Hart and Pugin win Saracen British Downhill Series, Round 2

May 12, 2013 at 6:50
by Fraktiv  
Danny Hart was the last and fastest man down at today's BDS race at Fort William, Scotland.

Danny wins R1 at Fort William AT THE SPLIT UP BY -3.361 OVER GEE

We caught Danny up before the first runs on Saturday

Despite Gee being strong in the last section and sitting in the hot seat whilst a host of international riders tried to beat his time, Danny was able to put a great run together as the last man down, knocking Gee off the top step. Having nearly lost it at the top section, Danny managed to find four seconds and cashed in on that advantage, pushing hard in the tight, technical sections and coming home ahead of Gee Atherton by 0.8 seconds. Coming back from injury, Danny has been working hard with his new coach and it's certainly paying off. Is this win a sign of things to come?

Earlier on in the day, Floriane Pugin took the win from Manon Carpenter with over 3.2 seconds to spare. With Rachel Atherton still out with an injury from Sea Otter, Emmeline Ragot took third. Gstaad Scott's day was boosted by Noel Niederberger taking the win from Taylor Vernon with a close 0.3 seconds advantage.

Photo Credit Gstaad Scott
Pugin takes the win in the Elite Women category. Photo Credit: Gstaad Scott

ELITE MEN - Sponsored by Schwalbe
1st Danny Hart, Giant Factory Racing 4:46.880
2nd Gee Atherton, GT Factory Racing 4:47.745 (+0.855)
3rd Matthew Simmonds, Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof 4:48.178 (+1.298 )
4th Greg Minnaar, Santa Cruz Syndicate 4:48.460 (+1.580)
5th Marc Beaumont, GT Factory Racing 4:48.482 (+1.602)
6th Josh Bryceland, Santa Cruz Syndicate 4:48.983 (+2.103)

ELITE WOMEN - Sponsored by Schwalbe
1st Floriane Pugin, Gstaad-Scott 5:27.072
2nd Manon Carpenter, Madison Saracen 5:30/248 (+3.176)
3rd Emmeline Ragot, Lapierre International 5:32.532 (+5.460)
4th Emilie Siegenthaler, Gstaad-Scott 5:37.788 (+10.716)
5th Tahnee Seagrave, FMD Racing/Intense 6:01.634 (+34.562)

JUNIOR MEN - Sponsored by Fox
1st Noel Niederberger, Gstaad-Scott 5:00.328
2nd Taylor Vernon, GT Factory Racing 5:00.640 (+0.312)
3rd George Gannicott, Dirt Norco Race Team 5:02.417 (+2.089)
4th Innes Graham, MS Mondraker 5:10.114 (+9.786)
5th Gian Luca Vernassa, Devinci Global Racing 5:10.611 (+10.283)

Full race report will be online soon.


  • 98 5
 where's semenuk?
  • 279 5
 Probs trying to figure out what Trek Session is his.
  • 11 3
 I lol'd ^
  • 7 2
 It's catching on already aha!
  • 11 2
 Yeaaaa Hanny Dart do a tail poke for us next time yeaaaaa! !!?!!
  • 14 4
 Just 2 seconds covering the top 6 , that is amazing on a track so long and technical , shows how close these guys are in skills and fitness , whats that about 4-5 bike lengths ? Insane
  • 5 2
 bigburd- they've all got this track pretty figured out as well, so it's not too surprising. Although it is insane to think about. Danny must be training like a mother, can't wait to see how he does.
  • 9 0
 2 seconds would be a lot more than 4-5 bike lengths if you think about the speed they're going at when the cross the line.
  • 1 2
 I knew that joke had some gas left in tank, lol
  • 1 0
 Better not be hard gas because thats no laughing matter.
  • 63 3
 "The wet conditions made for a slippery and pretty hairy race in the elite womens category. Rachel Atherton didnt show and missed out on the three-way for the podium with manon carpeter the meat in a Gstaad-Scott sandwich. It was a rough struggle with Pugin eventually coming on top"
  • 53 1
 That was dirtier than the quality of the camera work!
  • 21 1
 i find it horrifying that rachel atherton missed out on a three-way.
  • 6 1
 That's why the universe made you capable of imagination!
  • 2 0
 How many f*cking people lost their tabs over that^
  • 1 0
 Lost your tabs? What?
  • 15 0
Somebody winning a dh race on a NORMAL 26 dh bike?
How old school.....
  • 1 1
 But ben reid did get the fastest speed trap on his 27.5 , which is surprising as hes not the most powerfull of dudes
  • 22 7
 Knew Danny wasn't a one trick pony!!
  • 15 4
 given that he won this exact same race last year, i don't think you can really say that yet...
  • 6 20
flag tomsc (May 12, 2013 at 13:33) (Below Threshold)
 just proves my point further really
  • 2 1
 No, not at all... haha
  • 2 1
 as in he's done consistently well in races other than his worlds win?
  • 1 0
 only races i can think of that he's done well in since winning worlds is ft bill BDS last year and ft bill BDS this year...
  • 1 0
 so he's a two trick pony! Wink
  • 13 3
 World class field,as mentioned in another post, the bds is the arguably the best national. Series in the world?
  • 10 4
 Why have Minaar and Simmonds placed joint 3rd with a 0.3 second difference? Surely Minaar and Beaumont were closer to drawing level?
  • 2 11
flag dave-clarkson-photography (May 12, 2013 at 8:08) (Below Threshold)
  • 10 6
 More proof that the bike doesn't matter. Simmonds on a £4000 Pulse beat Minaar on a £8500 V10
  • 22 1
 You can't say that for sure, Simmonds might have gone faster on a carbon V10 Wink
  • 16 0
 ......or Minnaar might not have been giving it everything he's got. Keeping them bones together for the world's
  • 4 2
 Really doubt Simmonds would've been over twice as fast on a V10 though...
  • 9 0
 Obviously not... If he was twice as fast, he would have posted a time around 2:24....
  • 6 0
 Exactly. So you're much better off saving a shit load of money and booking a few uplift days.
  • 2 1
 That is the most retarded comment ever.

Greg won world champs last year? so I guess if you want to win that race you need an £8500 bike?
  • 2 0
 Danny nailed it with super fast timing 4:46:88,, compare to Gwin WC winning time last year 4:48.210 .. on the pretty same course... gonna be a big battle this year. Big Grin
  • 4 0
 The results and the state of the track clearly show that as tracks get easier, Danny does not stand a chance, to loose that much time on the bottom pedal is mad and sucks for Danny.
  • 2 0
 Congrats Danny, good to see Matt S up theyre too, whats up with Brendon, hes finally a lead team rider but his results are worst, we all know hes fast, to many crashes, does he train properly in the off season or does he not have a racing brain, hes had the best mentor ship in the business, Peaty @ Orange, , Minnar @ Honda, Hill @ Specchy, I just dont get why Brendawg throws it all away come race time, just a waste of talent. Reminds me a bit of Ron Lechien from MX one if not the most talented riders ever and threw it all away. Im a huge Brendawg fan even if it don't sound like it, I just think hes missing his best opportunities! Common dawg pull it together, its not the bike it won the womens catagory easily!
  • 4 0
 Really happy to see Simmonds getting up there. Top guy, and massively under rated.
  • 3 0
 Another reason why mountain biking is so freaking awesome. Giant factory riders are killing it. Trek needs some love in the podium.
  • 5 0
 i don't get the semenuk joke : (
  • 2 0
 Mate, everyone was wondering why he didn't ride in the FISE Montpellier Slopstyle...that's it.
  • 3 1
 Wait what? Wasn't Emmeline Ragot on Lapierre for this season? How come she's racing for Scott?


  • 6 2
 Sorry mate, mistake my end!
  • 4 0
 Nah it's alright, I just thought I had missed something.
  • 5 1
 And people give Danny grief for training with a golf coach..
  • 52 0
 Gee was 0.855 seconds over par...
  • 7 1
 You just made me lol at a meeting. Luckily my boss had just made a joke and thought I was laughing at him.
  • 5 0
 you're reading pinkbike comments in a meeting!? committed
  • 5 0
 sorry but did Hill ride?
  • 4 1
 Neuseeland bruder
  • 4 2
  • 1 0
 think it means newzealand brother,
  • 1 0
 ah ok cool, but he is CRC team now so would he not be here? I know he was a couple of weeks ago my mate works for them.
  • 1 0
 yeah i'm not sure dude, he raced the first bds and i think he's scheduled to do a couple more but can't remember exactly which ones. Was surprised he didnt ride with the W.C. coming up but i guess he'll be up there practicing for a while beforehand, hope he gets a few podiums at least this year!
  • 3 0
 No signature whip from Danny, but surprisingly, Greg put up a a sweet one. Let the Games Begin!
  • 3 0
 ELITE MEN : 2 3rd places ?
  • 4 1
 Just a miss print. Minaar was 4th and Beaumont came in 5th.
  • 3 0
 Cant wait for the Fort Bill world cup now Smile
  • 3 0
 What was Rachel's injury at sea otter?
  • 3 0
 Where's Fairclough?
  • 2 0
 Wow, he and Peaty came a lot further down on the results than I expected..
  • 3 1
 Ben Reid and Brendog seriously fast again...... and seriously down in the order again...
  • 3 0
 any videos?
  • 2 0
 Jesus look at the time Brayton made up after the first split...unreal.
  • 1 0
 Surely a split timing error with Brayton? Rad result for him though.
  • 3 0
 Great work Danny!!!
  • 1 0
 i can see myself in the photo basicaly taking the pic from the opposite angle Smile
  • 2 0
 Will there be a video going up??
  • 2 0
 No Trek's in any of the top 5's.. It's good to see Hart winning again.
  • 5 4
 Hart definitely has heart! Wink Can't wait for the big races
  • 1 0
 thought hart was up 3.3sec at the split?
  • 3 2
 a verry good beginin for HART hard luck
  • 2 0
 go on DANNY!!!!!!!
  • 2 1
 His bike is o amazing
  • 2 1
  • 1 0
 yeah Hart!!
  • 4 4
 Got hart?
  • 2 2
 Got milk??
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