, I had a clean two-inch cut in the rear tire, a brand new 27.5 Minion 2.3 Exo tire. Thankfully, Vados had some spare tires at home and I immediately bought one from him (a HighRoller Exo 27.5) and had it ready that night. I also had some issues with one of the rear wheel bearings and on the same day got a spare one from a store located on Simferopol, but spent one day without riding waiting for it to come and later mount it. I used that day without riding to do some tourism in the nearby city of Yalta, remarkably known as the place of the "Yalta Conference" where leaders from the USA, UK, and the Soviet Union gathered at the end of Second World War to shape a post-war peace agreement and Europo postwar reorganization. It's a beautiful city by the sea with a long stroll along the seashore, known to be visited by most of the main intellectuals of the pre-Soviet era late 18th century, Pushkin, Chekhov, Khanshovkov, Gorki and more.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

Summarizing: I would totally recommend spending at least one week riding in Alushta area with BikeTest as your guiding companions. The area has outstanding trails and lot to offer to everyone. You will certainly not regret flying there.

Crimea a paradise to be discovered

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 This was an interestng one for pinkbike to wade into. Crimea is an occupied part of the Ukraine and I'm sure there are many riders who not like to legitimise that occupation by travellng to Crimea, myself included. Crimea and the incursions into eastern Ukraine are the reason for the sanctions regime enforced by the EU and US and the referendum that was held did not at all live up to international standards and cannot be called legitimate. Even though the ridng may be awesome,there are so many oher good places around and I will definitely be choosng one of these for my next holiday, not crimea
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 Agree. Unbelievable to see this on Pinkbike. Please put this down.
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flag bikegreece (Jun 24, 2017 at 1:24) (Below Threshold)
 Does date matter?
I do hope that you and the rest of the PB feel the same about the rest of the occupied, semi-occupied territories of this world and you boycott as well. Not just Crimea cause it is trendy in our days.
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flag ChrisAth (Jun 24, 2017 at 2:39) (Below Threshold)
 Please read some history about Crimea first and after tell your opinion..Crimea was always a russian territory and the people was happy about the union with Russia...Russia didnt make war to take Crimea just peacefully with the support of crimean people take the territory..And because you are from Norway why Norway recongise the Kosovo?isnt that a occupied part of Serbia??
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 As Russian, I'm all against Putin and his gang who usurpated governance and making Russia sink in corruption and outlaw, but Crimea is not an easy question for me.
Yes, that referendum was bullshit and illegal in all terms, but the fact is that Crimea people (Russians are ~60% in 2001) mostly supported this move...
Anyway, we will not see legitimate referendum until Putin is president.
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flag vovsick (Jun 24, 2017 at 4:30) (Below Threshold)
 Russian rifles are the best in the world. I recommend to be friendly, if you do not want to see the Russians in your window more often than you would like))
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 Yep this is disgusting. Anyone remember the shoot down of MH17? 300 civilians killed by Russians due to this conflict? Including 27 Aussies. So you kiss my f*cking ass if you think we'd have anything to do with this place. f*ck me PB, I hope the roubles were worth it.
  • 24 9
 @mecagoenvuestrosmuertos: You're a moron
  • 10 5
 @ChrisAth: having read read the history, no that is not true. Furthermore, the history doesn't matter. History isn't alive and it doesn't speak to any of us. The rule of law matters.
  • 10 4
 @vovsick:. Bhahahaha! Go jack off to an old Stalin picture.
  • 33 31
 nice american imperialistic propaganda you put into words there. talking about crimea without mentioning the us backed regime change in kiew seems idiotic. @BorisBC35 the damage done to MH17 does not fit to a BUK missle. the plane was most likely taken down by a jet, but for sure not a BUK missle. do some research.
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 The sanctions regime has nothing to to with the "incursions" in Ukraine. In Ukraine there was a coup from USA and its EU vassals. Sanctions are just to keep Russia and EU separated, or USA would bankrupt within one year. Not that it couldn't happen anyways...
  • 28 14
 @romphaia: Uh oh, here comes the Russian trolls. A coup from USA? I have heard this regurgitated by pro-Russian trolls repeatedly, and it is perhaps the dumbest conspiracy theory I have *ever* heard of, and I've heard a lot. The blame that I put on the US and western powers is for doing NOTHING to stop Russia destabilising and invading Ukraine.

And sanctions are to keep Russia and EU separated? Haha, Putin does not want any integration with the EU. Rather, Putin wants to destroy the EU and ultimately dreams of a Russian dominated "Eurasian Union". Not much less than Hitler wanted. Just read the works of Aleksandr Dugin, a major geopolitical ideological inspiration for Putin.
  • 20 11
 @mecagoenvuestrosmuertos: Get out of here, you smelly-russian-troll. You are PB member just since 5 July and you write only under this propaganda article. By chance? I don't think so.
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 So pissed at Pinkbike for calling Crimea "Russia." Don't legitimize Putin.
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 @MTB-Colada: Why put it down? The photos are good, just rename it correctly "Ukraine" and it can stay here.

#putinchuilo #lalalalalalalala
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 A vacation in Crimea is voting with your dollars to support corruption, wars of aggression, assassination of journalists, homophobia, the intertwining of church and state, and dictatorship.
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 @ChrisAth: Wrong, Wrong and No.
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 I'm glad I can't afford to go, thus making my policical opinion null.
  • 5 2
 @ChrisAth: Crimea was a russian territory, so as Macedonian was Grece?
And Croatia is also serbian territory probably?
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flag vitekzloipec (Jun 24, 2017 at 23:46) (Below Threshold)
 @Фантастика: ну во первых не 60 а 70 % во вторых референдум был очень прозрачный ! тебе надо было быть здесь в Крыму.здесь все скажут что такие фантасты как ты конченые тупые зажравшиеся либеральным го....м писаки !!!
ни кто не может из вас судить про крым если здесь не когда не были ! рекомендую для развития проехать в крым !
потом писать!
  • 12 15
 вы все ошибаетесь очень ошибаетесь! спрашивайте у Крыма а не у украины с кем мы хотим быть!
мы не оккупированы !!только разве что от ваших санкций в Крыму не работают некоторые функции в интернете !
если бы мы не перешли в Россию у нас была бы война! война Крыма с украиной . Как на юго востоке украины .
так кстати украинские националисты насилуют и убивают мирных граждан прикрываясь тем что они армия украины!
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 Few dudes made a bike trip, what is offending with this?! You guys just release the pressure from your "heard on News" valve. Russia Putin, yes yes... huh, it's good they didn't go biking near a campus in Evergreen in US - a brutal warzone between social movement warriors and people who try to teach them math. Reminds of this discussion... as if they went to Syria to ride with Isis members and posed to a picture before execution of a preagnant woman. Mark your outrage people...
  • 13 3
 I wonder if you guys feel the same with articles that were posted about Israelis riding on stolen land?
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 @vitekzloipec: прозрачный референдум под дулами автоматов? Ты идиот? И прежде чем топить за россию, выучи ее язык, и не делай простейших ошибок
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 Damn, I even registered after years of reading pinkbike to just tell you guys how intolerant and ignorant you all sound. I'm Crimean and I'm the one who really knows what it all was about - not you, not your government or, of course, press. They care only for resources, money, and own interests. Of course, Crimea mattered something to Ukraine as a trigger to receive more money for western bases here, etc. But we are here: mostly Russians, everyone speaks Russian, Crimea is historically a part of Russia for hundreds of years, we choose our land to belong to this country. Is it something insane? I assure you, it was easier for me to live under Ukraine (financially, for example), without sanctions, but now I can feel free and can be proud with my land finally being a part of its homeland for many generations. There was nothing Ukrainian here whatsoever. Your brains are just washed up, sorry. But try to be less radical in your views if you haven't even read anything about the history of this peninsula, and all you know is from the news. Are you insane to believe what they say? It's the 21st century, the press is the main weapon, and they use it to separate us.
And, author, I don't care if this post was propaganda or not, but it was really sweet, I agree - we have a lot of biking potential. Great job! I was very pleased to read a post so inspired by the beauty and coolness of my homeland. Thank you for being unbiased, and - for putting riding above all else!
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flag helicops (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:07) (Below Threshold)
 Also, luckily, everything here has been peaceful for several last years. Starting from the referendum and until now. In another case, I'm sure it would've been even worse than in the East of Ukraine right now. So it's the best scenario we've had, unfortunately. Sorry, Ukraine, but we want peace and we want to keep our culture, our language, and our heritage.
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 I'm from Crimea, born here and live here. Believe it or not, most of people here are russians, and voted for russia. And, current situation is MUCH better than it was. Infrastructure is developing much faster, gas, electricity payments, you name it. The fact that you want us to live like in 90's and rejected to give us your services, deosn't mean that everything is bad. We use russian payment systems, buy at AliExpress, Yandex, Qiwi and other stuff. The real harm to us is actually coming from western pressure. No one wants to be a part of Ukraine again. Do not be a fool. Read about Crimea Referendum in 1991 and 1994. People of Crimea actually see you as an enemy, all the EU and US. You try to make our life harder, telling these ridiculous stories abount voting with a gun at our heads. It's not a movie man. Get some brain. Even though we are mostly pleased with what happened, westerners seem to think than we should live as they want us to live. In just last 3 years working my parents was able to gather more money then after 10 years in Ukraine. Real shame on your hypocrisy guys. I wish you could live in 90's in Russia and in 2010 in Ukraine, since you wish us almost the same.
  • 9 13
flag kabarsa (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:14) (Below Threshold)
 It's like you all wish us to have a civil war. Well, I'd like to personally punch you in the face with your high democracy standards. Grown up men with a brain of a school boy.
  • 9 14
flag kabarsa (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:25) (Below Threshold)
 What would you say if the shitstorm suddenly happens in Catalonia, Scotland, Quebec, Texas/California or smth like that? Russia is far away, it is easy to judge, of course. Syria is far away, nothing personal here too. You are really disgusting guys.
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 @funbox: хватит нести эту дичь про автоматы. вы там что все упарываетесь? кто вам эту наркоту завозит, трындец просто. за 3 года уже реально немного кошмарит этот бред.
  • 8 6
 @kabarsa: а ты только сейчас понял что они упоротые?)))
  • 11 12
 @romphaia: nicely said. But the most readers here (many people in EU or US) have no criticall thinking. They believe everything their mainstream media tells them.
  • 8 13
flag Zdochliak (Jun 25, 2017 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
 @BorisBC35: Do u have any proofs? Because USpropaganda said that? Next time you watch the mainstream USpropaganda media, try to think critically.
  • 10 8
 @Djibrick: Понятно, что смысла доказывать что-то нет, но правда удивительно, какая это популярная фишка с этими рассказами про то, как нам тут угрожают. Пипл не понимает чтоли, что если на кону десятки или сотни миллиардов денег, то никого не парит никакая демократия, будь то США или Россия или что угодно. Наивняк какой-то вечный. Будто кому-то есть реальное дело до украинцев. Земля и бабки, военные базы. Ну и халявные работники низших слоев. Пичаль в общем. Будет грустно потом очнуться и осознать что все заводы встали и земля распродана. У меня к сожалению вполне взрослые даже родственники в Киеве этого не понимают. Верят что всё ради людей. Как они это обосновывают себе самим, хз.
  • 9 10
 Someone asked how long it would be before Russian trolls/ Putin's web brigade showed up. Well, they've arrived. f*ck those guys.
  • 8 9
 @sjflow: you are just being stupid. Yeah, pinkbike - the main target of Putin's web brigade. I read about 29" at day, and troll poor bike riders in the name of Putin at night. I feel sorry for you, wake up.
  • 4 6
 @sjflow: i gonna bring a better idea for you man.
You can hide in a dark closet and lick your browny eye for example.
Less words, more action!
  • 5 1
 @sjflow: Russia don't means Putin, like America does not means Bush.
We here to be united by our love to bicycle, not to separated by government television propaganda.
  • 4 0
 @overki: unless someone mentions a DH 29er, a fanny pack, and god forbid... E-bike...
  • 3 4
 @kabarsa: Wow, a Russian propagandist troll has found here and they're all now upvoting their own comments.

"And, current situation is MUCH better than it was"

In your dreams. No foreign investment, no transport links, shortages and almost ZERO improvements in infrastructure. And people from the developed world before could actually visit without the utterly retarded Russian "visa" crap, which few people can be bothered with and only exists because of pathetic tit for tat spite.

"Infrastructure is developing much faster"

Show some evidence of this. I have seen absolutely NOTHING. Quite the opposite, things are looking more and more neglected than before. More garbage on the streets around Simferopol. Before there was foreign investment, foreign tourists and it was connected to the outside world.

"We use russian payment systems, buy at AliExpress, Yandex, Qiwi and other stuff"

Woohoo, that's great. What Russian payment systems? Russian banks aren't even moving in there. So just to buy basic commodities you have to use Chinese sites...great!

" In just last 3 years working my parents was able to gather more money then after 10 years in Ukraine"

And what are their jobs? They're probably Russian propagandists or involved with the disgusting criminal Sergey Aksyonov's criminal activies.

If you genuinely think like that, then you must have serious mental problems. Sad.
  • 3 3
 @kabarsa: "You are really disgusting guys"

You know what is disgusting? Defending the invasion of a sovereign nation. An invasion where anyone who opposes it is arrested on trumped up charges or mysteriously disappears. An invasion where the occupiers appoint a disgusting criminal (Sergey Aksyonov) with known ties to organised crime to rule the place with an iron fist. A thug with zero charisma who is totally inarticulate and extremely ignorant.
  • 3 3
 @helicops: " I'm Crimean and I'm the one who really knows what it all was about"

No, you're not. Other people who have been there and have relatives there have posted here.

"Of course, Crimea mattered something to Ukraine as a trigger to receive more money for western bases here"

Huh? Western bases? Is that what Russian propaganda is telling you?

"But we are here: mostly Russians, everyone speaks Russian"

No different to other parts of Ukraine where the majority speak Russian.

"Crimea is historically a part of Russia for hundreds of years"

WRONG! It's NOT historically Russian. It has a long and complex history, and Russia only annexed it from the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century. Prior to that it had pretty much no connection with Russia. It was only 170 years later that it was transferred to Ukraine. Furthermore, real Russification did not begin until the 20th century, when the Tatars were deported and mass settling of ethnic Russians was encouraged. .

"we choose our land to belong to this country"

So for 23 years, why did you and other like minded people not try to secede? Well? There was no mainstream support for secession and scumbag criminal's Sergey Aksyonov's "Russian Unity" party had less than 5% of the vote. If people were SOOO anti-Ukrainian as you said, there would have been armed rebellion against Ukrainian rule. But there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Again, it was no different from other regions of Ukraine where the majority language is Russian.
  • 2 3
 @helicops: "Starting from the referendum"

There was no referendum.

"I'm sure it would've been even worse than in the East of Ukraine right now"

Complete and utter garbage. It would be just like it was for the previous 23 years. The Donetsk and Luhansk "war" is an artifically fomented conflict that couldn't happen without intentional destabilisation from Putler. If Putler would just leave Ukraine alone, Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk regions would be absolutely fine.
  • 54 9
 When some think of Russia they think of human rights abuses, control of the media, illegally invading their neighbours, electing a puppet POTUS, abusing animals and cheating in sports. Sounds lovely.
  • 15 12
 Your talking the US right? Oops I actually meant Israel. They control the world
  • 19 1
 @jakwobr: sure we do! Just today I told the right people that Rogatkin should have the gold...
  • 9 7
 @muletron - in which other way could they think well of themselves? Pointing fingers is a great way of making your own sht smell less. Fkng justice warriors, should be dropped into a real war zone to appreciate what they have here. You type on a computer on a bicycle site - your life is fkng awesome, shut the fk up and cheer up!
  • 10 9
 When I think of USA, I think of wars in the world, overthrow of regimes, stealing of the mineral wealth of foreign countries, violent privatizations and the promotion of color revolutions..... Sounds lovely.
  • 5 2
 @Zdochliak: While the Soviets in Czechoslovakia brought only wealth and prosperity, didn't they?
  • 4 4
 @Extremmist: Soviets murdered more people than nazis. Guess which of these regimes are praised by the society in the succession states to this day.
  • 2 1
 @Extremmist: no the Austrians did hahah Big Grin
  • 2 8
flag Zdochliak (Jun 26, 2017 at 0:05) (Below Threshold)
 @Extremmist: Yes they did. If you compare the economic indicators of families (or of state like indebtedness) or the occurence of poverty - number of people living under poverty line...etc., of today and then, the result is clear.
  • 4 8
flag Zdochliak (Jun 26, 2017 at 0:06) (Below Threshold)
 @kyytaM: In Ukraine? Nazis...They are in parliament, they have their own military units and they terrorize / murder (like in Odessa) the population in the east of Ukraine.
  • 4 3
 @Zdochliak: netrep picoviny a radsej sa pozri ake hnede hovna mas doma...
  • 1 3
 @Zdochliak: Well it's hard to make debts if there's nothing in the shops to buy... Big Grin
  • 50 10
 Pinkbike, are you mad? As I'm from country occupied by Russians for 20 years and devastated by their mentality and propaganda till these days, go to the hell with this article. When Russians leave Crimea then it will be paradise to be discovered. Don't support tourism on occupied territories - you only give occupants legitimity and money!
  • 14 4
 occupied for 40 years Wink
  • 7 3
 occupied for half of the 20th century.
  • 11 2
 dont't forget the nature devastated by the occuping forces...Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia amid very soft democratization and nowadays they are teaching in their schools that they saved us from fascism in 1968!
  • 63 20
 Russian propaganda on mtb websites ?? What's next?
  • 15 9
 I'm surprised the pinkbike comment section hasn't been flooded with rhetoric from Mr. Putin's web brigade like the news sites are whenever there's an article on Russia.
  • 19 8
 Well I believe it's reasonable to discuss the NATO expansion towards the East, don't you think? Is it normal to send troops to Poland? What is expected by such policies? It's a shame that criticizing Western policies is systematically seen as Russian propaganda. I personally see it as the usual western arrogance. It's like we always know better than all the others.

Don't get me wrong though, Russian propaganda exists, no doubt about it, but you can be just as certain that the US also needs a massive load of propaganda to justify its military budget, its military bases across the world, and most of all, its wars. If you only see Russian propaganda, if you're calling some "Mr. Putin's web brigade" but you're missing the neocons' supporters, I advise you pick up some Noam Chomsky or William Blum book. Or Stephen Lendman on the Ukraine. The West badly needs self-criticism; especially in the Ukraine crisis, at the borders of Russia. And only with such calm and respectful attitude could we expect, encourage the same from other people, like Russia.

Let's not make it another world or cold war. If western governors still need to convince public opinion to make their wars, we better be careful how we, western people, behave, and what we decide to believe. Basically, I'm just saying I'd like to see Ukrainians, Russians, Americans find a non-violent solution and a way to get along and not just act like 5 year olds with f*cking atomic bombs. I know this will sound like "Mr Putin's web brigade rhetoric" to some, but the day self-criticism will no longer be heard in the West, I'll know where the fascists really are at power.
  • 9 7
 @bombastus: Russia had an open invitation to join NATO in the 1990s. They turned it down, as they did many other reforms that could have modernised their economy. They didn't want transparency and respect for the individual codified in their rules. In the West we're happy to discuss NATO expansion to the east. Any country on Russia's border has a right to join if they like; unless Russia plans to invade them they no grounds to complain. We'll discuss this in the Western media until the cows come home. You will hear no such free and open debate in the Russian media. In fact, journalists who try to hold the state accountable are usually murdered.
  • 17 8
 @bombastus: @bombastus: No country in the world has such a huge propaganda news network (RT, sputnik news and so on). Al jazeera and CNN look super objective and self critic in comparison of RT. Saying the west badly needs self criticism is like giving a fine to a guy that parks badly but letting go a guy that was speeding drunk with no licence in front of a school.
  • 10 13
 @zede: watch "die anstalt atlantikbrücke" on youtube. educate urself. reading your naiveness hurts me
  • 14 5
 @todesengel: so you tell me to watch something about german journalists, where did i talk about german journalists? are journalist assassinated by government in Europe ? no. In Russia ? yes. Why can you protest against the government in Europe without ending up in jail, but not in Russia? Why can you be pro putin everywhere in the world, but if you're anti putin in Russia, your brain ends up splattered on your front door ?
Ah it's probably because "naiveness" leads to brain explosion
  • 12 4
 How is it possible to criticize @zede on that comment? Objectively his statement is not far from truth. Perhaps some of the Sino news orgs are comparable propaganda but it is the case that Russian media = propaganda with few exceptions
  • 6 1
 @leelau: I have to admit i haven't watch CGTN yet, and i have the feeling that democracy/freedom is progressing way faster in china than russia
  • 9 12
 @leelau: it implies that propaganda is only a tool of regimes, dictators. the us having 800 military basis in 50 countries and starting war after war while violating international law is "bringing freedom". propaganda is every where and western ppl are to blind to realize that. that is annoying and pretty sad. any thing on intertional affairs coming from RT is most likely more accurate than cnn or our german state news.
  • 9 3
 @todesengel: if you think "RT is most likely more accurate than cnn" you're just an idiot; although i agree CNN is a bit bs, RT is 99% big bullshit. Journalists are being killed every f*cking day because they are following the war in irak (or anywhere else). They die because they are close to the war, they touch it, they see it, they report it. Russia Today's journalist basically can't die while filming battlefights in irak ; they are home, and type what putin wants them to type.
You keep talking about Germany and USA (you're basically picking the worst but eh), but when people talk about western countries, they don't think only about these two countries.
  • 9 1
 @todesengel: I agree that propaganda is by no means the tool of only Russia but respectfully as to degree. In the "western media" there is a big marketplace of ideas. Almost chaoticly too much sometimes as there can be so many voices clamoring for attention where you have diametrically opppsed viewpoints all presenting different facts.

And I agree with Swiss @bombastus that it's totally legitimate to critique Western media and methods. IMO Western countries especially post Soviet CIS collapse were not exactly helpful in understanding Russian concerns.

I do agree with zed that you're lumping many buckets of media into one big whole. There's insanely biased Western propoganda for sure but there's pro Russia western outlets and the odd chunk of insightful commentary.

My main point being that degree between the West-East media cannpt be compared.

Thanks for the thoughtful debate. A bit rare on PB i know
  • 3 0
 @zede: re "CGTN yet, and i have the feeling that democracy/freedom is progressing way faster in china than russia"

The Chinese are about the same level/state as Russia but having more money to spread around it is a more populist style of quasi-authoritarian governance. Definitely the Chinese are more subtle (its tough to get less subtle than the Russians)
  • 6 11
flag WAKIdesigns (Jun 25, 2017 at 0:56) (Below Threshold)
 @EnduroManiac - Russian propaganda?! Really?! This article, Russian propaganda? What the fk do you know about Russian propaganda?

Too much Jew gold... you people should get a fkng life honestly. I am old enough to remember a mild version of Soviet Propaganda. Don't even want to think of full on Soviet propaganda. Think North fkng Korea these days. Tooo much peanut butter. Too much PSX, too much suspension travel. You guys are waaaay out of your comfort zone, or perhaps too deep in
  • 3 0
Have you watched FOX news , there all like robots with that weird Stepford wives look about them . And just like there leader ......sexpests !
  • 4 4
 @zede: wow, you are so naive. western media outlets dont have journalists in syria. if you hear from journalists reporting about wars they participate in the war coverage providid by nato/us army, which means everything is planned, provided in advance. the thing the us learnt from vietnam was, that the way the war is portrayed at home is easily as important as the actual war itself. thus the pentagon employs 12.000 journalists creating content for our western media.

western journalists dont die on a dayly basis in wars, not even weeks or monthly. stop lying.objectiv war coverage was done in vietnam the last time.
  • 3 2
 @WAKIdesigns: Wait. Did you really just say "too much Jew gold?" Really?
  • 5 2
 @todesengel: stop assuming things you don't know shit about. And again, I didn't talk about western journalists dying. I talk about actual journalists, no matter where there are from. Vietnam had everything but objective war coverage. Just because you saw the picture from Nick Ut doesn't mean the coverage was objective (for the record, this is actually being naive). When i say journalist dying everyday it is exagerated, the truth is around 40death/year which is a lot.
But yeah, keep believing in these bs that the pentagon is creating every news, that CIA put some chip in your brain to control your thoughts, that putin is the nicest guy on earth, that earth is cooling down, that cannabis can cure alzheimer and everything but big pharmas don't want us to know (...) ; keep believing in this boy, but please don't forget to take your antipsychotics
  • 6 2
 @bombastus: Lol, said the guy living in a country that has never been invaded and built it's entire wealth and identity on stolen wealth from other countries. You'd be singing a different tune if half of your family was wiped out by the Russians (grandma wound up in Siberia twice!). Sorry but WW2 memories are very very strong in Poland.
  • 3 3
 @tkaszuba: They are living in a remote location, they don't understand invasion and as well as ethnic background forming "naturally" over many centuries. They are watching it all like a TV show because they have nothing to relate to. We Europeans and Slavic countries in particular have great history of cutting each others throats and we do it without foreign intervention. At least in Middle East these people were given a penny to fight over, Brits and French were destabilizing the region since Colonial times. Poles, Russians, Serbs etc. just can't help themselves to look for ways of fkng each other up, we don't need incentives. Isn't it fascinating that Poles don't gove much damn about Nazis but mention Russian embargo on meat or apples and we just burn for fight and wake up all demons of the past.

Now you tell me which option you prefer. I'd rather be a bit clueless citizen of LA or Vancouver

I'm Polish BTW
  • 1 3
 "Too much Jew gold." -WAKIdesigns, rabid anti-Semite. Disgusting.
  • 3 1
 @sjflow: what?! please explain me how is this antisemitic? That is a Swiss-sensitive joke you moron
  • 2 1
 @WAKIdesigns: Because you used the term "Jew gold" instead of "Jewish gold." Referring to someone as a "Jew" is regarded as derogatory even though in countries such as Poland it's not. North Americans also have a giant politically correct stick up their ass that turns their brain into mush when certain buzzwords are uttered making any valid conversation null and void. Try to have a conversation on the recently passed bill C-16 in Canada and see how far that gets you.
  • 1 0
 @RustySaguaro I agree countries should be free to join NATO, but it remains a military alliance the US are part of, and whose purpose has not really been clearly redefined since the Soviet Union collapse. Given the US-Russia relations, I believe a Russian reaction to the NATO expansion was predictable (not trying to figure out who's right and wrong here) and could have been prevented, although I'm not very sure about what is happening in Ukraine.

@zede Maybe you're right for the news paper networks. But propaganda is not only newspaper, it could be movies, activist demonstrations, subversive actions, tweets. I still perceive american propaganda as the most omnipresent; regardless of what level of free speech or control of press there is.

@tkaszuba I am sorry to hear about your grandma. I was actually born in Germany. If we had more time and some beer I'm sure we'd learn a lot from each other.
  • 2 2
 @bombastus: as I wrote above many Poles, Czechs, Slovaks are generally fine with Germans (possibly finer than with each other). Perhaps that's because it's been settled in Nurnberg, not in a totally fair way to Germans and with high dosage of brain washing to Western citizens. But well, there is only one ultimate truth and guys like ISIS have access to it, meaning there is no ultimate justice, there is nothing even close if you try to pursue it kill yourself before you want to kill everybody. What hasn't been settled and never will be is Stalinism. Soviets were allies, they were given a pardon for everything they did. Marxism has never been put on any trial, and you can see the results in here. Few guys ride bikes in politically sensible area and online war explodes, with some confused US student pouring gasoline on fire he has no fkng interest in. There's been travel reports from Ethipia, Nepal, Gobi desert and it's always inflammatory. Westeners feel enlightened to see poor people. I made a comment in defense of the opressed it makes me feel like such a moral human being.... oooh... ooooooh... and than that racist and antisemite Waki ooooh, I'm so much better than him, I know nothing about him but... but... I'm better oooooh, I think I'm going to go to the mirror and look at myself because I love myself so much. For being such a genuinely good person.

Ok guys, who's going to ride in Syria?
  • 1 3
 @WAKIdesigns: so we agree westerners need more self-criticism! I feel you on the racist and antisemite rhetoric. As I put it, it's like westerners always know better than all the others.
  • 3 1
 @WAKIdesigns: That was a while I hadn't read a comment from you Waki. And damn, I didn't need to go beyond the first line to remember why... Arrogant, judging others, knowing better than others what they actually think, ever so close to a Godwin point, and presenting yourself as the conscience of the world. Nothing new here.
Your argument about Jewish gold... what argument by the way, it's just an allusion, not even a sentence. Oh sorry, it was a joke! How funny. So what jewish gold? Are you referring to the behaviour of the swiss authorities/companies during the second WW (yes, not citizens, and even less me as even my parents weren't born at the time!)? Are you saying this is a shame? Oh yes it is. Are you saying because of this, a swiss citizen (which I am not, but that's what you imply) wouldn't be allowed to raise his voice for something he finds unacceptable? Wow, that would make a nice world because I don't believe there is a single nation on earth that doesn't have its dark side, its moment of shame. And therefore we couldn't take action or intervain. How stupid! You want a few examples? A virtual and an actual case:
I'm french, so I'll start with our dark moments. The new President said he would bomb Syrian sites (of chemicals) if those very chemicals would be used against the population in Syria (let's see if he sticks to his words, Obama and Hollande did not). Now imagine someone does like you and says: "colonies" (no sentence, too complexe). Then the guy would think: "yeah you're right, we had colonies and that's not a way to treat people, this is against human rights so who are we to give lessons? Fine then, we'll let the regime gas civilians without saying a beep if they wich to do so". Nice thing, right?
Or the US thinking "shit, we had laves, black people have no rights here so who are we to judge the action of Hitler?" Well... as a European I'm happy they made the move, who knows what our world would still be now (and yes, there were a lot of reasons for them to make the move, not jsut stopping the holocaust, I'm not that naive, thank you).

And now I'll elaborate on my very first comment that triggered your verbal diarrhea. I have an issue with the fact an unsettled conflict which caused death, lost of sovereignty of a democratic country on its territory and some colateral damages (remember that commercial flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur? Well I hope you had no relatives on this plane) is presented as a happy situation. In case you wouldn't know (how possible? you know everything!), most of the international community does not recognize Crimea as a Russian territory. That's what I call pro-russia (I know, I only said russian at first) propaganda. "Recently there was a lot of talking about this region due to political conflicts between Russian and the Ukraine". Political conflict??? Machine guns, missiles, tanks... was that really political? I thought you dislike political correctness. Maybe you like it now.

And hearing from you that I should get myself a life... what a delightful irony. Who of us spends his life on the forums trying to get famous? Not me. I don't have time and interest for that bullshit cause... I have a real life man.
  • 2 3
 @EnduroManiac: your obvious yet understandable animosity with my person and keyboard impotence of not being able to simply hit me in my face makes you read too much into it. No I'm not the only righteous, never ever considered me that way and hate people who do. I also don't try to get famous on the internet, but here again I see where you are coming from given the volume of sht I leave here. I treat Pinkbike as a bar I walk into and talk to anyone about anything. Just like I behave in everyday life - I am social.

And quite frankly your care for Crimea is just gullible, just like any fake care of anyone who is not living in the troubled area. I live in Sweden, I see on daily basis, how people pretend they care, performing recreational compassion. I'm coming from Poland, raised as Catholic - I am conditioned to see through bullsht called "good intentions". I am conditioned for asking a question "what's in it for you mate".

Here, under this article I exercise a perverse hobby of mine, that is psychology of shadow side of human personality. I have a good base of knowledge of human motives, games of appearances, I just love seeing how this unfolds, how reptile brain triggers reactions to impotence of being unable to act on disturbing information, and dresses them up in pseudo care, pseudo compassion, finally pseudo intellectualism.

Russian propaganda? You have no clue how to fight it, you can't fight a psychpath by speaking sense to him, your pitiful initial text is what a KGB officer would read, smile and shoot you in the back of your head or kick a chair from under you. You have not a tiniest fkng clue what you tried to achieve here.

Myself on the other hand treat this as a form of entertainment, I have not a slightest delusion about that. I can fully enjoy life being happy I don't live in Crimea, Syria or Saudi Arabia, I don't need to read how terrible some people have it, about executed children in Aleppo. I know we are all capable of doing this, it's all a matter of circumstances. I don't need to meet the darkest sides of me everytime I see a war report. What terrifies me is that majority of people are completely unaware of the sht inside of them. If they would, they wouldn't be pointing fingers so eagerly. That also makes me think that if you can't see sht you can't see the real good.

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 You misspelt Ukraine.
  • 38 4
 Coming next. Biking the brown pow of North Korea
  • 7 1
 Tibet is a good place to ride too
  • 17 2
 Part of a new series:

-Kickin' it in Kashmir
-Gravel Grindin' in the West Bank
-New East China Sea Islands, Fat Bike Paradise?
  • 1 0
 @Benito-Camelas: in all honesty Seville, Madrid and southern Spain is on the list for another travel article.

@sjflow - there have been travel articles to Israel - part of Tourism's push. But these other regions are a bit more controversial eg "Downhilling Donbass"
  • 2 0
 @leelau: that's great, let me give you a couple of tips, try not to go to southern Spain in summer time unless you like heat, and try to drop by Ainsa/Guara area in Aragon pyrenes. nice, ancient trail network.
also good for ski touring, no pow tho
  • 1 1
 @Benito-Camelas: good advice. For sure it would be October timeframe to get away from the heat
  • 40 13
 Knock knock?
Who's there?
Crimea who?
Crimea river.
  • 56 34
 The Crimea is Ukraine! Stop the Russion propaganda! Russia waging war against Ukraine, Europe next target! Stop occupation of The Crimea and Donetsk! Stop opression The Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian people! Putin Huilo! Kacapy Huilo! Glory to Ukraine!
  • 5 13
flag vitekzloipec (Jun 24, 2017 at 23:47) (Below Threshold)
  • 4 9
flag Djibrick (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:39) (Below Threshold)
 А какое ты - чучело рогатое, имеешь отношение к украинцам?
  • 7 3
 @Djibrick: Андрюш, вот чего ты так, сразу чучело.. Тебе обидно за Крым, Россию или за что-то еще? Тебе уезжать никто не запрещал, чего ты сейчас злишься то?
  • 6 7
 @NirvanaKiev: мне обидно за все, в частности за то что люди погибали и погибают напрасно из-за всей этой дебильной ситуации начатой с майдана. А почему чучело? Да потому что так пишет только чучело, вот и все. Украинец никогда не будет кого-то обзывать х*йлом и т.д. А вот такие персонажи только позорят народ. Поэтому чучело. Только крымчане вправе решать под каким флагом им жить, тем более когда власть в стране менялась без их участия!
  • 4 2
 Не знаю, что тебе сказать. Приезжай в гости, будем тебе рады!
  • 4 3
 @NirvanaKiev: А чего мне к себе в Киев как в гости ехать?) Я все еще там прописан, если что)) Да ничего говорить и не надо, мнение должно обосновываться на взгляде с обеих сторон. Я был в Киеве и в Крыму и прекрасно все видел своими глазами, а позже слышал что говорилось в СМИ. И против этого не попрешь. Ребята из Украины начитались и насмотрелись кучи информации и верят в то что хотят верить, а когда показываешь другую картинку, то начинают отворачиваться) Меня раздражает парадоксальность ситуации - когда говорят о том что хотят вернуть Крым, но делают все для того чтоб этого не произошло... После всех блокад, которые тут были, у людей никак не прибавилось желания возвращаться обратно, поверь) И власть в Украине это знает. В новом государстве на территории Украины, все как-то делается с горяча и необдуманно. По отношению к Крыму так точно.
  • 36 16
 Too bad most commenters do not realize the fact that mountain biking is an activity without any borders and trails are still trails, whether they are on occupied territory or not...

Got to admit, I've been to Crimea quite a few times before the annexation, and it was a mixed experience - the mountains are amazing, trails are great, but the overall economic situation and grumpiness of the local population towards Ukraine was something that was really felt. It was very cheap for the Russians to go there over for vacations and all, but still felt weird that such a magnificent area was just slowly dying.

I've also been a couple of times after the annexation and while I do not really accept the way Crimea was annexed, I still see quite a few good developments on the area - mountain biking exploding, lots of new trails and companies to offer guide services / shuttling etc. That's amazing and that's something I wish we had before.

All in all, sad to see such comments here - we might have different opinions on world events, but be assured, we're far from being gorillas with nukes willing to set up The Regime everywhere.

Have fun on trails, and crash less.
  • 3 2
 @thresh how is the riding around Sotchi ? is it looking similar?
  • 11 7
 My ex-girlfriend was from Simferopol. I never experienced any "grumpiness" towards Ukraine in the many times I went there. Nor any signs that it was dying or being neglected by Ukraine. Quite the contrary actually. Back then there was foreign investment, international transport links, foreign tourists were coming more and more each year and there were good services for tourists in the coastal area around Yalta and Alushta. And you say it was "slowly dying" prior to the invasion?!?!

If there is someone for locals to be grumpy about, it is Russia. Russia has invaded it and strangled it both economically and politically. If they were grumpy about the economic situation under Ukraine, then they should be absolutely livid about it under the occupational regime, which is undoubtedly FAR worse.

Now there's no foreign investment, no ATMs, far less tourists and when I went post-annexation I saw ZERO improvements in infrastructure. Sergey Aksyonov is SCUM. Utter, utter scum. A lowlife mafia criminal who is totally inarticulate and has zero charisma and looks exactly like what he is, a thug.
  • 18 5
 "mountain biking is an activity without any borders"
You're right, mountain bikes know no borders. But apparently, neither do Russian tanks...

"mountain biking exploding"
Malaysian Boeings exploding too.
  • 10 0
 @zede: there is a beautiful place near Krasnodar (not Crimea))) called "Sober", it's a trail park where on of russian enduro series races is. It's worth visiting definetly.
Of cource, there are some infrastructure problems (it's a small village near the mountain), but there are lifts (by car) and just visualise it: it's a three days race with 15 different trails in it!
Trails there are really good, it's enduro with lots of jumps, i love it.
  • 31 7
 Putin has hacked PB
  • 19 7
 I was born in Crimea, Yalta - small town near Alushta. So i love these places so much.
And this is some problems in this great article about such great places. Too much words about Russia, Russia and Russia.
Am sure - it is only two ways for this article in future. 1. PB should delete it cause of propaganda of russian military politics. 1. Yaroslav should cut off all mentions about USSR, Russia, Ukraine, history etc.
And when someone sayin "no borders, no politics for mtb/sport/fun" - cmon, are you seriously? Then some people stealing part of your property and sayin "no borders for mtb" - thats sound absolutely ridiculous.
  • 7 10
 Good for you, now you can have Russian citizenship and visit Crimea) Or you already have one?
  • 4 5
 @Xandr: of course NO. I can visit Crimea because I have Ukrainian citizenship.
  • 7 12
flag Djibrick (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:40) (Below Threshold)
 @Xandr: he lie, all ukrainians can visit Crimea with UKR citizenship. I'm leavin' in Crimea.
  • 6 13
flag Djibrick (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:44) (Below Threshold)
 @Kuptik: кому ты втираешь, то что не можешь приезжать в Крым из-за наличия украинского паспорта?)) Клоун!
  • 7 3
 @Djibrick: Most Ukrainians don't want to serve the illegitimate criminals who are controlling their territory. Especially absolute scum like Sergey Aksyonov who is the most ignorant, inarticulate and thuggish human being I have ever seen any position of power in ANY country. Even worse than Kim Jong Un.
  • 2 5
 @Scratchula: you are the one of the most ukrainians?
  • 7 2
 @Djibrick: Actually, I'm of Avar (Russian Caucasus) and Kabyle (Algerian) descent and have grown up and lived in a land under Russian control. Come to our land and you'll see how much Putler cares about people in Russia.

I don't give two shits about what country a place is part of. Crimea can be part of Bhutan as far as I'm concerned, as long as they actually govern the place well and care about the people, and do things within international standards. The problem is that Putler's regime invaded sovereign Ukrainian territory illegally, and installed filthy criminals like Sergey Aksyonov, and has brutally oppressed people who refuse to accept it. I know people whose families' have been torn apart by those actions. It's not a pretty picture, and if you think all is good there and better than before, then you're a tard, simple as.
  • 3 2
 @Xandr: all ukrainian can visit Russia (incl. Crimea), but not all russians can visit Ukraine)))
  • 3 3
 @Scratchula: Даг, который против власти? Серьёзно?))
  • 2 0
 @DrumminMan: Могут, но им надо получать разрешение на посещение "окупированной" территории с обоснованием причины, иначе потом свои же поимеют, а чтобы получить разрешение нужно хотябы недвижимостью там владеть, а для тех кто таковой не имеет попасть туда нереально. Знакомые из Украины рассказывали.
  • 1 3
 @Scratchula: i actually think, that you are livin on pink bike ) because so many messeges from you, only here )) No probs, but if you want to see a real situation in Crimea, you must visit this territory, and than, maybe, you will change your thinks about situation here. Trust only your eyes.
  • 3 2
 @Kuptik: прошу прощение, показалось что ты написал что не можешь посещать Крым из-за наличия украинского паспорта. Беру свои слова обратно. Клоун я ) Мир!
  • 5 2
 @Djibrick: If you have actually read all my messages, you would see that I have visited it. I was there a number of times from 2008-2013 because my ex-girlfriend was from Simferopol. I visited it twice post-invasion out of curiosity, and was disgusted by what I saw. No improvements in infrastructure, closed down businesses, no foreign investment, ATMs not working and Putin propaganda billboards (some were vandalised, nice to see some brave people resisting the garbage) and Russian flags everywhere. Funny there was not a single Russian flag before annexation.

Also Sergey Aksyonov is complete SCUM. An inarticulate, uncharismatic and extremely ignorant criminal who has known ties to organised crime. The only reason this cünt was hand picked by Putin is because he knows he'll rule the place with an iron fist and stamp out any dissent.
  • 24 12
 Crimea is not and never will be Russia. The rule of law defines borders in the 21st century; not the gangsterism of the Russian government. This mountain biker with money to spend wouldn't step foot in Crimea before it's liberated from Russian thugs. I sure as HELL won't buy products from any company I know of that's suggesting we travel there. Absolutely horrified to see this on PB this morning. This is type of thinly veiled propaganda that makes me decide to stay away from certain websites for good.
  • 4 9
flag vitekzloipec (Jun 24, 2017 at 23:49) (Below Threshold)
  • 7 10
 Texas is not and never will be America. What do you think about that ? ))
  • 4 2
 @Djibrick: I agree! Haha! :-)
  • 2 2
 @RustySaguaro: That's why you are pendos Smile
  • 6 4
 Crimea was russian even before Ukraine became a separate republic of Soviet Union. But Crimeans got their own president and constitution, and they should make their own decision leaving USSR and joining another separate state by law. But in early 90s ukrainians fcuked their decision, and then leaved crimeans without constitution and president. So it was ukrainian occupation of Crimea, lol.
  • 3 3
 @ivlexey: Learn the meaning of the word "occupation".
  • 2 1
 @ivlexey: Speaking of occupation, when are you going to return Konigsberg to Germany, vatnik?
  • 18 6
 Its no use discussing propaganda with fools.
Fact: Russin invaded Crimea and did a unrecognized referendum. Crimea betong to Ukraine, regardless of anyones opinion of the legality of its government.
So take this article off the site pb.
  • 2 3
 Maybe you just got butthurt remembering Brusilov Breakthrough? =D
Talking serious, read my reply to prev comment, I don`t want to copy and paste it.
  • 18 7
 This is shameful propaganda from the start with the "When someone mentions Russia..." . It is trying to legitimize Putin's invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. Putin continues to hound down and kill those who speak out against him and shut down media. Pink Bike please do not be a so naive.
  • 22 11
 Really nice to see something a bit different on the front page of PB! Would be super rad to go somewhere like this to check out the riding and experience a far less westernised culture.
  • 18 7
 as an American of Ukrainian decent, I'm proud to see that so many people know about Ukraine and the atrocities Russia has done to Ukraine, and Ukrainians. SLAVA HEROYAM! putin xylo!
  • 24 11
 Russia hacked PB and our election!?
  • 10 1
 Crimea is an amazing place in any case, but please, pinkbike - could you make a right name of the things? coz mtb was always out from politics and other, but here you absolutely not right. And remembered our country just in security problem sentence in your story? wtf with you guys? you are hypocritics in this article.
  • 13 5
 So angry with Pinkbike for posting this article. Hey, authors and editors, you might go to Donetsk as well and try nice local spots - flying bullets give you extra adrenaline. On the other hand, so happy being part of MTB community, which takes none of this shit regarding "russian Crimea"
  • 10 2
 This article as well would seem to violate the sanctions put in place by Canada and the US (likely the EU too)., mainly around promoting vacationing in Crimea.


I can't imagine any site sponsor wants their advertisement supporting the illegal annexation of Crimea.

Why would pinkbike risk posting this? Are they not worried about the ramifications from Double Click, their other advertising sponsors, or apple pulling trail forKs?
  • 3 1
 How does one report a possible violation of Canadian sanctions?
  • 17 10
 Paradise to be discovered... by russians occupation. Please remove this, really unethical to have this as war in Ukraine goes on, everybody somehow forgets that it all started with Crimea, russian invasion, etc. Crimea is part of Ukraine and it was occupied by russians!
  • 13 6
 "most of them are really happy with it due to the quick increase of Russian tourists and all of the business possibilities that come with that"

Who told you this bullshit? The number of Russian tourists is WAY less than the previous number of Ukrainian and foreign tourists there was before. Most Russians prefer Turkey due to better services, better beaches and longer summer season.
  • 14 7
 Sad. Sad. Sad. To see pure agression here. You see the flag near nickname. You are angry. It's sad.

I have a family in Crimea, i lived there a lot before the conflict.

Here is the the business case for you.
You vote for democracy, vote peace, for clear sport, for competitions. And... you live in current Russia. What will you do?

Here is my case. I made competitions, website for cyclists, went to meetings, but that don't helps with main political stuff in Russia, it's steady as hell, you can't change it.

So what will you do?
Most of us decided that we will dream about changes that we can make ourself. For me, my team, my friends it's cycling. This dream is about antidoping, races, people on bikes, friendship and, fore sure, peace. That what we want to provide in the zone of our opportunities to change.

I hope that guilty people will find their way to punishment. But you should know the strange lesson from this war. Agression we make kills much more than we see. Lots of people there were killed because of agression on russian TV. Agression kills. 1000 of us will write agressive comment, one crazy (he thinks that he is about real truth) will take a gun. It's really works like that, we saw that, you see that also.

So you are in Russia, vote for things you respect currently. What will you dream about? Killing youself? Immigrating? Making your part of the Russia better?
  • 14 8
 Damn, I didn't expect this...There are a lot of cool places to ride in the eastern part of Europe but I'll never go to Crimea after this war. You can try Bukovel in Ukraine or Buscat, Sinaia in Romania or Borovets in Bulgaria. All of these are in the eastern part of Europe.
  • 8 0
 It turns out mtbikers from all over the world are still in touch with current events and contemporary history. Good job, PB comments section!
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 Russia is "a cold long winters, a couple meters of snow, Siberia, vodka and bears wandering around on the streets", because Crimea is an occupied territory
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 Greets from Croatia
  • 18 13
 This is MTB, not politics!
Always remember "1984". You hear information, that you are given by your goverment.
That's why no truth here, only lie (form Putin, from Trump and others).
  • 14 9
 stalin starved to death 10 million Ukrainians in 1932-33. howbodah?
  • 11 15
flag Coilxp (Jun 24, 2017 at 12:13) (Below Threshold)
 @y9pema: How did you know this? You stood with a candle? You do not understand the meaning of Orwell's words.
  • 14 14
 @y9pema: Americans have killed half a million Vietnamese, do you want to say something else? We can recall Iraq, and other "local" conflicts. It's all in the textbook and on wikipedia, but not all the truth.
  • 8 4
 @Coilxp: Yes. They killed Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, etc... NOT THEIR OWN F***ING CITIZENS!
That's like comparing a bar fight with someone starving his own child to death.
  • 6 7
 @Coilxp: STFU, Putin's sock puppet.
  • 6 12
flag Coilxp (Jun 24, 2017 at 23:12) (Below Threshold)
 @Extremmist: you here it in your television? Or read it in the textbook? That's your goverment propaganda... history wrote by modern goverment, and it is not the same in every country. You here and see just what they want.
  • 4 12
flag Coilxp (Jun 24, 2017 at 23:14) (Below Threshold)
 @kabanosipyvo: you are so boring idiot.
  • 7 7
 @Coilxp: главное что ты это знаешь, а ему доказывать уже бесполезно)
  • 8 10
 @Djibrick: да, мозги у них знатно промыты. Забавно то, что о таком государстве как Украина или Грузия они все узнали 4/9 лет назад... Видимо поэтому и было легко вложить в сознание любую инфу в стиле "Путин убил 100500 миллионов грузин и закусил 146% украинцев"...
  • 6 4
 @Coilxp: Well let's hear it from you; what happened in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the years 1932 - 1933?
  • 4 11
flag Coilxp (Jun 26, 2017 at 0:20) (Below Threshold)
 @Extremmist: You do not understand my words. No one knows the truth. I have already written about this several times in direct text. And what does Stalin have to do with modern situiation?
Do you hate the Germans for the second world?
Do you hate the Chinese for the Red Guards and the Mao?
Do you hate Americans and Spaniards for the Indians?

It is so profound refer to the past when it has nothing to do with the present.
No ukrains are killed in Crimea last time. But they kill themselves in their senseless civil war.
  • 8 2
 @Coilxp: Plenty of Ukrainians and Tatars are murdered for opposing the illegal occupation.

Senseless civil war huh? There is no civil war. There is an artificially fomented conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk regions which is financed and supported by Putin.
  • 4 8
flag Zdochliak (Jun 26, 2017 at 5:47) (Below Threshold)
 @Scratchula: You have an error in the text. The conflict is financed and supported by USA, which is spreading his tentacles with military bases and nuclear weapons more all over the Europe and more to east. I see no Russian soldiers here in SVK, or in Poland or in Czech, but I see here marching US soldiers, who are not welcome here. USA need a new color revolution, a new pro-American government for a privatization. Look at who has recently privatized the economy of Ukraine.
  • 6 2
"No one knows the truth."
If no one knows the truth, then how do you know that my description of Holodomor is not true?

"And what does Stalin have to do with modern situiation?"
Idk, ask the vatniks in Donetsk and Luhansk who march around the city with his portraits...

"they kill themselves in their senseless civil war"
The fact that your soldiers removed the Russian flag from their uniforms doesn't make it a civil war. You simply invaded a foreign country the same way you invaded Finland, the Baltic countries or Poland in the past.

@Zdochliak we had Russian soldiers in our country for 40+ years
  • 6 2
 @Zdochliak: Oh really? How come there isn't a single US troop in Ukraine? How come the US and western powers have refused to even arm Ukraine in their fight against the Putin shills in Donetsk and Luhansk?

And I believe Slovakia is a member of NATO, so Russian soldiers won't dare to go near it. If they're not welcome, then why is there not mass opposition to it?

The USA has its problems, and the fact that an ignoramous like Trump could possibly be elected it is one of them. But if there's one place that needs a revolution urgently, it's RUSSIA.
  • 4 1
 @Extremmist: yes, a lot of russians are died too, but why its called like russian henocide against ukraine?
  • 4 5
 @Extremmist: @Extremmist: This is festive poster from the day of victory, stupid moron.
If there were no Russian people and, probably, Stalin, you would now serve some kind of Gans. Over 25mln russians were killed, but they stopped fascism.

Go on listening to the lies from the screen of your box. Holodomor is the political name of the crisis in the USSR, which is similar to the great depression in the United States (in the same years), only the United States did not survive before this world war and revolution ...

You know nothing.
Some people have their own opinion, you obviously do not treat such a thing, a puppet.
  • 4 2
 @Coilxp: lol, Stalin was Hitler best buddy when they invaded Poland and started WW2...how many Russian were killed by Stalin regime? and how somebody with working brain cells can celebrate with pictures of massmurders?

And nowadays Russia finances nazi parties all over Europe...go figure
  • 2 4
 @kyytaM: Q1: definitely less than was murdered by USA during their all history (native americans, nicaraguans, vietnamese, iraqis...).
Q2: Ask yourself when you will next celebrate with picture of US president"
And nowadays Russia finances nazi parties all over Europe...go figure" You wanted to say USA, right? Or what is according to you party Svodoba in Ukrainian parliament, supported by EU?
  • 3 2
 @Zdochliak: you don't have clue, you're spewing crap from your ass...btw, native americans were decimated by european colonizators before even USA existed...

who celebrate with picture of US president? and which one is similar massmurder like Stalin or Hitler?

you're so stupid, looks like you're Kotleba voter - well known nazi...
  • 3 4
 @kyytaM: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_Agreement - best buddy, ha!? Chamberlain, Daladier and Hitler signed an agreement on the annexation of Czechoslovakia. GreatBritain and France. They are also friends of Hitler?

No matter how, but exactly Stalin's regime won the WW2, not this coward US, Britain or France.
And pictures of him is the memory tribute, NOT MORE.

All russians recognize and mourn the victims of repression, and no one supports this.
But this was hard times for our country, аnd no one knows what would happen if it were not, maybe our country would be conquered by the Chinese.

And what you can say about China, where is the cult of Mao? You hate chinese? Go and give up everything that's done in China. Stalin is the puppy in comparison with him.

You dont't know history, but wrote this comments. Go and learn history of XX centure, moron.
  • 4 2
 @Coilxp: lol, hard times, when you decided to invade Poland along nazis and slaughtered thousands upon thousands innocent citizens?..you cry crocodile tears how awful were nazis later when they turned arms against you..but where were the tears when you were mass killing people in the Katyn?

And what about Winter War?

well f*ck you bro and your f*cking gulags, f*ck your invasion in 1968 and f*ck your putler politruks history books - Mao was Stalins buddy from the beginning and soviet commie scum was strategic partner to Chinese commie scum...you don't have chance against China longterm with current demographics...sadly...you were no better than any other imperial forces so don't pretend you're something more morally..same shit, different color...many people fell victim to panslavism and romantic dreams of slavic unity just to find out it doesn work and that slavs tend to be even bigger c*nts when dealing with other slavs...shame...

Russia is great and beautiful country, but our experience with Russian regimes from the past are awful. It's simple as that.
  • 3 1
 @kyytaM: Why do you associate the Russian people with their rulers? Like all here? If you did not notice, I wrote about it several times! Nobody associates Germans with Hitler or Italians with Mussolini, etc.
  • 2 0
 @Coilxp: First of all, I don't know if the separatist self-proclaimed "republics" started using a new calendar, but according to ours, these posters have been now hanging there for about two years, which would be a pretty damn long day...
(The report itself has been released in October, The Day of Victory is on May 9th www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/19/stalin-portraits-ukraine-rebel-territory )

Second, I'd rather serve some kind of Gans than some kind of Ivan, as we have been serving for 41 years from 1948 to 1989. There was no liberation, just one occupation army replaced another one.

Third, 25 mln Russians were killed is mainly due to the incompetence of your own commanders who kept sending waves of troops against the German positions pretty much until the Germans ran out of ammo and left. I'm wondering how many of those 25 mln have been shot to the chest by a German MG-42 and how many have been shot to the back by a Soviet PM M1910 (as it's a well known fact that many Soviet commanders would rather gun their troops down than let them retreat or surrender).

When it comes to Holodomor, isn't it interested that happened in Ukraine, which was the most fertile land of the whole USSR, and not let's say in Moscow? Also... wjhat great depression? I thought such things could only happened in the rotten capitalist West, not in your prospering red paradise...
  • 11 4
 Just remove this propaganda article, Pinkbike. It's shameful and has no belonging here.
  • 23 17
 Lol yet there are so many Russia-assaulted-disputed-territories OH IM SORRY I MEAN PARADISES to be discovered.
  • 9 5
 This is a mountain bike site. This article shows us where we can ride our mountain bikes. It has big mountains. And that's good. Other topics are discussed better in other forums Smile
  • 6 3
 Sorry, but if someone starts a topic referring to this territory as being RUSSIA, then he's asking for trouble.

In all the photos this sad cünt has uploaded, he has the location for them set as being RUSSIA.
  • 3 5
 @Scratchula: technically, its Russia. А за тобой уже выехали.
  • 4 2
 @DrumminMan: No, technically it is not Russia. The same as Raqqa in Syria is not part of "ISLAMIC STATE". Criminals can also invade your home, hold you at gunpoint and declare it as their own. Doesn't mean that it's technically theirs.
  • 6 1
 I must say I haven't seen such a heated debate on PB since 29" wheels have been introduced Big Grin
  • 11 6
 I see why pUtin wanted it so bad
  • 9 4
 What do you call a russian with three testicles?

  • 7 2
 Looks like it's time for a Soviet ReUnion
  • 9 8
 Don't blame PB, everyone (at least on here) has freedom of speech and there are 6 or so billion of us on this planet all with different points of view. There are 2 subjects that create more hostility than any other, politics and religion so regardless of your own agenda and views of the writer just enjoy the pictures of a place I think 99% of our community have never been. 2 cents dropped.
  • 8 5
 Freedom of speech protects us from actions by the *government.* It has nothing to do with a private website like Pinkbike. If Pinkbike readers don't want to see obvious Russian propaganda pieces, then it should listen to its readers. And it's no less "political" to talk about politics than to publish a propaganda piece saying "Crimea is Russia."
  • 8 8
 @sjflow: which word in article is the "russian propaganda"? Crimea lies within russian borders, secured by russian forces, people in Crimea speak on russian, they pay taxes to russian treasury and getting salaries and pensions in russian rubles from russian government, russian companies investing into Crimean infrastructure, so, what's wrong with phrase "Crimea is a part of Russia"? And, whats really matter, crimean people feel themselves like a russians.
By the way, in article author didn't write about any political issues, he wrote about riding and only riding. So, why we are discussing any political shit on a mtb resource?
  • 6 3
 @DrumminMan: "Crimea lies within russian borders"

NO! It lies within Ukraine's borders, recognised as such by the entire civilised world.

"they pay taxes to russian treasury and getting salaries and pensions in russian rubles from russian government"

You could say the same about Kuwait as part of Iraq when Saddam Hussein invaded it. Doesn't mean jack shit I'm afraid.

Funny you talk about Russian companies investing in it, because very few are. Not even major Russian banks are moving in there for fear of sanctions.

"he wrote about riding and only riding"

No, he referrred to it as being Russia. That's provocation. He also blindly accepted Russian propagandist views.

"so, what's wrong with phrase "Crimea is a part of Russia"? "

Everything. The same as Raqqa in Syria is not part of "ISLAMIC STATE". Criminals can also invade your home, hold you at gunpoint and declare it as their own. Doesn't mean that it's technically theirs.
  • 8 3
 really weird to see this on Pinkbike
  • 9 8
 On same time in TrailForks Crimea is classified as part of Russia for a long time www.trailforks.com/region/crimea
  • 12 6
 @Sirflyingv: Absolute disgrace.
  • 7 12
flag Djibrick (Jun 25, 2017 at 3:47) (Below Threshold)
 @Scratchula: welcome to reality, sucker! Big Grin
  • 11 5
 @Djibrick: It's not recognised by any governing bodies in the civilised world as part of Russia, so the reality is that it is NOT Russia and it never will be.

Some Putin troll has added that to that site and presumably the admins have been too ignorant to understand the reality.
  • 4 3
 Fuck it! enough of this silly bullshit already. Pink Bike...lets have a fucking list of the most dangerous countries that might have some great riding . cheap beer, cheap women, lots of open carry guns and tanks, and violent locals that hate you, thats where i want to go ride.
  • 5 1
 How could pinkbike not realise this would open a can of worms ?
This could be the start of WW3 !
  • 6 6
 Google mark Crimea as a Russian territory. Google opinion = US State Department opinion. Any questions?
And more - if wasn't be any Maidan events, any civil war against their own citizens, the Crimea would still be Ukrainian. But its not. Think carefully, why? Who and what is the cause of the problem.
  • 5 2
 First of all, Google.ru marks Crimea as a Russian territory. Google.ua does not Big Grin (In other words, Google doesn't have any opinion, they just show you what they think you want to see.)
Second, Google is a private company that is in no way related to US State Department or any other federal institution. So even if Google had an opinion, it would be completely irrelevant.

ex-Google employee
  • 6 4
 Crimea is still Ukrainian and always will be. It doesn't matter that Putler sends invasion forces in there and puts filthy criminals in power. It doesn't change who it belongs to.

No, Google does not mark Crimea as Russian territory for anyone except those with Russian IP addresses, which is disgusting and utterly wrong.

Why the fúck do you think Maidan happened to begin with? It was because that bumbling little shìt called Yanukovych took a massive bribe from Putler not to sign the EU trade agreement. When his retarded ass was overthrown and he was sent scuttling off to Russia like the wretched little sewer rat that he is, Putler on a whim ordered the invasion of Crimea, because if he couldn't control all of Ukraine, he could at least take a part of it. Then Putler fomented unrest in Donetsk and Luhansk, with common criminals like "givi" giving their pathetic lives for Putler.

There is no civil war and there never has been.
  • 4 5
 @Extremmist: it's really hard to believe, what could be a independent private company with such tracking potential, thatvis not affilated with any government structures, especialy in US.
And whats about google.ua.. Ukranian Crimea on the google map it is just one of that things, wich could be given to new Ukrainian regime and head-off nazies by western leaders, because ucranian people didn't get nothing more - no hope, no jobs, no cash. Destroyed economy, citizens without any livelihood and with tonz of credits, utility's tariffs grow without ant limits, government debts, wich couldn't be payed, and at least - terrible civil war. Yeah, they have nothing they was promised, but Crimea is Ukranian on google maps, yeah.. This way we win...
  • 4 5
 @Scratchula: oh, really. And what common ukrainians have now?
  • 8 2
 @DrumminMan: Once again, there is no civil war. There is artificially fomented unrest which is an attempt for Putler to bankrupt the Ukrainian state. And the current state of affairs in Ukraine is largely due to years of mismanagement and corruption with pathetic little Putin stooges like Yanukovych. With a tyrant like Putin in charge in Russia who is hell bent on destroying Ukraine's sovereignty and will economically blackmail and bully it, then it will be rather difficult for Ukraine to develop.

And things in Putin's Russia are not better than in Ukraine. Putin is running the country into the ground and is only hell bent on power and global influence. Russia's economy is a complete mess and millions of Russians want to leave and live in the west.
  • 3 1
 @DrumminMan: If you're a narrow-minded vatnik who jerks off to a picture of Putin every evening, many things are hard to believe. But that's not my or Google's or US government's fault...

PS: There are many things that are wrong in Ukraine, but being from a country where half of the men drink themselves to death before they even reach the retirement age, I'm not sure if you're the right person to judge that.
  • 1 0
 Для того, щоб не жити в тому дерьмі, в якому ватнік-сєпар-кацап-джібрік живе! Слава Україні! Смерть ворогам!
  • 4 0
 Must have been some sandwich.
  • 5 1
 MTB riders started World War III. This is how you will be remembered.
  • 11 7
 Pinkbike does not have admins?
  • 13 14
 Оо... Еще один герой)) Шутер, что? Глаза режит от того что Крым Россией называют?) Так ваших же рук дело! Че на майдан не выходишь, герой? Украина на первом месте по коррупции korrespondent.net/world/worldabus/3838123-ukrayna-vozghlavyla-reitynh-korruptsyonnykh-stran , прыг-скок, прыг-скок, "не рабы" )))
  • 4 4
 Pinkbike has a freedom of speech - a little thing, what is totally destroyed for now in ur "free" country.
  • 7 7
 We rode by bike in Crimea when it was Ukraine, and riding by bike now when Crimea is Russia, politics does not interest us. The names of countries is can change but MTB forever!
  • 6 6
 It IS Ukraine and it will never be Russia.
  • 5 1

Currently - Russia, sorry dude.
For me not important Russia or Ukraine, but i living in Crimea and I see - now is Russia.
Some things better, some things no changes, some things less well - same as any country.

Mountain bike trails better and better - this is more important for us than your policy.
  • 16 12
 Ivan go home.
  • 12 5
 @mecagoenvuestrosmuertos: homosovietikus Razz
  • 11 13
 Are Russians all over the world? NO!
Are Americans soldiers all over the world? YES!
Are they helping and protecting people? Ofc, like in Vietnam, Iraq, Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Korea, Libya, Syria..............
  • 3 2
 @Zdochliak: Does America occupy any part of Vietnam, Iraq, Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Korea, Libya, Syria? Doesn't . But Russia occupy parts of Georgia , Ukraine and Moldova . So you are blind
  • 4 3
 @arczii: US KILLED people in this countries. Russia does not allow to kill people living in these territories for the sake of the "territorial integrity" that the politicians of Georgia and Ukraine want to receive without the will of the people living there.

You all crazy. If tomorrow your country government go crazy, will not you want to go out?
  • 4 2
 @Coilxp: Georgia did the same thing as Russia in Chechnya. Apart from one. Russia killed 50-100 thousand people in Chechnya.
And "the will of people" -the best joke I have ever heard. You should know that President of Russia is the former KGB colonel and events in Georgia and Ukraine are special operations of FSB and GRU.
  • 3 2
 @arczii: or CIA, who knows.
  • 2 1
 @Coilxp: maybe UFO . Hahaha Razz
  • 8 4
 What the fuck pinkbike
  • 1 0
 I will visit here next summer, if anyone from Crimea or Russia sees this - please send me a note. I would love to ride with you all!
  • 1 0
 @GreenallsTours send me a PM and we can talk Wink
  • 17 19
 So Crimea is ethnically 11% Ukranian and 33% Russian, they were historically part of Russia and they voted to be re occupied by Russia. Yet almost all the comments on this article are about how Crimea was unrightfully occupied. I had no idea PB was so full of one sided westerners.
  • 7 3
 Ok so I don't generally get into these debates as I don't follow them closely enough to have a completely informed opinion (not that that stops most people), but didn't Russia basically invade? Regardless of whether there was a referendum afterwards, that's not really how these things (should) work.
  • 12 12
 @el-nombre: Technically it was an invasion of teritory. But the majority of Crimeans wanted to leave Ukraine, especially with the Ukrainian revolution taking place at the time...... It's complicated and either side has valid arguments. But basically what happened wasnt politically correct, giving western media and internet warriors ground to stand on.
I’d just encourage everyone to do some reading and take a more level view on what happened.
  • 6 4
 @mecagoenvuestrosmuertos: member since 6/5/17 and this is the only story this "user" has commented on. What's interesting to note here is that the propaganda network Russia has been polluting the world with is now front and center on the PB home page for us all to see. Complete with Russian trolls in the comments section.
  • 4 3
 I had no idea "ethnic heritage" and "history" so easily negate the rule of law.
  • 2 2
 @Debicki: you're acting as an apologist for a mafia government. You're engaging in a version of the rhetorical tactic known as "whataboutism" that was a favorite of Soviet agents of influence when dealing with western media to do so. Interesting. I too suggest you read more history.
  • 3 2
 @Debicki So if china or india invade some part of Australia where there are many Chinese or indian, it's fine?
  • 14 4
 "they were historically part of Russia"

It's NOT historically Russian. It has a long and complex history, and Russia only annexed it from the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century. Prior to that it had pretty much no connection with Russia. It was only 170 years later that it was transferred to Ukraine. Furthermore, real Russification did not begin until the 20th century, when the Tatars were deported and mass settling of ethnic Russians was encouraged.

Crimea was a completely stable, integral part of Ukraine with no threat of secession. It was no different to other majority Russian speaking parts of Ukraine. Secessionist parties got less than 5% of the vote and there was ZERO mainstream support for joining Russia. But when the useful idiot Yanukovych was ousted, Putin on a whim ordered troops into there, shut off Ukrainian media, stirred up anti-Ukrainian hostility and then staged a disgusting farce which they had the audacity to call a "referendum", which was not only blatantly rigged but was conducted under a climate of disgusting lies and promises that they knew they couldn't fulfill. They also appointed an absolutely repulsive mafia criminal as "prime minister", someone who is not only incredibly ignorant and has no charisma, but has known ties to organised crime.

It is one of the worst crimes to take place in the 21st century. Families have been torn apart by it. Up to 100,000 people have fled. Now the place is under totalitarian lockdown and anyone who resists the occupation right down to flying a Ukrainian flag is arrested or mysteriously disappears. On top of that, there is no foreign investment, no ATMs work and there are propaganda posters and Russian flags everywhere (gee, funny there wasn't a single Russian flag before the invasion).

Far more should have been done by western leaders to stop it, and it really angers me when I see anyone giving it tacit approval.
  • 5 2
 @Scratchula: thanks for that and for mentioning the Tatars
  • 4 8
flag Debicki (Jun 25, 2017 at 4:16) (Below Threshold)
 @Scratchula: So you talk about how pro Ukranians disappearing which may be true, but you don't mention the thousands of Russia ns imprisoned in eastern Ukraine, or the thousands of innocent civilians killed by blatant bombing of residential areas by the US and Ukranian military. And I'd like to know what source stated there was zero mainstream support for Russia.

At the end of the day we’re all entitled to our own opinion and we’re not really acheiving anything by debating over a mtb article.
  • 8 2
 @Debicki: First, who are those thousands of Russians imprisoned in Eastern Ukraine? If you're referring to Russian fighters for the ridiculous so called "people's republics" in Donetsk and Luhansk, then I'm afraid they're exactly where they deserve to be, behind bars.

Look at previous elections in Crimea. Secessionist parties NEVER had any percentages of the votes above single digits. If there was such massive support for joining Russia, there would have been armed rebellion against Ukrainian rule, like there was in other post-Soviet territories like Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno Karabakh, Transnistria etc. But in Crimea there was absolutely nothing, zilch. It was completely STABLE and had it been left alone by the disgusting Putin regime, it would still be completely fine.

US and Ukrainian military? Since when has the US been involved in bombing in the Ukrainian conflict? Also "blatant bombing of civilian areas" sounds like RT or Sputnik propaganda.
  • 3 8
flag fpden (Jun 25, 2017 at 12:31) (Below Threshold)
 @Scratchula: задвоенные левые аккаунты чтобы писать комменты =D
  • 3 1
 Укромова на пинке Smile Прикольно.
  • 2 0
 So good it should be a Crimea.
  • 16 14
 Great article! Wish I could visit Crimea one day.
  • 7 10
 This is bad idea, bro)
  • 5 6
 @RavenZak: Why do you think so?
  • 4 5
 @RavenZak: Сам сюда приедешь через пару лет, когда пукан окончательно попустит))
  • 7 7
 Well.. This is exactly what i mean. Ukranians keep sayng that Crimea is bad place to visit. Russians saying it is great place. And it is not because of "russian occupation". Everything what you see in Crimea - was build by Russians. After fall of USSR - Ukranians did absolutely nothing there! Five years ago, it was just the same of what it was back in 1990s. They was just saying that Crimea was "bad idea" before, and they still saying the same after Crimea became Russian again.
  • 7 5
 @Rain13: The Russian propagandist view is that Ukraine did nothing for Crimea, but it's complete bullshit. A lot was spent on Crimea in the 2000s. It was well integrated with the rest of Ukraine, there was rising foreign investment and more and more tourists were coming from abroad each year. That was all killed overnight when Putler ordered the invasion.

And Ukrainians were saying it's a bad place to visit prior to the invasion? Huh? Gee, funny I never heard any of that. Millions of Ukrainians went there for there holidays, and much more Ukrainians than Russians did.

It IS a bad place to visit just now because it's run by criminals under totalitarian lockdown, and the "prime minister" Sergey Aksyonov is a filthy criminal. No foreign companies are investing there, and you can't even use any ATMs. There's also shortages of water and electricity.

Once Putler's regime collapses and Russia has a sensible leader, the first thing they should do is pull out of there. Then, maybe people can consider visiting it.
  • 3 1
 @Rain13: I know - everything good in Soviet empire was made by Russian and everything bad was soviet. The same shit over and over. Biggest dwarf, fastest clock and similar miracles of mankind. Big Grin
  • 4 0


1. No problems with water and electricity
2. A lot of Ukrainian citizens come to Crimea on vacation
3. A lot of Ukrainian business mans work in Crimea right now (as example - guys from Kiev took in rent expensive restaurant at the sea)
4. We use Visa and Mastercard at the gasoline stations, shops, bars and etc... ATMs working without problems also.

Another myths?
  • 1 1
 @vados: all good! I like it! Crimea - THE BEST! Smile
  • 1 0
 5: businesses are growing everywhere
6: everyone is friendly and willing to help, doesn't matter where are you from
7: trails are AWESOME...what else you need?
  • 2 0
 ...and i dont mean Detroit. the trails sucked there.
  • 3 1
  • 9 8
 take this try to legitimate an invasion off your website, please.
  • 9 8
 Hmm... Basemap on TrailForks (and Google) has russian labels on Crimea...
  • 4 4
 paradise???? lol - very funny
  • 3 3
 You had me at vodka and bears, but list me at meters and Celsius
  • 11 11
 Take this article from PB.Crimea - Ukraine. Djibrick - separ )) ahaha )))
  • 5 9
flag Djibrick (Jun 25, 2017 at 19:44) (Below Threshold)
 Да ты слюни свои вытри и ответь лучше на вопрос: Если Крым это Украина, то почему тогда я сепар?)
  • 11 8
 @Djibrick: Awww so cute ) Live conversation with DJibrail ) Men, it's ok to be separ....chill. After Maidan you went to this occupied part of my country, maybe to be with friends, maybe you always was latent Crimean, i'm ok with it. Sit still, don't compromise yourself. Don't raise politics topics , jumping, pans... But you doing all this crappy things.
So here is my conclusion, it's all because of your stupidity )
  • 7 9
 @spraggy: axax)) а рiдною мовою можешь так как на английском?)) Я тебе задал вопрос "где я сепар?" Ты не можешь на него ответить? Тогда выходит ты балабол. Вот и все. Ты не отвечаешь за свои слова. И это я тупой?)) Ты на себя глянь) Я абсолютно не против если Крым станет опять частью Украины, но только при условии, если люди живущие в Крыму этого будут хотеть. А пока все совсем не так. И дело не в российской пропаганде, а в антипропаганде государства на территории Украины, по отношению к крымчанам. Но печаль в том что ты Пашуля, спустя три года после майдана, так этого и не понял. Это к твоему дополнению о том кто тупой))
  • 3 3
 @Djibrick: Андрюша ) Про что, а про Крым я нормально знаю ) И хату присматривал там себе для постоянной дислокации, чтобы покатать, еще до того, как ты первый раз туда приехал с вельчиком ) И кого, а патриотов украины там никогда небыло ) ну может человек 100 самых упоротых на весь крым. Крымом Украина никогда не занималась, там всё жило самотёком под тёплым крылом России. Но фактически это была Украина, и тот метод которым Россия приобрела Крым, мне совершенно неприятен. Поэтому я негативно отношусь к какой либо идее поддержки оккупанта, тем более когда там могут свободно подлечиться бойцы из ДНР/ЛНР, ну или любые гниды которые воюют против Украины на донбассе. Мне как гражданину Украины было бы западло там жить, ну и естественно ездить отдыхать, да и зачем , есть же безвиз , Кипр, Греция , Болгария и т.п. )))) А то, что я на тебя написал сепар.. Но как добропорядочный гражданин своей страны, укатив на территорию оккупанта, оттуда вещает что в Киеве кастрюлеголовые и говняно и коррупция, всякие подсеры про никчемных обезьян, обмотавшись георгиевской лентой, тут напрашивается только одно название ))
Хотя,неужели в Крыму нет коррупции,есть кучи пляжников, всё процветает, автобусные остановки с кондиционерами, и куча байкпарков с подъемниками ?))) Я кто тому, что если укатил в другое болото, то покритикуй его, а старое оставь в покое ))
  • 5 1
 @spraggy: ну когда человек уезжает откуда-то, это логично, что там ему нравится меньше, поэтому он и критикует. Не логично поведение многих ваших сограждан, которые живут и работают в РФ (ибо сытнее), но при этом бьют себя в грудь, какие они патриоты своей страны.
  • 4 2
 @spraggy: патриотов Украины называешь упоротыми?)) Я лично абсолютно позитивно отношусь к патриотам Украины, но только не к тем, которые три года назад выдвинули список требований к власти на майдане, а сейчас этот список могут засунуть себе туда где не светит солнце), а к нормальным и адекватным патриотам. Хату присматривал там себе раньше чем я приехал туда с байком?)) В 15 лет ездил по Крыму и присматривал себе хату?)))) Метод которым Россия себе приобрела Крым до конца не знает никто, но факт того что крымчане не хотели жить в Украине - это главное! А по поводу ДНР/ЛНР, сепаратистов и т.д. - так ничего бы этого не было, если бы новая власть в Украине уважала бы мнение всего народа Украины и хотя бы давала возможность людям высказаться. Где я писал что в Киеве кастрюлеголовые или говняно? (хотя по факту кастрюлеголовые в Киеве были))) Подсыр по поводу никчемный обезьян у меня был только в сторону строителей дамбы на крымском канале и под словом "обезьяны" я имел ввиду правительство, которое дало приказ строить эту дамбу. Ты же не подумал на себя?) А где я обматывался георгиевской лентой?) Я вообще не поклонник всяких лент, флагов и т.д. Коррупция есть везде, я никогда не говорил что ее нет в Крыму, но возбухать по поводу оккупации и прочих бредней начали вы и поэтому я обратил ваше внимание на свое болото.
Ну что Паша, будешь продолжать корчить из себя умника и обзывать меня тупым? Или может начнешь копаться в своем болоте?
  • 3 3
 @Djibrick: Ты лицемер, джибрик ) В 2006 году мне было 20 ) И да, пойду копаться в своём болоте )
  • 2 1
 @spraggy: блин, прости) я думал ты младше меня года на три) Молодо выглядишь!)
  • 4 2
 @spraggy: ты точно уверен, что население Донбасса воюет против Украины, а не наоборот?
  • 2 2
 Damn I was waiting for shit like that on Pinkbike for so long...
  • 6 6
 STFU and GTFO jaame
  • 1 1
 LB fan ?)
  • 19 22
 Now Crimea - Paradise for russian invaders. Crimea will be Ukrainian or will be devastated!
  • 12 15
 Да ты смотри за своим корытом умник) Крым не украинский только благодаря событиям во времена майдана и тем кто этот майдана поддерживал. Крым уже не оккупирован, сюда уже приезжают зарубежные артисты, суда приезжают много иностранцев и здесь в данным момент развивается инфраструктура. И это все несмотря на санкции и антипропаганду со стороны запада. А как там в Киеве дела? Рассказывай дружище! Я ведь сам оттуда и видел своими глазами как вас за нос водили три года назад на майдане)) ... will be devastated... чучело)))))
  • 4 4
 @Djibrick: чувак ты вату себе колишь каждый день? За загранпаспортом уже приезжал?
  • 4 3
 @funbox: нет, не каждый день, а через день, бо що занадто, то нездраво! )
  • 4 3
 @Djibrick: От я ще можу якось зрозуміти дії москалів. То є їхня сутність затягувати все в свою м’ясорубку і перероблювати під себе. А зрозуміти «кримняшок потєряшок» важче.

В Криму залишились знайомі, які побігли на «референдум», маскуючи свої меркантильні інтереси, під ідеологічні переконання, яких у більшості ніколи не було. Насправді банально хотілось більше бабла, зарплат і пенсій. Так от, в розмові з ними постійно відчувається усвідомлене ними відчуття зради. Звідси оце бажання скрізь довести «ми же хорошіє», волання про те як начебто гнобили при Україні, постійні виправдування за допомогою брехливих штампів. А в кінці, я правило іде фраза – «зачєм же ви вишлі на майдан, вєдь так хорошо било до етого?».

Жити з відчуттям зради – паскудна річ. Ніхто і ніколи не буде тобі довіряти. А для спілкування залишається вузьке коло зрадників, таких як і ти сам.
  • 1 3
 @chebordacos: ти щось таке намудрив, що i на голову не налазить, але за те, що пишеш рiдною мовою i без помилок, тобi плюс! Я не живу з вiдчуттям зради, я живу з вiдчуттям того, що держава, у якiй я народився, три роки тому назад, зрадила частину свого народу. Вона зрадила i людей на майданi, бо не виконала обiцянки майдану. Вона зараз вiшає лапшу людям всякими безвiзами, ассоціяціями і т.д.а рівень життя прицьому падає. Так ваш президент святкував той безвiз, наче вивiв державу в свiтовi лiдери економiчного зросту. Коли на все це дивлюся, мені становиться гидко. В мене дуже широке коло спiлкування, бо багато людей, з тих часiв як я переїхав, зрозуміли мою точку зору, та зрозуміли як їх на тому майдані надурили.
І от в мене питання: Навiщо люди виходили на майдан? Який був цьому сенс, якщо зараз, ви ніяк не контролюєте цю владу, а вона що хоче, те і робить. Навiщо виходили?
  • 11 14
 Russia does not destroy the Crimea. By your sanctions, you are destroying the Crimea.
  • 6 3
 And there would be no sanctions if Russia pulled out, and Crimea would be fine. But they have defiantly refused to pull out, therefore prolonging the sanctions.
  • 4 6
 @Scratchula: but people in Crimea don't want leave in ukraininan state, because in 2014, authority in this country, changed without their participation.There was no elections, only coup d'état. And for example, the first act of new Illegal authority in Kiev was leave only one official language - ukrainian language. And how 90% crimeans, who speak russian, had to react to all this? This is not democracy. It is important not that Russia entered the Crimea, but what is important is that the crimeans did not want to be with Ukraine after all events in Kiev. And west must understand this.
  • 8 6
 @Scratchula: There is some sanctioins against all Russia and some - against Crimea. If crimeans are "occupied by russian troops with guns near heads" - how sanctions against them will help or make their lives not "so bad"?
It looks like all realizing that referendum was real and US goverment punishing this people for acting against US interests (for example, get another NATO Navy base near Russia borders).
But when will all people around the world realize that US goverment are forcing nations around the world to act in US interests with military and economic power?
  • 5 2
 @Djibrick: So for 23 years, why was there no problem with being part of Ukrainian state? There was no mainstream support for secession and scumbag criminal's Sergey Aksyonov's "Russian Unity" party had less than 5% of the vote. If people were SOOO anti-Ukrainian as you said, there would have been armed rebellion against Ukrainian rule. But there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. It was no different from other regions of Ukraine where the majority language is Russian.

It was not a coup. Yanukovych was a useless bumbling buffoon who had just accepted a massive bribe from Putin not to sign the EU deal. Millions of people protested against him and he made no reasonable concessions, sealing his own fate when he started using paid thugs and snipers to attack the protesters. I've seen many people like yourself bleat on about how Yanukovych was democratically elected. Just because someone was elected democratically does not mean that this gives the power to do whatever the hell they want, and Yanukovych absolutely failed to live up to the will of the Ukrainian people.

"what is important is that the crimeans did not want to be with Ukraine after all events in Kiev"

The majority likely wouldn't have cared without Russia stirring up tension and telling outrageous lies about it being a plot of "fascists". Ironically, the mafia thug that Putin installed in Crimea called Sergey Aksyonov is much more of a fascist than any Ukrainian politician and is good buddies with many of Europe's far right, including nazi apologist Janusz Korwin-Mikke.
  • 3 2
 @CountScratchula: BTW Yanukovych, while in "exile" in Russia, putlers were touting him as the only legal president of Ukraine. There was even letter signed by him asking for Putler intervention (like in 1968 when soviets invaded Czechoslovakia and f*cked this country to pieces). When Yanukovych later commented the annexation as tragedy, he disappeared from the world of putlers. Big Grin
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