Video: Seth Sherlock Rips Vancouver Island

Dec 19, 2023 at 7:56
by e*thirteen  

Words: e*thirteen

Nestled amidst the breathtaking vistas of Vancouver Island's landscapes, Mt Prevost boasts a rich tapestry of Canadian mountain biking history. Immerse yourself for 3 minutes of Seth Sherlock ripping the Prevost trails on board his enduro rig during the off-season.

bigquotesOff season has been great to far! Managed to get out with Matt Tongue and do some shooting at Mount Prevost. Prevost is where most of my off season training goes down so it was rad to finally get an opportunity to do some filming there! The builders have done some awesome work lately, it’s running better than ever! Will have to come out for some more dig days soon to help fix some of the damage I did filming, haha.Seth Sherlock, Intense Factory Racing

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 Gave me the same vibes and feelings of watching a young Stevie Smith in Seasons. Long Live Chainsaw.
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 Opinion: we should have shredits of the Pinkbike presenters. I mean... of all people who would be interesting to watch, why not the most known contributors to the site?

No presentation or product review, just a sick, very sendy edit in their style and flavor. Vote me up.
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 So basically climbing edits?
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 @J-Gordon: lol shots fired... I bet they can throw down pretty well
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 hell yeah! I could get behind that, take my upvote
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 Local legend has it that Provost is no joke on the gnarly metre
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 Prevost is even gnarlier
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 @remoh: it's so no joke, it's like the big mean guy that beats you up for looking at him funny (and I'm a big dude, so that's MEAN).
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 I don't like the negative comments about music in videos. Make your own videos if you want your own soundtrack. But I think we can all agree the music in this video was perfect.
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 Great video. The little stream at 1:10 reminds me of my trails....
That corner at 2:00 is GOLD
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 Garage porn…. wish I had one like that
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 The resemblance to my younger self really amazes me. I used to ride exactly like this young man, while sleeping, and dreaming that I can shred. Oh the memories...
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 Awesome shreddit! Looks super fast and controlled on technical terrain without any bs...
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 Great job capturing the real look & feel of riding BC rainforest. So much goodness.
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 Riding was great but the audio was the real star of the show!
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 Noooice. Might have to pop down there again over the holidays before any snow sets in.
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 He should really update to iOS 17 to get rid of that annoying iPhone alarm sound.
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 man do I miss riding right now...sick video!
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 Yeah, Seth!! Great edit.
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 Awesome video, makes me want to ride!
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 Intense just keeps showing up...
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