Video: Gnarvellous Shredding in the Pacific Northwest

Jun 5, 2018 at 15:27
by Fanatik Bike Company  

Video: Doug Jambor // Photography: Dan Perl

Bellingham local Finn Hopper and Fanatik Bike Co. filmmaker Doug Jambor were fortunate to catch perfect spring conditions on a recent outing in Cascadia.

The decay of the forest is what makes for such abundant growth, and of course, the loam that we all look for.

Rider: Finn Hopper
Filming and Editing by Doug Jambor
Photography by Dan Perl
Bike: 2018 Devinci Spartan Carbon

Music courtesy of Sasquatch
Track: Dragonfly
Record: Sasquatch, © 2004
Published by Creeper/RedHut Music (ASCAP) and LucyFur (BMI)


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 The devinci Spartans true element is being covered in gravy and cheese curds. Je me souviens.
  • + 9
 Only the aluminum model. The carbon frame is Taiwanese made and likes braised pork, noodle bowls and bubble tea.
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 There's no place like home... I love living in the PNW
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 "Perfect spring conditions" If you live in the PNW you can count those days on the fingers of one hand. 2 hands in a good year.
When you say the Spartan is "in its element" I'm assuming that element is water?
Great video, great shreddin', thanks!
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 Being from Canada, do you call it the pacific southwest?
  • + 7
 @Motoracer31: I've pondered that one before. I've always wondered why it's called Pacific Northwest as opposed to just Northwest. Being from the Northeast originally, I've never heard of that region being called the Atlantic Northeast. Technically, this is the Northeast Pacific.

Long live Cascadia!!!
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 @Motoracer31: yeah, I feel the same way re. terminology. I kinda gave up calling it the sothwest because people just thought i was talking about New Mexico. I guess if you forget about borders and look at the continent on North America from Mexico to Alaska, it is somewhat "Northwest".
Now about Chicago being considered The "mid west", what's with that?
  • + 4
 @Pininator: Because before we got out to settling the west coast, the 'Northwest' referred more to the northern midwest. Then we had to have a new Northwest. We're talking 19th century and earlier here.
  • + 4
 @Pininator: Note how Northwestern University is in Illinois - back in those days (mid 1800s), Chicago was way out there, and anything west of the Appalachians was considered out west, whereas the Pacific coast was the Far West.
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 Water is a molecule, not an element Smile
  • + 2
 @g-42: wouldn't that make The Far East
"The even Further West"?
  • + 4
 @dannyhuber: Nonsense! Water is essential in my alchemy experiments. Next you're gonna say the world is round.
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 Yeah Finn!
  • + 6
 Finn Hopper - Master builder, Jedi Warrior. Yeah Buddy!
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 Where is this coffee grounds surface you ride on?
Is it some sort of natural?
Is it artificial?
I ask and my Minons ask because they eat nothing but dust on crust.
And they hate me because of this video.

Go bless the metal.
Red Fang on my heathen
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 I forgot that I hate your fern in the left pedal action. So stuffing it in our face that you have so much rain/wet/life/fun/beer/boobs/loam.
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 The "decay" of forest does not make loam. Loam is a type of dirt. An almost equal mix of sand and silt with very little clay in it. Pink bike should do an article on loam cause the whole industry has it wrong. Tree litter, needles, decaying leaves, anything that was once living is "not" loam.
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 Perhaps by strict definition...
However, as the term applies to where we ride, and seeing how tree detritus plays a big role in the surface we roll on, subversion of said definition seems appropriate no?
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 Truth! What people often refer to as loam is really just duff/humus.
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 If you're going to be a pedant, at least call it soil.
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 Thanks for the love guys!
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 I like the cut of your jib young man
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 The frothy loam and favorable spring weather has me dreaming of next season! And that riff has me stoked to listen to some Black Sabbath...

Anyone else?
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 +1, though it sent me in the modern stoner/doom direction too:
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 Great video! I don't know id Gnar is the right adjective though, that trail looks so loamy it reminds me of a sponge cake!
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 finally some good music in an edit!
  • + 3
 Wow hell of a video!! Nicely done
  • + 2
 Humus Duff Nugget Crunch, yum!
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 I want that bike with that paint job and that forest.
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 Yeah Finn!! Slay on slaya
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 That trail looks killer. Like his riding style too.
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 Radical. That there is the good stuff.
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 so much traction...
  • + 1
 traction for days.
  • + 1
 Sick as bru
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Sick outfit!!!
  • - 1
 Ha ya right.. U line sure wasn't that loamy yesterday.
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