Newtons Nation 2060 Downhill - Australia

Nov 16, 2010 at 17:38
by Edwin Emmerick  
On the weekend of November 26-28, the 2060 Downhill will see over 200 competitors drop 120m down the back of the Mount Panorama through the old nature reserve, which is some of the most unforgiving terrain known to man.

Sam Hill, Chris Kovarik, Nathan Rennie and many more will all be there fighting it out for the $5000 purse, will you be there too?


I’m sure we all paid enough attention in Physics' class to know that Sir Isaac Newton is the founding father of this thing called gravity. All thanks to an apple falling on the old bloke's noggin’ while he stole some shut eye after a big night out so the legend goes….

While Sir Isaac Newton is long gone, gravity sure is not & its pull draws us altogether for three days of major thrills, wicked spills & a whole lot of fun in between.

Hundreds of athletes from around the globe will converge on the iconic Mount Panorama motor racing circuit which has proven through its 70 year history that it takes no prisoners. Without a motor racing car in sight, this mountain’s persona could prove to be an even harder enigma to predict.

Newton’s 2010 is the reincarnation of a battle that began in 2008 between man, gravity & an angry mountain. It’s a melting pot full of adrenaline, attitude, passion and competitive fury. Many will come harboring high hopes, however few will leave with hopes fulfilled.

Whatever happens high on the Mount in late November (26-28th) make no mistake those who witness it will never forget it as they will be watching history in the making.


Mountain Bike - 2060 Downhill

The 2060 Downhill will see over 200 competitors drop 120m down the back of the mount through the old nature reserve which is some of the most unforgiving terrain known to man. Get trackside as riders rub bars with trees, jump boulders, tackle rock gardens, carve turns, boost jumps and fend off the odd kangaroo on their gravitationally assisted descent.

We believe that to warrant this sort of risk, the rewards need to be good. The $5K prize purse up for grabs places 2060 up there with the biggest in Australia.

Many of Australia’s elite riders are expected to compete alongside some of the next generation of up & coming talent.


Confirmed Riders:

Sam Hill
Chris Kovarik
Nathan Rennie
Bryn Atkinson
Jill Kintner
Justin Havukainen
Ben Cory
Claire Whiteman
Jo Fox
Rick Boyer
Cillian Kennedy
Tom Lewis
Mat Dodd
Thomas Crimmins
Andrew Crimmins
Matt Walker
Phillip Pizzia
Tim Eaton

To enter visit

For more info visit

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 Jill Kintner is being interviewed live at the event 3.10pm Firday local time by Aussie radio triple J
You should be able to stream it live from here
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 Direct link to Jills interview
  • 3 0
 DAM i wish i could go
  • 2 0
 same, mum won't let me!! IM RAGING!!!!!!
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 oi, havukainen is riding, i wonder how its gonna go for him
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 U19 start list is like a who's who of the up and coming Aussies too.... This race is stacked
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 Cant wait only 4 days to go
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 "120 m" the hell does that mean? meters or mile?
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 ahaha. Na its 120 meters of elevation drop not 120 mile. Would be insane if it was =D
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 dang man i thought it was gonna be a 120 mile dh run i was like "what" ???
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 120 r u on drugs?
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 im keen to see how the Crimmins boys place against some of the top guys.
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 yeah they are insanely quick.
i wonder if troy brosnan and conner fearon are going?
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 i so wish i could go, cant wait to see the results
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 Sick! I would love to go, too bad im like a 12 hour flight away!
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 Entries close tomorrow. ENTER NOW
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 No. Just, no.
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 don't infect this website with f*cking scooters!!!! especially on Hit A Scooter Kid day. you disgust me! >Smile
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 Entries now open until Sunday. GET ON IT
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 Can't wait!
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