Video: Fox Factory 'Dialed' Season 5 Has Landed in Lenzerheide

Jun 5, 2023 at 17:36
by FOX Factory  

Reporting in from majestic Lenzerheide, the first stop on the 2023 UCI World Cup Season, pit veteran Jordi Cortez and the Dialed crew are back!

bigquotesI’m as excited as anyone for World Cup season to start. I also can't wait to see what Jake and Shaffer put together this year for Dialed. Lenzerheide here we come!Jordi

bigquotesWe’re somehow back for Dialed season 5, a series of unhinged videos that don’t get reviewed. How do we keep getting away with this?Jake

bigquotesIf you’ve never seen dialed it’s like a parallel universe where Dr. Phil is named Jordi and only talks to mountain bikers.Shaffer

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 another season consisting of: 80% video guys complaining about international travel, and 20% riders puzzling and/or actual useful tidbits from Jordi
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 And 10% of riders saying “on man my clickers.” Stoked for another season!
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 True that… it still amazes me that these guys still complain with the exception of Jordi… about just how long the season is, or how many times I have to do this or that. I think they should enjoy the journey and realize that it doesn’t last that long and they’re lucky to be doing what they do, and should embrace and enjoy every moment. After all they get to go to every freaking little World. Up downhill…
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Anyone that's nebeer been a profession athlete brought up from a young age prob has zero clue about what's involved being a professional at this level and the amount of travelling and stress that goes in. Therefore one should shit their opinionated pie hole about what they *think* since it's completely irrelevant
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 @Yody: these aren't the professional athletes. The athletes usually don't whine this much, they understand it's part of the job and also understand a good way to reduce the stress it to NOT whine about, rather accept it and look forward to the next good thing.
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 You don't get it. If you want to complain... don't watch. Those who get it know that Dialed is pure magic.
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 @drozeboom: Yes, Dialed is pure magic, when it's doing race stuff and isn't a whiny travelogue. They're going to Switzerland for work _and_ fun_! Sure, flying commercial can be a pain and there is a lot of hurry-up-and-wait, but they still found time to go skateboarding when they got there. I mean, come on, enjoy what you can and bring us along for the fun stuff, like puzzling and Jordi wisdom, not dudes sitting in an airport doing fingerboarding.
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 Long as you're entertained...who cares.
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 best show. hyped
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 This is by far my favourite biking related video series
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 Jake from State Farm?
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 Wicked to meet you a few weeks ago Jordi, hope this season is awesome
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 Worst series
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 Only hot girls, as well as me write to me ➤
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 Missed you guys !
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 Duck yeah.

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