Course Preview: Grand Junction Off-Road - Colorado

May 8, 2019 at 13:58
by Epic Rides  
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The 7th running of the Grand Junction Off-Road is slated to kick off on Friday, May 17th. The second stop in the Epic Rides Series, this 3-day event leverages Colorado's quality West Slope living as a backdrop to feature its great food, bars & coffee plus an expansive outdoor playground that leverages everything from the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers to the world-class lunch loops trail system abutting the Colorado National Monuments foothills.

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 Bottom photo is the Flume Trail in Tahoe rather than CO, right?
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 Definitely the Flume Trail. Part of the Carson City Offroad Epic. Same series, different race. That's not even the good view in that race. Up to the top of Marlette Peak overlooking Marlette Lake and Tahoe.
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 @ckcbmrice: Is it just me or does that background music in the video really creepy
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 @DaFreerider44: na its lit fam
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 Going out on a limb, but I don't think the second picture is Grand Junction.
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 @ckcbmrice That's where you're wrong, it's the only picture.
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 Road trip to epic mtn bike destination. Spend a bunch of money to ride worst trails there year after year. Xc racing defined.
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 @Cyberhatter Simmer down little teapot.

Last we checked, Gunny trail was still a local favorite. And the three trail trifecta of Second Thoughts, Snake Skin and Good Vibes - which Epic Rides helped raise the funds to build - seem to be getting buffer and buffer with each passing season.

Tell ya what...lets make a deal...come ride and enjoy the event weekend with us. You don't like the trail selection, call us and we'll set ya straight on your registration fee. Up for it?
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 Not the flume trail, it's the Colorado river overflowing after global warming.
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 Buy your beach front property in GJ before it’s too expensive! Surf then Shred at Horsethief.
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 Pretty sure that is Flume Trail in Tahoe...
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 Ha! We obviously dragged and dropped the incorrect image into the post. But, to @ckcbmrice's point, that's an image from our June event in Carson City, NV. So, if it gets your attention, then please check it out. The course is otherworldly.

@Town40, we know our backcountry courses aren't for everyone. They require a little more grit than the average person associates with "a good time".

If you think climbing for 6 hours is terrible, then you'd love the Carson City event. It starts off with a 3,000 ft. climb right out of the gates. And the views it leads to are some of the best on the planet...

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 And that 3000' ft climb is the easy climb!! And then when you hit the Flume and the Rim Trail it was worth every pedal stroke. LOVE this event.
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 @ckcbmrice: Totes. The view at the top, and the descent back down to Carson St. at the foot of the Capitol building by way of the Rim Trail --> Sunflower Hill --> Outer Flume --> Secret Trail --> Lower Creek Trail --> Postal --> Return to Sender is SICK.
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 We look forward to it every year!! Can't wait for the Friday night downtown festivities Crit/Beer/Food then some great racing Saturday and Sunday. I've got some wine bottles to engrave!
Sweet preview video BTW.
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 @Trophycase Right on! It's gonna be a good one this year. So much happening in Downtown GJ and out on the trails too!
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 Is this supposed to stoke you on the event? "you'll climb for 6 hours straight and want to die!'' "This section of sandy trail drag's you down and breaks most people!" Awesome! Sign me up!
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 Dang the Colorado River is really high this year...and glacial!
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 @mtnallen b'hahahaha! If only we could go back and correct the error after publishing. D'oh!
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 Go Alexis! Awesome preview.
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 @ark1965 Right?! She crushed it. To think she was narrating on the mic while riding those chundery sections of trail is awesome!!
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 Best race advertising I've ever seen.
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 @DBone95 Compliments of our friends over at Spintertainment. Their video's crush it...
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 For sure flume trail lol
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 Epic-Fail. LOL!
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 Is the #BestSlope in America. #WestSlopeBestSlope
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 flume loop!

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