Video: Gee Atherton, Jim Monroe & Johny Salido in 'Custom Lines'

Sep 7, 2022 at 8:00
by Endura Sport  

As every rider knows, finding the right line can mean the difference between achieving spiritual nirvana and picking mucky gravel out of a freshly skinned elbow.

Finding that perfect bespoke line becomes something of an obsession, trying new and ever more creative ways to approach and refine the ride.

At Endura, we make clothing, protection, and apparel that helps riders find their own custom lines – the custom lines on the trails, parks, paths and roads and the custom clothing lines we create for athletes, individuals, clubs, colleges, and corporates.


Watch Gee Atherton, Jim Monroe, and Johny Salido find their own custom lines while clad in Endura custom kit in their latest video.




Custom Lines.

The only limit is your imagination.

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 Need more photos of that shuttle truck, to be honest.
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 ‘Muricans won’t be interested as it’s a LandRover
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 @McArdle: Don't be too sure. Some 'Mericans' would love to get their hands on actual vehicles like a Land Rover, diesel Toyota Hilux, 65 mpg diesel touring wagons, etc. Nope, can't have them here. Shame, because they would sell like hot cakes.
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 @polarflux: Why can’t you have them?
Are they not available or can you not import? It is true a hilux will last longer than the average human
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 @McArdle: In short, Americans (and by extension, Canada) are subjugated to driving gas guzzlers by way of a whole raft of laws made by and for car companies detailing the standards and specifications cars that are sold in North America must adhere to. Cars that are not explicitly designed to be sold in North America can not be imported into the country, or can but only under special license. It is frankly a big bag-o-dicks with all of the empty platitudes about globalism. I would love a really good small turbo diesel truck or car, but weirdly the only few options for such vehicles do not get nearly the same mileage and the euro equivalent cars.
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 @polarflux: Ah ok that makes more sense now. I thought you had the same sort of opportunity to import whatever you wanted as we do here.
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 Not really the type of trails I was thinking of for line choices
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 Great to see Gee back shredding!
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 In your best Kenny Rogers voice... Every rider knows That the secret to surviving Is finding the right line to ride Especially at Hardline
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 This is lazy marketing. Using a manicured flow trail for this the comparison between line choice and apparel can only suggest that Endura gear is quite well formed and built, but uninteresting and lacking any real imagination or creativity.
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 Not usually a promo vid guy but this caught me with the soundtrack. Mellow, great feeling vibe. Anyone know where the music is from?
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 Almost every bike video is a promo vid.
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 It's a pity the music was interrupted so much with the cliche "why I ride" fluff narration that seems to be in every other video now.
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 @iammarkstewart Plantation by Omri Smadar
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 Ironically the random lines overlaying the footage was also not very creative, just a bit annoying. Go for music and footage only next time, enough of the cliche narration.
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 So Sick!
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 You can take any line you want, if you're immortal like the Atherton's seem to be.
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 gee is DH royalty

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