Video: Danny Hart Hits the Gym with Adam Brayton & Elliott Heap

Dec 21, 2020 at 6:13
by Fit4Racing  

Danny Hart visits Fit4Racing.

We were stoked to have 2 time Elite Downhill world champion Danny Hart visit the gym recently training with Adam Brayton and Elliott Heap.

We tested Danny’s strength and put them through a gruelling on the minute every minute workout! We’ll be seeing Danny more this winter to help with his strength and conditioning, helping him get ready for the 2021 season.

Check out the video to see how they fared!

If you're interested in getting fit this winter, head to our website! - Fit4Racing

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 With Elliot Heap and Adam Brayton?

Hart’s on Nukeproof!
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 Ooooooooooo. Team Rumours 2021!!!
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 Northern monkeys all just training together over winter.
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 yea was thinking the same :O
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 Racing EWS...
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 O.13 sec says it all
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 Danny Hart weighs 70kg/ 154# (according to the internet) and he squats 90kg/ 200# at 21 reps... so that’s 130% of his body weight. Do the math for yourself and be ready to get humbled.
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flag nvranka (Dec 22, 2020 at 9:25) (Below Threshold)
 Are those numbers supposed to impress anyone? Lol

I don’t think danny was trying to
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 @nvranka: I was impressed! Even if he wasn't trying to impress me.
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 Looking at those squats at the start of the vid, DH’s levers look like he’s well suited to HBBS so not necessarily a perfect demonstration of his overall strength / fitness.

Oh and overall power beats Wilks any day ????
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 @Mfro: Now here is someone who knows his stuff. Have to look at the levers not just the weight. Biomechanics and physics! Cheers
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 I'm impressed. I weigh 165 and I can't do 21 reps at 200!
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 I can do the squats. Its the no brakes on a DH course part that humbles me.
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 @Mfro: What’s HBBS?
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 @pnwille: I believe it means high bar back squat
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 No disrespect but adam looks like he forgot his gym kit and had to use the lost property box
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 Ass bike...
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 A role I'd happily accept after watching the last minute or so of erotic slow mo.
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 heap getting fit for a role in the new 300 movie...dude is a beast
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 I always thought he was one of these small young up and comers, but holy moly, this guy is jacked...
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 @Muckal: and he is an absolute nutter on the bike, too
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 @funkzander: if you are trained as freek and have a descend junk of muscles your likely end up with less or lesser grade of injuries. I don't talk about broken bones ofc.
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 And Danny Hart with his double chin and flabby belly is just a absolute weapon on the bike. I love it! He can squat 21 reps at 90kg ffs - at the end of a workout. Insane. Stay on your bike Danny!
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 Professional cyclists of every discipline are in such great shape, its pretty remarkable. Its clearly not just skill on the bike that makes them faster Smile .

But watching these videos, it does stand out to me how much bigger the upper body is on the average downhill/EWS racer is than your average cross country racer. It makes sense given the differences in disciplines, but its still interesting to see.

And again, I say that knowing full well that any and all of them are beyond capable of kicking my butt up and down the hill.

Just saying I find it interesting, the same way I find it interesting to see what sorts of body types you find prevalent in other sports (football, soccer, sprinting/distance running, gymnastics, wrestling, etc, etc).
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 Agreed. I raced DH back in the day, but it's been XC for me for the past two decades. Although I'd say I carry a bit more muscle than most XC whippets, when I raced the Aussie enduro champs last year I was amazed at how small I was compared to the competition. There were girls half my age that could out bench me, I reckon.
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 Yeah, I think it's also interesting to see what body type works best for EWS considering the mixed requirements (high output sprints combined with big days on the bike). Maybe something closest to basketball/soccer player who also have to have a mix of explosiveness and endurance.
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: that's one thing I like about the gravity disciplines. You have great fun on the bike, and the training you need to be successful has the added advantage of making you look great.
Tour cyclists on the other hand - horrible bodies. If I looked like that I would not want to see my reflection. Not the legs but the upper body. Puny 10" arms, no pecs, no lats, combined with those awful arm tans they get. Just awful to look at!
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 @jaame: Facts. Points deducted for gnarly looking shins for the flat pedals crowd, but this is the life we chose.
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 A little natural armor goes a long way when you go the wrong way. ????
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flag nvranka (Dec 22, 2020 at 9:23) (Below Threshold)
 @iamamodel: those were trans athletes, bro.
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 @jaame: Considering where I live, America, I would much prefer to look like a roadie than one of my average countryman.

That said, as a guy who specializes in XC racing, I do all my MTB training on my 40 pound enduro bike and really like the upper body workout I get riding it.
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 These are great.
In the gym later today to give this a smash but will have to substitute the Assault bike for a rower or even ski erg...
I’d like to know Danny’s “Fight Gone Bad” score...
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 From now on it's called the Ass bike
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 Great video.

Love toes to bar. Gotta only count reps with the toes together at that bar or they are cheat reps Smile

Danny showed how good his strength to power is with those squat reps. No point being super strong for 3 reps and pants at 90%.

We used to play a fun game...
Start at a low weight for bench on a machine.
20 reps.
Add 2.5kg
20 reps...
Come down the reps as muscle fatigue sets in.
Keep going until you cant do a single rep.
Compare normal 6 repnset rep to your progressive fatigue 1 rep max.
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 Watching this while drinking chocolate milk and eating sugar cookies. This is why I shuttle/ride park
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 @fit4racing Lovely looking gymnasium you have there. Kudos.
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 Thanks! Just a little lockdown project!
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 @fit4racing: big fan of your yootoob channel!
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 What accent is that? Love it! Unfortunately I posses a generic american accent. Wasn't even lucky enough to be born in an area with a decent southern twang...
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 @psithe ikebum: Just gets you labeled a dumb racist. Not that great.
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 @Grosey: you get labeled a dumb racist by people that are stupid. As in actually stupid. Plenty of a*sholes and dip shits with no accent or something other than a southern accent.
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 But that isn't the Assault Bike, that's the Echo Bike...which is worst than the AB!
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 I generally follow the strong lift 5 x 5 programme. This any good for MTB?
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 It’s a solid programme for everything athletic really. But if you progress to being a committed experienced lifter it probably won’t take you all the way to your potential.
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 @Taylor500: I agree with @tobiusmaximum- it will give you a solid foundation in strength and allow you to really step on your training and development when the time comes. Just remember if you're focus is on-the-bike performance then you should look to periodize your training, focus on lifting when it's appropriate and de-empahasize your time in the gym during the competitive season. If your more concerned with being a committed, experienced lifter then adjust accordingly. Bit of a plug (from which I gain nothing) by Jonny's @fit4racing is some of the best training available for the money.
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 Solid. Always love Johnny's content. Avid follower. Danny Hart...........oh mercy. God help everyone on the circuit.
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 am i the only one mistakenly expecting Danny McAskill hopping around on his trail bike here?
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 They are all tested? Obviously I am the only one thinking: Aerosols.
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 Sweet studio. I like the charred walls.

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