Munich Mash: Replacement of X Games Munich?

Feb 26, 2014 at 8:46
by Fabio Schäfer  
It was great news for gravity bikers around the world when MTB Slopestyle became part of the X Games Munich in 2013 - the sport reached a new level on the global stage. Although the process of the event was not perfect, it was a success for mountain bike slopestyle due to the huge media coverage from around the globe.

After ESPN suddenly declared that there would be no more European X Games events, it was a shock for the mountain bike scene and Munich. But it seems like Munich wants to have its "own little X Games": Munich Mash (Mash = Munich Action Sports Heroes).

Besides "Red Bull X-Fighters" and a BMX street contest there will be an MTB Dirt Jump Event: "Swatch Prime Line". The contest will be a Gold FMB World Tour Event. Preview of the "Swatch Prime Line" course:

Olympiaturm mit Zeltdach Olympiapark M nchen Martin Hangen

Dates 18th-20th July


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 Munich: where the grass is always greener.
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 I'm from munich and I don't get it
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 same here Big Grin
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 just be fortunate that your city is doing this for you. I cant think of any cities in the states that would do this for the people. Ever if it was funded by us the people most cities would end up denying the permit to host an event like this. congrats guys!!!!!!
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 Finally a big Slopestyle Contest I can visit! Big Grin
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 Munich: where the air is always cleaner.
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 Germans: it's an english idiom. It means we think you're better than us.
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 whats not to get? just look at that grass!!!!
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 Munich: Where there is beer.
  • 4 0
 I'm 6 hour from Munich: someone with a bed to hire and beers to share?
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 Munich: the wind is always stronger
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 The wind is always stronger because of all that delicious beer. Parp.
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 Munich: Where they name bike events after a form of potatoes.....
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 So Its called Munich Mash but Mash stands for Munich action sports heroes? So its called Munich Munich action sports heroes, catchy haha.
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 Just like how people have PIN numbers for their debit cards! It's their personal identification number number!
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 its called RAS Syndrome, which stands for Recursive Acronym Syndrome Syndrome
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 ABS braking system. Anti-lock breaking system braking system.
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 rheeder for the win x2
  • 8 7
 Yeah him or Semenuk. Anyone care to bet?
  • 4 2
 my moneys on rheeder
  • 3 0
 Money on Semenuk
  • 4 0
 Martin Soda-stream!! If his leg is totally healed...
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 I don't like semenuks runs they are clean and tech yeah but boring as fuck, while other riders have me st the edge of my seat, let's say zink run at rampage, or lacondeguy's those were the sickest runs I have ever seen but still the commenters and everybody was only paying atention to semenuk, he's good yes but imo he doesn't make exciting runs
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 o agree a little bit like at crankworx all he did was trucks and flip whips hes still 10x better than lacondeguy
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 The reason it seems boring is since he does it with such ease. Sometimes doing something with ease, can seem boring to others.
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 @Nicklovesbikes I wouldn't call that so easy, lacondeguys run at rampage was so moto and pinned down that it deserved more points
@Aarrce I'll be honest it's not because of that cleanlander is waaay more stylish and lands cleaner, while all he does is oppo tricks that score more and if a regular 360 to oppt 360 in 2 different jumps count more than a frontie to double flip you tell me how downhill has this gone.

With that said I'll admit, he is a nice as f*ck rider, really clean and really tech, I just don't like it, and think some of his runs are overscored
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 The Course looks very short? 5/6 opportunities to trick ?
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 true, but the Vienna Air King FMB comp only had 3-4 jumps in the whole course, still had a big turnout though!
I think this Munich Mash will be an awesome event too! wish I could watch only that I live on the otherside of the world Wink
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 Hmmmm my money is on Tom van Steenbergen!!!
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 No more Euro X Games? Why the f*ck aren't we in the Americ*nt ones then?
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 we don't make ESPN enough dough
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 Would you want to see a.repeat of what happened in the x games. It was embarrassing
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 Xgames in europe weren't as big as expected and the crown massively sucked, here in the barcelona ones the events were incredibly sick but no conrribution from shops,between events you had literaly nothing to do as they were sooooo small it simply didn't work out
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 looks dope
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 course looks pretty sick, better the uphill slopestyle course from 2013 x games!
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 i was in july in munich, it was so sunny and bright love to visit again bmw.
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 Us Canadians have a different meaning of Grass being greener on the otherside...cough-cough-cough
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 It's in the same spot as the Nissan qashqai enemy in Munich was. I must be getting old to remember that course.
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 been to Munich few times, I have family near by, I like the city, I like German roads, driving culture and beer, +4 for German contest
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 muy buen espectáculo debe ser grandioso para nunca olvidarlo...
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 Munchi munch.....
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 Mash eh?!
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 pot joke?
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 ah the monster mash. of course...
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