Video: Back in the Gym with Adam Brayton & Danny Hart

Jan 2, 2022 at 11:12
by Fit4Racing  

The pros are in for their first workout of 2022!
This is the first workout of 2022 for Danny Hart and Adam Brayton, it's time to ramp up and get ready for the race season.

Muscular endurance:
3 working sets of barbell complex:
1 squat, 1 lunge, 1 squat, 1 lunge = 1 rep.
Complete 5 reps then straight into as many squats as possible.
Rest 3-4 minutes between each set.

Cardio & Core:
3 rounds (12 minutes):
1 minute row
1 minute side plank with band left side
1 minute row
1 minute side plank with band right side
Alternate through the movements for the full 12 minutes.

Learn more at Fit4Racing


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 Alright, PB community... I'll bite. The f*ck is this 'content'? This was a 5 minute ad that had one tiny clip of Danny. Are these paid posts? What's the scoop? Can I pay to get my local dog walking service up here if I show that Aaron Gwin lets me walk his golden retriever or what the f*ck...
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 It's a free MTB workout and an advertisement for fit4racing at the same time. Win-win. Some people are never happy.
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 That's more fucks than Redtube plus a Golden Retriever.
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 I personally enjoy content from Fit4Racing as well as Dialed Health, but I don’t depend on Pinkbike to let me know when they drop something.

Also, this same content appeared on Vital… yesterday.
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 Mountain biking is a sponsor driven sport. That’s how athletes get paid. Every video or edit you see on any bike website is ultimately an advertisement.
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 But does Aaron Gwin really let you walk his golden retriever?
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 I subbed their YT channel... first time I've seen it. I'm not complaining about this PB content.
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 @tankthegladiator: “subbed their YT channel” made me throw up in my mouth. Humanity is f*cked.
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 I have not been to the gym for a few years but used to go all the time.
I have never been to a gym with everyone going topless. Seems weird to me. An outdoor gym at California beach? Sure get a nice tan.
An indoor gym in the U.K. in winter? A bit homoerotic.
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 Crossfit innit
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 That’s Carlisle for you.
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 Don’t be such a prude! The human body should not be something to be ashamed of. Moar skin!
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 @jaame: my body is definitely something to be ashamed of Smile
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 When Twight was training all the actors for the movie 300 they were all required to do the training shirtless. His thinking was it creates an atmosphere of competition. If you are looking like a slob for not doing anything it will show. And the shame in being around others more fit MAY have enough pull to get you to take it seriously. Also the numbers from everyone's reps for that day were written out so everyone could see who the top person was for that day. To the casual MTBr this may seem a bit much and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would not find it motivating. But it does work on a psychological level, if you can get past being weird about a shirtless person...
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 I think it depends on the situation. In a public gym people should keep their shirts on. In a private or semi private setting it’s fine. I work out at home a lot and prefer to not wear a shirt because of comfort. It’s cooler and not restricting.
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 I don’t find it weird at all. It’s just culture isn’t it? If no one wore a shirt to train, it wouldn’t we weird. There would be the downside of not getting much done because of looking at boobs… but joking aside, the best thing about CrossFit is being able to train with your shirt off without anyone getting weird. Really there is little difference between no shirt, a wife beater with big arm holes, and a girl’s sports bra top thing. Also, we go swimming with no shirt. I even wear budgie smugglers and no one thinks that’s excessively weird.
Moar skin!
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 @jaame: Nah mate, people think it's weird. Either they it's odd that they're sharing a pool with a pro swimmer and don't want to break the focus if a top athlete, or they just don't want to be seen talking to that random guy in a banana hammock.
All depends what colour they are.
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 @jaame: what you actually do cross fit?
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 @thenotoriousmic: he would of told you about it by now.
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 @Sniff303: First rule of cross-fit is that you must tell everyone that you do cross-fit
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 @thenotoriousmic: I tried it for three months last year. It wasn’t for me. The best thing about it was constantly harping on about it in the Mondraker owners thread. It gave me hours of chuckles.
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 Yeah this was naff
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 Nice to see what the pros are doing in the gym.
Its also nice that F4R are giving away a "FREE" months worth of training to help riders.

Yes its and advert, but its informative too and might help some folk with their riding based gym workouts.
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 What happened to that yoga lady? she seemed nice.
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 I don't moan, those are good exercises. When you're 20 you don't mind, 30 you start to get interested, 40 you have to be interested, 50 you're late.
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 I found it useful getting a different idea for a more challenging side plank. The whole topless thing cracks me up. I personally think its fine offering some free advice in return for a bit of free advertising.
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 Johnny walks in: “alright boys, cameras are rollin’. Shirts off!”

In all seriousness, I started their program about 4 weeks ago now. I’m doing 4 days in the garage gym and one day riding a week. I’m a dad… it’s what I get. Couldn’t be happier with how it’s transformed my work outs and already noticing gains on and off the bike.
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 @Lastpikd: I believe it’s spelled “gainz.”
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 cyclists have such deceptive physiques lol, Danny looks like your average pub dweller but has better cardio/endurance/balance than 90% of the people he'll encounter in his life
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 Physique doesn't translate to what's inside. I know people who are rail thin, look like long distance runners, but have heart issues so they can't run. Guys who look like power lifters but have no lungs, so they can't run either. People with no muscle but are blessed with incredible cardiovascular genetics who can literally do nothing for years on end then go out at run a marathon without issue. It sucks, but some of us will always be limited by our heart or lungs or chronic headaches or joint issues and no matter how cut we are we'll never compete in certain sports against those who are blessed with the perfect genetics for that activity.
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 I remember clips of Gwin and other motocross riders from Rino fitness and also some Redbull athletes with bosu ball and so on and that was interesting. I also have weired feeling after fit4racing. Kind of homoerotic, tooless and selffocus just weired.
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 Oh geeze… if the first installment of this last year wasn’t bad enough.
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 Maybe its like Heckler's Rock strict shirts off policy.
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 Nice to see Harry Potter helping his grand dad.
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 My mtb workout doesn't go beyond bending down to plug the ebike charger in & thats the way I intend it to stay.
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 Free, useful content that makes you a better rider. +100. If you ask any trainer, you make big improvements on the trail; it all happens in the gym.
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 Well there's more exercise in that video than I'll do for the whole of 2022...
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 "It's getting hot in here" ...
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 Do you even lift, bro?
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 All the bleating moaners, if you didn’t like the video, move on stop whining and moaning , yeah they gotta pay to run the site, but shit if ya don’t like it bugger off , just saying
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 Its our right to have an opinion just like you feel you have and opinion right to tell us to stop moaning so....!
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 I mean... Just make the advertising content better. And maybe less blatantly obvious. Ads belong on the side bar of a website or as an insert into an actual video, such as the Jenson paid bits in the budget vs baller series. This is just 5 minutes of wankery for a paid exercise service. It might as well be a late night BowFlex advertisement with Chuck Norris or some shit. There is a better way to advertise functional MTB exercises. And this is low effort, imo. And no. Sorry. Won't move on. Because PB has made it clear this is how it's gonna be now. So enjoy the moaning. It's gonna get louder if more and more PB posts don't even involve riding in them while also being blatant advertisements. If I wanted shit content I could just resubscribe to GMBN and watch the same top 5 tips for 'blank' every week.
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 na brother, it doesn't work that way. it's a double edged sword. on the first hand, companies should always strive for improvement and detaching trends the audience is not aware off.
on the other hand it's always important to listen to feedback of your audience and "keep base". moaning this show is shite in this case is the latter.
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