Video: Drop Bar Dirt Jumping in 'Questionable Choices'

Apr 25, 2023 at 17:18
by evilbikeco  

Words: Evil Bike Co

We all know "that rider." The one who shows up to your Whistler weekend on a hardtail, and still clears Crabapple. The one who races XC on their enduro rig, and manages to put the hurt on their spandex-shrink-wrapped opponents. They don't just ride against the norm, they blaze past it and wait for the pack to catch up.


Our numbers guy, Ian Fay, falls under this umbrella. Understanding the motives behind Ian's bike choice is often a fool's errand. In most cases, "Why?" becomes irrelevant and gives way to, "How?!"

To that end, the 66.67-degree head tube, dropper post and low-slung frame of our Chamois Hagar provides some explanation.


We may never truly get what is going on in Ian's head, or why he can't just ride the 'correct' bike for once. Still, there's no denying the joy in making a questionable choice, and seeing it pay off.




Bikes: The Chamois Hagar and The Offering LS
Location: Galbraith Mountain, Bellingham, WA
Riders: Ian Fay & Jett Williams
Video: Doug Jambor
Edit: Tamas Forde
Song: "Twin Flame" by Club Coward

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 That's definitely harder than it looks folks. Respect. 2023 version of Yoann riding a cyclocross bike down A-Line and Dirt Merchant.
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 FWIW, the Chamois Hagar is a a rigid mountain bike with drop bars. all the geo is mountain bike.
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 ...and drop bar mtbs are a ton of fun.
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 Well, that's humbling.
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 Its not about the bike, its about the rider. lmao
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 Not really the right tool for the job but that dude is a friggin shredder. Definitely demonstrates the capabilities of that bike and tbh if I were looking for a gravel bike Evil's just made the short list.
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 I had no idea they made gravel bikes and I'm now looking at the bike on their website. I guess this means the advert worked Smile
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 From Evil's website "we also saw the huge dollar signs in gravel which could fund the development of other ridiculous projects like a beer-powered jet ski." Big Grin
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 I have a capable, slacked out gravel bike that I take on trails that it has no business going on and I can definitely contend it is fun but very, very difficult. The hand pump is so hardcore it is difficult to just hold on sometimes and short ride destroys your body. There is a reason suspension was invented. This guy is a shredder!
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 drop bars but no single speed...doesn't count, lol
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 This is exactly how we would "mountain bike" in the 80's when all we had to ride was our dad's Ross 10spd road bike. We would take it off road - ripping anything we could get air off of and hanging on for dear life. Glad to see that trend come full circle.
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 Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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 Needless to say, Ian is young and has a healthy back and ankles.
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 *had a healthy back and ankles
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 Who makes the rules 'right bike, wrong bike". They dont know shit, this dude is just riding a bike, and doing it better than others on soft bikes.
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 wow. that guy wins Pinkbike
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 Another sweet edit from the folks at Evil!
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 everytime i'm on my CX bike and goes to trail but I don't feel limited by the rigide frame/fork but geo and narrow tyre. some of you are true here gravelbike is oldschool mtbs! props to evil for this such a damn bike
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 So sweet, new school gravel bikes look the boy.
Just picked up an old school CX bike with rim brakes, rode it in the wet today, turns tame reds into scary beasts and you have to commit compared to shredding a Nomad with 2.4" tyres on!
Boy on an E-bike said I was mad... Riding tame reds on a 50lb EEB is way more mad haha (would love an EEB but got too many bikes as it is).
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 this is literally what I think of when people ask me to build them a super light weight gravel bike that they are going to "shred"...
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 I was checking this bike last week but on the site it's currently sold out, is thete going to be a restock? Frameset option will do for me and a cup of those mad skills from the video..
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 I have a little custom shop in Germany and we do Evil only send me a DM and I can get you pricing on a frame.
Skills not included Smile
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 Still waiting on him to hit blue steel on this bike Big Grin
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 I poached the Sea Otter Classic dirt jump comp many years ago on a road bike. I did swap the bars out, and put some cyclocross tires on, but the rest stayed. I definitely would fold in half if I attempted the same now that I'm 40.
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 @bunghi: I remember this. You also had a cruiser bike as well that you jumped?
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 @counterpoint: A year or two before I did a beach cruiser and a kids 16” wheel bike.
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 I feel sorry for his elderly self when his bones and joints don't work properly
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 Thank you Evil (and Kevin) for finally acknowledging us =P
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 Hmm, reminds me of shredding my cross bike with the homies.
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 love this concept and video - so rad!
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 Imagine how good that guy would be if he was on the right bike!
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 Definition of.... RUN WHAT YA BRUNG!
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 I think it's kinda lame when gravel bikes are portrayed as mountain bikes in ads. That's not really why we ride gravel. I got my SB130 for getting sendy and my gravel bike for crushing miles...
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 Hells yes.
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 that was awesome
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