Video: Jordi Helps Kaos Seagrave With His Initial Suspension Set-Up Virtually

Apr 1, 2020 at 15:11
by FOX Factory  

For the third episode of Season 2, DIALED follows Jordi as he jumps on a video call with Kaos Seagrave to help work through the initial suspension setup on his new bike build.

bigquotes“Obviously they're all on new bikes and wanted help with the new setup as it's all new product. Basically, we just tried to do an online video chat bike set up. But I think it’s kind of the way it’s going to be going for the next I don’t know how long. For a little while at least. Gotta make the best of it.” - Jordi

Learn something new as you followed along with Jordi and Kaos? Do you think we need to get a new soundboard built for Season 2 with new characters like Kaos, or is the original with Loris unbeatable? Comment below!


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 Enjoyable, but can we do this again with Loris ?
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  • 7 0
 yes please.....
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 That would be awesome
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 Loris...Loris...LOris...LORis...LORIs...LORIS...LORISSSSSS! pls This would lower the mental death rate significantly
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 Could be a 2 day video...
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I think it would be a 2 day video after a lot of editing. LOL

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 @Cordijortes: Not like we don't have the time. Give the people what they want !
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 @Cordijortes: Just Quarentine...... We are beggin you
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 Why doesn't Kaos not know how to set up suspension?
  • 19 1
 Because he’s got Jordi...
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 Too busy riding and high fiving.
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flag jaycubzz (Apr 1, 2020 at 21:26) (Below Threshold)
 I suppose you expect rally/F1/touring car/prototype drivers to be setting up their own race cars as well huh?
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 @jaycubzz: uh, there are a few more things going on those then on a bicycle.
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 @onemind123: yes and no. But your point is still relevant: teams won’t even share their suspension set up with drivers who are spending hundreds of thousands per year to race with them.
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 I generally find that most people who have no idea how to set their bikes up tend to be far better at riding than those who know every last detail on their setup.

Which is worrying to me as I know everything about my setup ????
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 I was wondering shy there is not a Jordi for Rock Shox but I answered my own question with what is assumed to the be suspension conversation as follows.

Rider: Can you help with my shocks?
Rock Shox version of Jordi: Sure what do you need.
Rider: I don't think my suspension setup is right for this course.
Rock Shox version of Jordi: Warranty it.
Rider: Can't I just turns some knobs to figure it out?
Rock Shox version of Jordi: Still sounds like a warranty.
Rider: Can you tell me more?
Rock Shox version of Jordi: Call our warranty center. We used to have a high call volume but now you can get assistance quick as we hired 800,000 call center members world wide to handle the daily warranty calls for Rock Shox and SRAM products.
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 Honestly My Lyrik has been lightyears easier to set up then my 36 with a grip2, wanted to throw that fork out the window because I could never get it to feel right
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 @vjunior21: sorry Was laughing too hard...
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I try to bring the laughs.
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 @vjunior21: Rockshox version of Jordi: we have this electronic gadget to sell. Ever heard of a Shokwiz?
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I don't support automation (Shokwiz). I have seen all of the terminator movies so I know where that goes.

"Hey RockShox, you can watch robots coming down the hill on your equipment in the future. I will keep watching Loris Vergier as he is awesome and he makes funny sounds to describe the suspension. Have your terminator robots do that."

Brrah Vavavavavavabah!

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 @onemind123: alright. never compare mountain biking to motorsport then
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 @vjunior21: what if Jordi is really a cyborg sent from the future by Fox to set up suspension and avoid the future supremacy of Sram...
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I would believe it.
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 I'm surprised such a high level pro rider doesn't know the basics for setting up suspension. Safe to say he will get better after his suspension is setup correctly.
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 That's the beauty of it, isn't it? This video basically tells you won't have to bother setting up your suspension until you got to the level of riding where Kaos currently is at and want to improve from there.
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 So Dialed dialed up Kaos to help dial in ...?
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 I think you find Kaos* prob be able to set is suspension up to get it in the ballpark, but why not do what they did, help entertain us, at this time, and help a lot of people who been asking "how do I set up my suspension"

and a high number of pros be able to set up their suspension somewhere in ball park even if it is trail and error, (which is mainly what it is) But Jordi gets them there quick and help them go in the right direction/stop them get confused etc
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 Can’t wait for the one with Loris but I worry Jordi might lose his will to live.
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 So when is Fox Going to make their suspension with only even number of clicks to avoid all this Kaos?
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 @cordijortes when you say 4 I’m guessing you mean ‘position 4’ which you have to turn it 3 clicks to get to right?

When a tuning guide says turn it 10 clicks that would actually be in the 11th notch right?
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 Not virtually, just remotely.
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 Jordy I've got Fox Reaktiv shock on my bike, and original suspension setting starts with 0, not 1. I'm confused a bit...
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 @smerdo that makes 2 of us
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 Obvs it was written in C and not fortran then.
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 Total Kaos
  • 1 0
 I laugh so hard Smile but hey there is a valuable lesson here: few simple steps and you have your initial setup Smile
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 That was awesome! Cheers
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 That bike color! Bike check for Kaos please!
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 "It went up"
  • 1 0
 i actually LOLed
  • 1 0
 I'm dying
  • 1 0
 Comedy gold

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