Video: Dawid Czekaj Slopeduros His Way Through 'Kanata' in Poland

Sep 11, 2022 at 13:54
by Aleksander Osmałek  

the wall ride
building the wall ride

The 49.99$ Wall Ride

Jokes aside. The Tripula crew found this incredible forest that looks like it was taken straight from Canada and we know right away we need to shoot a classic edit there. It is super hard to find such a location here in Poland. Most of the mountains/hills are private property, national parks or the ground is too rocky to dig. Dawid Czekaj is a unique rider he can combine this steezy riding with plenty of tricks. We wait for the weather and found two sunny days to make it all happen.

the gear
that footwork
hype man

I asked my good friend Sewi Media if he wants to help us with this project with his camera gear and knowledge of cable cam. We combine Red Raptor 8k footage with 6K Komodo and old Red Raven for these. I always want to shoot high-end bike video in Poland and finally, I did! Thanks to all the crew to make it happen.

Tripula crew and everyone involved in making this happen.

Dawid Czekaj - Rider - @dawidczekaj1
Piotr Seweryn - Cable Cam - @sewimedia
Wojtek Bajor - VHS, Good Vibes - @wojciech_bajor

@flairmotioninsta / Aleksander Osmałek


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 This might be downvoted to hell...The saturation of videos containing superskilled riders doing crazy shit that I can not relate to my riding is overwhelming. Cant PB post some mediocre riding that make me want to ride not to stay inside and sulk over my noskills. Otherwise the video was fine with skilled riding in nice locations etc.... Smile
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 I guess the Ben Cathro - How to bike video series was 110% tailor made for the needs you described.
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 That's what Youtube mtb channels are for.
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 I can relate to the first couple seconds of the video just fine.
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 speak for yourself. Youtube is full of horrible riders pumping out as much content as possible. It's nice to see some real style and skills to remind me the whole sport isn't just van lifers who bought an enduro bike and gopro during covid.
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 Dobra robota panowie
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 Everywhere wants to look like Canada but Canada is kinda dropping the ball on jump trails compared to Europe these days. You would have a hard time finding a trail like this in most bike parks here. The OG stuff like bike ranch is still around at least but most new things getting built are just the same little cutty berms and roller jumps like everywhere else.
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 While true it is also hard to build a trail that 90% of riders cant use. And official trail builds are extremely expensive and complicated.
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 @luckynugget Canadian bike parks lack the population density to support what many European centres have to support them. If a bike park were devoted to black and double black trails, how many riders would be needed to cover the costs?
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 @map-guy: yeah true I forgot all riders f*cking suck and no intermediate riders have any desire to progress. Canada used to be known for the best jumps in the world but I'd rather us be known for multi-use blue trails shared with dog walkers because it's less complicated to build and good for tourism
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 @luckynugget: Ah well as they say, put your money where your mouth is and go build some better trails.
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 FYI all

The name “Canada” comes from the Huron-Iroquois word “Kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement.”

Cool vid
Well played on naming it too
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 Meanwhile Kanata has some of the best trails. They say if you can bike the technical stuff here, you can bike the technical stuff anywhere!
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 Who said that? Because they are incorrect.
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 maybe, just maybe, the forests in Canada look a lot like Poland?
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 Kinda made me laugh. The forests in Canada look reeeally different depending on where you are. Our country is a bit big.
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 and well a lot of our settlers are from Poland too!
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 Dude oozes steeze! Loved the cable cam shots & different choice in music. Great edit!
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 your name is Dawid: you gonna be a great rider
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 That trail looks incredible. Someone put in the work. Great riding too.
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 Where in Polska is this?

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