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Apr 3, 2020 at 12:34
by Yaroslav Alpizar  

Yari: Who is Tommy Magnenat? Where are you from and where do you live?
Tommy: Tommy Magnenat is a 20 years old rider born in Argentina, I lived in Spain since I was very young and moved to Northern Ireland when I was 18.

Yari: How and when did you started on cycling in general?
Tommy: I started riding bikes at the age of 3, the usual, riding in a park with my parents. When I was 5 I started racing bmx until I was 10 and moved to MTB a the age of 12.

Yari: How racing treated you so far?
Tommy: Can't complain, due to work I couldn't race much last year so I just raced enduro in Northern Ireland and managed to win the 2019 Vitus First Tracks series in Under 21.

Overall season winners

Yari: Which team your ride for?
Tommy: Nowadays I race for "Mech Monkey Team" a local bike shop with different sponsors,at the same time I'm getting support from Redburn Design, Forbidden Bike Company and RideFustle.

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Yari: Which race, from the ones you've participated, consider the thoughest? Why?
Tommy: EWS Olargues 2018, it was really hard physically and technically. Unfortunately I had a puncture at the start of Stage 2 and rode it on the rim, got a tube sorted and kept going, although the rim was badly damaged. The following day I finished breaking that rim and rode Stage 7 on a flat again. One way or the other I came home with a big smile because of the race finish and being home safe without injuries. Had a really good time.

Yari: So far which is the race from which you keep the best memories?
Tommy: Some of the best memories I have is travelling to Italy and France to race EWS Qualifiers and EWS, and back to last year the best memory is, without a doubt the last race of the season, Vitus First Tracks Enduro in Castlewellan, 2 months before the race I dislocated my shoulder so I barely rode a bike before the race, although on race day I showed up without expectations, looking forward to have a good time and give all I had, somehow I managed to take the win in Under 21, 2nd Overall behind Kelan Grant and took the series tittle home.

Yari: And the worst?
Tommy:I don't have any worse memory, although every time I have injured my shoulders it has been a low emotionally.

Yari: Do you have some kind of amulet or obsession when racing?
Tommy: I haven't got any obsessions or amulets, but I don't like when people tell me to be careful or don't crash when racing, I start rethinking about the risks of what we do every day and it puts me off.

One of the few open sections of the race with outstanding views of the surroundings. Tommy Magnenant improved his results from the 1rst race in Ravensdale and got 2nd on U21

Yari: Which are your strong points?
Tommy: Coming from the bmx background doing jumps, manuals, cornering and hoping over technical sections would definitely be some of my strong points.

Yari: And weaknesses?
Tommy: Wet roots, everyone would struggle with it, as a normal Spanish guy I don't have much experience riding in wet conditions, although every day I pick up more tips and try to improve my riding while living in Northern Ireland.

Yari: Weird bike you have there, can you talk a bit about it?
Tommy: This year I'm riding the Forbidden Druid, this bike is getting more and more famous every day and not just by how rad it looks, it's performance is something else! The first time I tried it I thought it was amazing just after a few runs.

Bike check
Frame: Forbidden Druid L
Fork: Fox 36 Elite Shock Fox DPX2 2020
Wheels: E-Thirteen LG1 29"
Droppost: RockShox Reverb 170 with Reverb X1 lever
Tires: F/R Michelin Wild Enduro w/ Nukeproof Ard tyre inserts
Drivetrain: Sram Eagle X0 w/Sram Eagle 32T
Brakes: Sram Guide RSC with 203mm rotors
Seat: Nukeproof Vector AM Stem: Nukeproof Neutron 45mm
Handlebar: Nukeproof Horizon Carbon 780mm cut to 76mm
Grips: ODI Elite Pro Pedals: Nukeproof Horizon CL DH
Weight: 13.8kg with pedals
More info: Forbidden bike

This bike works with a high pivot and a rearward axle path, lethal combination if you like to go fast down a trail.

Yari: Other than the enduro bike, what other bike(s) do you own right now, which one you ride the most?
Tommy: This year I'm using the dirt jump bike a lot, in pumptracks, bmx tracks and dirt jumps, at the same time I'm using the gravel bike a lot, specially for commuting, training and doing bike packing adventures.

Yari: Gravel bikes seems to be a big hype right now and all brands are trying to get their own specific model. What experience you have with these bikes?
Tommy: Absolutely, gravel bikes a getting more and more attention every day, since October 2019 I have been involved with RideFustle, a gravel bike company founded in Northern Ireland, they have launched their bikes for sale, website and a lot on interesting stuff just a few days ago. I have participated while recording the launch video, riding their bikes and giving feedback to the designer. It has been a really interesting job!

Yari: When racing or just riding, is there something you can't stand on the bike and should be fixed ASAP?
Tommy: Something loose, something rattling on the bike, that drives me mad. Stop immediately, find it and tight it.

Yari: 26, 27.5", 27.5+ or 29, what's your opinion, which one fits you better?
Tommy: So far I really like 29ers, but I may be trying the famous "mullet" on my bike soon...

Yari: Which rider impresses you the most nowdays or is your preferred?
Tommy: I really like David McMillan's style, he's really fast but his style is very relaxed.

Yari: Do you do an specific training, could you briefly describe it?
Tommy: Nowadays I don't do anything specific, I go to the gym 2/3 days a week to give some extra confidence in case of crashing. At the same time I try to ride my bikes as much as I can, and I love to vary what I do to keep motivated.

Tommy Happy Magnenat had the best performance of the season coming from an injury got 1rst U21 2nd overall on the race and first overall U21 on the season

Yari: Which is or are your preferred ringing spots?
Tommy: I love riding Northern Ireland when it is dry, Tollymore Forest and Donard Forest are some of my favourite spots.

Yari: When at home, how and where do you usually train?
Tommy: I try to get stuck in the gym 2/3 days a week, at least ride on the dirt jump bike once a week, either pumptrack, bmx track or dirt jumps,I would ride once or twice on the enduro bike and at least once again on the gravel bike.
When it comes to riding spots, if I have plenty of time I rather getting the car and riding somewhere I don't know very well so when I'm short on time I ride my local trails and don't get bored.

Yari: For enduro racing: "blind" racing or trained stages?
Tommy: I rather having practice, it can be scary and dangerous racing blind, although I love riding blind new trails to work on looking ahead and trying to figure out new lines.

Yari: What's your opinion on the present and future of MTB in Ireland?
Tommy: I think it is slowly moving on the right direction, every day there are more projects for building new trail centres, and slowly bikers seem to be more conscious about the forest being open for everyone, we have to be respectful with other users and avoid skipping rules.

Yari: How do you help to increase awareness or support MTB?
Tommy: I work in the trailhead provider in Castlewellan Forest Park, part of my job is helping and advising people going on mountain bikes to make sure they have a good time and stay safe. At the same time I coach MTB for beginners and more advanced riders. And last but not least, when I'm out on the bike I try to keep a positive attitude with other bikers, help if needed be and being respectful with everyone.

Yari: What advice would you give to anyone starting cycling in general?
Tommy: From my point of view one of the best things of mountain biking is its community, I believe if you are getting started on the sport there is not better way than finding a group of people to go out with, it is great to socialize, visit new places and it is safer than going alone.

Yari: To help us to enjoy more our rides what setup of advice for our bikes would you recommend or advice?
Tommy: Something that really helped me is becoming a bit more OCD with tyre pressures, I never paid much attention to it but recently I bought a tyre gage and it was a game changer. Nowadays I check my tyre pressure before going out and I make sure I always ride the same amount of PSI, it means I know what to expect of my tyres, they won't be too hard for cornering or too soft when going over rough terrain, it is basically something less to worry about.

Yari: Tell us about what you do when you are not racing.
Tommy: Outside racing I love bike packing adventures, riding my dirt jump bike on the pumptrack, bmx track or dirt jumps and just the social fact of riding bikes with friends, the atmosphere is always good. As I mentioned before I'm involved with RideFustle, providing feedback and testing bikes, at the same time I'm the test pilot for Redburn Design, a company focused on the design and development for products and brands within the bike industry.

Yari: What music are you listening right now?
Tommy: Over it - Bullet for my Valentine

Yari: A preferred movie or serie?
Tommy: When it comes to MTB movies I'm a fan of the 3 films "A Slice of a british pie" by Tommy Caldwell.

Yari: Preferred food, when you can choose it?
Tommy: A good bbq or my mom's carrot cake.

Yari: Camper van or Ferrari?
Tommy: I'll happily take a fully kitted out van for travelling with bikes.

Yari: Future plans and expectations?
Tommy: Good moments for sure! So far it is going well with social media and sponsors, I have no doubt it will get even better on the future!
Thanks for your time Tommy!!

You can follow Tommy on the following social media:
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These three are like a big happy family
Brothers separated at birth, with Glyn O'Brien and Nathan "The Lizard" McComb


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