Video: Szymon Godziek Prepares for Rampage

Oct 18, 2018 at 21:03
by Aleksander Osmałek  

For the English subtitles, please turn on closed captions.

As Dawid Godziek is waiting to drop in the XGames Sydney, Szymon is on his way to scope the lines in Hurricane, Utah. Red Bull Rampage hype is real, and nothing but being there will proove the steeps and heights of the terrain. Starting off on the wrong foot and losing one digger due to a leg injury even before leaving Poland, Szymon is on a mission with Marcin Rot and Aleksander Osmałek (Flairmotion*) to start digging and create a line that will hopefully let him unveil his freeride potential.

the proces



Photo/Video: Aleksander Osmałek

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 Whatever these guys have that lets them send this stuff, I don’t have it...and I’m ok with that.
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 Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.
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As your attorney i advise you, to take a little hit out of the brown bottle in my shaving kit.
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 @jasperwesselman: I immediately thought of Chappelle's show with Rick James. I'm hoping like crazy that's what you were insinuating! "What do five fingers to say the face, Charlie Murphy? SLAP!"
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 @jasperwesselman: I agree! But so is codine. A little too awesome I need to avoid it.
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 @wasea04: UNITY!!!
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 @DuelingBanjos: Makes mescaline seem like ginger beer
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 Any word on how my mate Randy's prep is going @pinkbike? I hear he's been sending it harder than Viagra? #randyforrampage
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 Randy fucked my bitch.
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 @scott-townes: I got suspended for less - just saying.
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 Suspension for swearing? That's some aggressive censorship.
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 @endlessblockades: I'm fairly certain I'm never been suspended/banned on PB.... which is kind of shocking. I was banned on TGR before I ever registered my account. I'm still not sure how they pulled that one off.
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 @scott-townes: I’ll go to bat for ya. @mods I indeed “f*cked his bitch”
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 @scott-townes: shut the f#ck up
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flag scott-townes FL (Oct 20, 2018 at 0:21) (Below Threshold)
 @zelkova: no one cares about your country.
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 lol ok ok who the hell is randy!!!
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 @scott-townes: 3 downvotes says you're wrong.
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flag scott-townes FL (Oct 20, 2018 at 8:49) (Below Threshold)
 @DarrellW: Aw you care about "props". Isn't that cute.
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 For how much todd barber and h5 events have blown up rampage paying riders only 5,000 in travel is a joke! ticket prices have more than and tripled and the event as a whole has been turned into some rich person fantasy vacation. With all these huge prices on tickets and packages, you think there would be more in it for those risking there necks! These guys should be getting mega bucks more than any surfer, golfer or nfl player! But why is it that every event if the world surf league pays out much more for substantially less risk! Boo redbull, nbc singnature series and h5 events! Give these guys what they deserve. Ill say it one last time a 5,000 travel expense for rampage is a joke!!
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 This is awesome! I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff for these guys.......makes me appreciate even more how truly amazing these dudes are. Keep it up!
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 thats a myth created by german propaganda
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 @nikifor88: Why would the Germans make it so that it sounds like the Polish are brave crazy bastards with sky high morale? Not saying they're not, but propaganda is supposed to help your side.
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 @SupraKZ: You're quite right. This propaganda almost "blew back in their faces". However, when they were saying that, all what they wanted achieve was to feed lies on how badly Polish forces are equipped and simply how stupid they may be to attack a tank with a sword...
As we can see today, this was a double-edge sword tactic.
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 @lunatyk: exactly

btw can there be polish-theme internet discussion without ww2 mentioned? XDD
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 Now that was a cool rider perspective. Loved it and want more. I love how shook the riders are at this event. You can see it in their faces. Then they end up 3ing the scariest thing out there. Crazy event.
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 This guy is cool and has a sense of humor and style off the bike that few do. I think he's my favorite rider to watch and listen to. he doesn't even have to do much to be interesting, you know he's nervous, he's got a wife and kid that want him back safe. best of luck Szymon!
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 born freerider :]
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 Getting pumped for staring at my work computer all day doing no work. Cubicle Park Gang
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 $5,000? That's all these riders are worth for simply showing up? These guys put way more on the line than that.
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 Good luck Szymon :-) !
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 Go Syzmon
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 Daunting task looking at that giant mountain, and having to figure something out! Another thing is, when I used to do it with my friends, we were all working together. I honestly wouldn't want to be in their shoes.
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 When someone like Szymon looks worried, you know that shit is heavy.
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 Ill be there dressed as a Tuskan Raider... not even kidding. you'll see!
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 I want Klassen to make a comeback here
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 I'm not sure I want to. Scary stuff...

Unless you mean, Tyler Klassen? I'm all for that
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 Please tell me you GOT that insurance, Szymon!
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 Can’t wait
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 They stole my harmonica song...dem cowboys
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 Is size mon here? haha, tool
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 I guess I can call myself lucky that I like in utah?
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 What brand is his helmet?
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 The vid had my respect at "Gimme the loot".
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 Nr 1 ???? till the end
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 This was a Ford commercial that featured some biking and hiking.
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