Big Wheels: Autumn Feels - Video

Nov 15, 2017 at 17:35
by Fault Line TV  
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In the sport of cycling, a change in wheel size is grounds for revolt from all corners of the internet. Sometimes this wheel size is not taken seriously. Maybe it is introduced too soon - before the sport's technologies have matured. Maybe it has skirted the parameters of acceptance because its proponents are over the age of 65. Whatever the reason was, it is no more. The 29-inch revolution is upon us. What hasn't changed, fortunately, is the love every mountain biker has for cooling temperatures and fall conditions. Churning over the leaves as they fall through autumn-flavoured air.

Words & Riding: Dexter Robson
Filmed & Edited: Ehren Mcphee
Produced by: Fault Line Media

MENTIONS: @faultlinetv


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 Couldn't help but chuckle at the slow motion parts, where a close up of Intense can be clearly read and the woman in the song keeps singing over and over "are we ever going to get this right?".

Just a funny coincidence is all. No judgment.
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 That's one ugly paint job
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 are they "...ever going to get this right?"
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 "the love every mountain biker has for cooling temperatures and fall conditions"
Bullshit, my bike's dead to me right now. First time on new skis made life worth living again today though.
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 Haha! I was thinking same...snowing right now, in fact.
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 This whole argument is so stupid and pointless. Just ride what works for you and leave it at that. Plenty of people ride 26. Plenty of people ride 27.5. Plenty of people ride 29. There is no right or wrong. They each have their ups and downs and the choice between them should be based strictly on rider preference. If you’re thinking of buying one or the other, demo and test them all for crying out loud. Then choose for yourself and don’t try and brainwash other riders with you personal bias.
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 This guy has really huge arms, super impressed by the girth of his biceps.
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 He's also wearing a tshirt and shorts so it's not autumn - you've gotta be 50-40s and in a sweat or hoodie to get my attention...climate change
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 He most likely juicing from the looks of it
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 Karate kid arms
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 Natural bodies should be mocked. Well done.
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 This is real world trail riding by someone I could easily imagine being a better version of me. Inspiring! Not some over-the-top enduro-bro with massive airs and roosts everywhere. Some pretty nice moves there, too.
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 Man, great minds think alike! A lot of those shots are reeeeally familiar!
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 I think there's huge benefits to the new 28.25" wheel size.. And the new 105mm semi-boost spacing is just the right stiffness / weight savings to inspire endless amounts of confidence.
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 I watched the video with an open and clear mind... thinking my next bike might be a 29er if and when I change from 26.
Didnt expect to watch a video where the bike struggled to hold a nice line though the corner (this part was quite painful to watch), this had nothing to do with the wheel size, but the fact that the guy had his for setup for a 5st child. The fork spent its time bottomed out, I would love to see the video of where the bike can talk for this video... Everyone likes a different setup but I feel that with a slightly better setup the bike would have held the bermed corners slightly better and would have allowed him to exit the corners quicker and hold the line better.
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 26 to 29 you won't be disappointed. Coming from someone who spent 15 or so years DH riding 26, I wanted a change, everything you expect is true in terms of mechanical grip and poise, but they rip corners and jumps just as easy as 26, as long as you set up
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 I wouldn't go from 26 to 29. I'm 6'3" and went from 29 to 27.5. I thought I would go back to 29 with the newest generation of bikes given my height but comparing back to back at demos 27.5 feels much more natural. I haven't seen any real fast riders here on 29 and have seen others switch back to 27.5 as well.
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 @casman86: I agree, there might be slight increase to roll-over speed with 29, but I think 27.5 is way more capable (in all-around applications). If straight speed is your goal, then the 29 might come out on top. For most casual riders, or even amateur races, 27.5 is ideal for controlled speed, and stability. That's my take on it. But honestly, if you have a 26" you're still stoked to ride, just keep riding it!

And yeah, this guy just look like he's riding too large a bike for his size, looks like he's having a hard time maneuvering.
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 The bike is not the problem at the skill level of Pinkbike commenters...
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 i was 26" from birth to 2016. Did 2017 on 29" and my new 2018 trail bike is 27.5". Guys I'll let you in on a secret. They are all awesome. Just ride.
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 I do just build and ride.
Negative prop me if you wish for having an educated, proven opinion.
At my level it's pretty much all rider and training.
I am sticking with 26 for now. Next season looks fun. Scottish champs at Fort Bill again and national Champs at Glencoe... aim is medal in both. Fingers crossed keep my Scottish jersey. Might try world's too if I can stay fit. (Baby on way might be an issue though).
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 @graeme187: your riding has inspired me to go 29. Funny that you are on a carbine too!
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 Yes, 29rs really did skirt the parameters of acceptance. Brillant analysis. Glad to know "it's over" now.
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 Ya, that was really not some of the better writing I've read today. Nice riding and nice video, though.
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 Get ready, Bono is going to be doing a benefit for 29er awareness soon.
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 God those 29ers look so slow and boring. Huh I hate them
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 clearly 29" propaganda..
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 Ya they really do suck.. Don't understand how anybody rides em... Getting rid of my Hightower LT Asap... Farking horrendous!
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 @bohns1: problem being that every year their super premium bike that you spent very hard back backing money to buy is rendered obsolete by new developments and you are lucky to get a penny out of it.

this is what really GRINDS people down!
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 @bohns1: They ride them slow and low like in this video.
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 @bohns1: I've been confined to a 29er for my trail bike because of a great deal I got on the frame, and cannot yet justify a new build. I have been building up the hate and loosing confidence because it wasn't working in my local trails. I have recently 'detuned' the wheels by taking a quarter of a turn off every spoke. It has made a difference to the feel and it actually seems like it wants to track round tight berms now, and I'm more in control of the bike again.

So my conclusion is that there is way more to all this than simply the size of your wheels, it's just the easiest thing to blame.
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 @bohns1: as long as you're not braking in turns 29er rules
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 Autumn? All the leaves are green and its too hot to wear pads... Just saying.
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 Dude 29ers suck and can no way hang with 27.5 or 26. I am having such a terrible time on my Slash 29 that I don’t even want to sell it in fear that I may put the 29” wheeled burden on some poor fellow who fell for all this silly propaganda regarding increased traction and speed
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 Get with it. The 29er revolution happend like 20 years ago.
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 Went from 26" to 29" stumpy and love it. Trail blaze and ride, oh and where a big smile ????
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 is it just me? or do his handlebars look massively wide for some reason? new 34" bars?
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 Sorry, this doesn't inspire me to ride a 29er. Way to keep trying though, bike industry!
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 Been a great fall of riding here on the north west coast
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 No gloves or knee pads, start em young
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 The name of this MF song though...
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 Get This Right - Lilly Hiatt
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 It just looks awkward.
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 Awkward looking
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 What ´s the reason for existence of high travel 29ers?
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 For Shaq to rip dh on
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