The EWS Madeira Film Festival is Coming - Trailers

Apr 30, 2017 at 17:52
For the past few years, Madeira has been a hot spot for many well-known cinematographers and riders for film productions like the 2015 Santa Cruz Bronson launch video with Rat Boy to the most awaited mountain bike film of 2017, DEATHGRIP. As a bike holiday company, we have been a part of the production of over fifteen mountain bike films on the island having the pleasure to work side by side with some of the best professionals in the industry promoting Madeira as a unique mountain bike destination.

From the 8th to 14th of May, we're proud to organize the Enduro World Series Madeira that will take place on the Eastern part of the island, but there's always so much to explore. Because we love to show the best of Madeira to those who visit us we were inspired to organize the Enduro World Series Film Festival with the concept of showing the four sides of the island on each film, allowing everyone to understand that Madeira has various riding areas all different from another and that makes us a destination famous for the incredible variety of terrain, landscapes and vegetation.

With the support of the Madeira Tourism, we were able to invite four teams of three elements each to produce a short edit during this Winter and Spring. Each team had a week to shoot and we took them to some of the best trails around the four sides of the Island. Every edit was shot on different trails that were chosen according to the riders style of riding. The premier of the four films will be on the evening of the 9th of May in Machico, during the Enduro World Series official presentation where a cinema room will welcome over two hundred people and where they will be able to vote for their favorite film. On that evening the films will also go live here on Pinkbike where the world wide community will also be able to vote for their favorite. We will have a Pinkbike winner and a Film Festival winner announced here on the 14th of May.

Vote for your favourite video starting May 9th to May 14th. There is 1000€ on the line for the winning team!

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Real Riders
by Aaron Bartlett

bigquotesWhen I first heard the plan to hold the EWS Film Festival in Madeira last year I was secretly hoping that I’d get an invite to compete! I’ve been out to Madeira to shoot mountain bike content twice now, both in 2016 and both were amazing experiences. With the Film Festival edit, I wanted to shoot something which was more like a personal project, where I had creative control and where I could produce something a little bit different to the normal type of video I produce. Coming from a Downhill background I decided that it would be cool to take some of my close friends from home and shoot more of an adventure style edit, documenting their experiences in a new and exotic mountain bike environment. The guys at 661 were stoked on the idea and we were all excited to get out shooting for the week.

Overall I’m really happy with how the video came out. It was tricky to know beforehand whether the concept was going to work, especially with riders who aren’t used to shooting for 6 days straight! In that respect it was a bit of a leap of faith but it turned out that Ash and Haby did a great job and we all had an incredible time riding and shooting. Even though I’ve been out to Madeira three times now, every time I’ve been to new tracks and locations and the charm and variety of this small island continues to blow my mind! A big thank you to all that believed in the project and supported us!
Aaron Bartlett

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Vink and Anderson Shredding Madeira
by Bart Cautaertst
bigquotes"From the first touch on the tarmac until the bikes were full of dust: every step traveled in Madeira dropped our jaw a bit more to the ground. You can believe the hype: every square inch of this island looks like it’s designed to ride a mountain bike on. The whole island looks four countries into one: every area had a different surface and background. The Freeride Madeira crew makes the most of what they have and shaped the mountain into awesome trails. Not only that, but they also showed us their hidden treasures and took us to the most amazing restaurants and viewpoints. Every stop made us feel like we were in some kind of movie and some could as well have been used as a location for the new Jurassic park. Every day in Madeira ends at the sea, the perfect background for a beer and some nice food.Bart Cautaertst

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Lonely Island
by Ettienne Van Rensburg

bigquotesWhen I got the invite to take part in the Film Festival back in December I had no doubts as to who I wanted to be in my crew, a call and text later and we had Matt Hunter onboard as well as Bryn North. Two Africans and a Canadian going into the unknowns of Madeira. Matt would be doing the riding, naturally, we started throwing around ideas and toned it down from jumping out of military helicopters to something we'd like to call "Lonely Island" Matt arrives on the island and can't seem to find anyone else, he sets off on his own to explore the vast diversity there is to be found on all the corners of Madeira. During the film you'll see many different sides of Madeira being showcased, there's a stark contrast between the landscape and something's it's just a thirty minutes drive from one of the other spots. We've never really filmed a mountain bike "edit" so this was a new challenge for us but working with Matt was a treat and we learned a lot, he is a true perfectionist and takes a lot of pride in his work, there's a reason he is the godfather of Freeride mountain bike.

The island is truly a beautiful place, with great food and people. John, from Freeride Madeira, graciously drove us around every day to all the spots and at night showed us the local spots to eat and hangout. Madeira solidified a special place in all our hearts and we look forward to returning soon.
Ettienne Van Rensburg

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Four Corners
by Jacob Gibbins

bigquotesMadeira is my favorite place in the world to shoot mountain biking, I have been about ten times now and so when I got the invitation to be part of the Film Festival it was a no brainer and I got straight on the phone to Olly Wilkins. Olly is one of the best, fastest and most stylish riders in the UK on a trail bike, he's also f*cking funny and great fun to be around. The perfect recipe for this project. We had been chatting about ideas for videos here and there for years so decided we would try something with a bit of humor, but not cheap dick jokes kind of funny, a bit more polished. I got my good mate and top filmer Ben Walton in to help with the shoot as two cameras are always better than one and the rest is history. A lot of time editing, a lot of time on WhatsApp talking over the finer points and we are stoked with the outcome and hope you lot are too. The Four Corners.Jacob Gibbins

Each team was invited with the criteria of gratification for passed collaborations with Freeride Madeira. We would like to thank the filmmakers and riders for their hard work. A special thanks to Pinkbike and Visit Madeira for making this project a reality. We can't wait to welcome you in Madeira!

See you on May 9 when voting begins!

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 @wakidesigns with the amount of time you spend on this site commenting on every single article many many times iam starting to doubt if you even ride. Let alone ride madeira.It would be funny if it turned out you were just some geek jacking it over bikes in his mother's basement.
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 Funny how for me, Madeira is a place so cool that I don't need to ride there. It's just amazing to be there and see it.
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 that just sounds like not being good enough with extra steps
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 @morcombemedia: I don't know what that means but may the bird sing in your favor today
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 to be honest you're not missing that much by not riding. pretty cool views, but the trails are not mind blowing in quality (good but not great...). But can image its a great place for the videographer
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 @Monkeyass: I'm not sure which trails you rode, but there's some amazing stuff there. A huge range of different styles; rain forests, volcanic rock, dust, loam, steep and tech, wide open and fast, huge jumps... the list goes on. Definitely one of the best trips I've had, and about 10 of my mates (Including Jacob Gibbins, maker of the Four Corners film, above^^) all list it highly too. The landscapes, views and food are the icing on the cake.
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 @WAKI really good Wifi I presume?

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 I want to drive a 1970 Fiat 124 Abarth Spider there before I die. Or before the Russian steel rusts out.
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 @endlessblockades: yes! Roads are unbelievable there. I have no clue how they put it together economically to build so many roads of such great quality. I drove Fiat Panda there, and it was fantastic already. I'd trade my carbon bike for a weekend in Lotus Elise on these roads... Sweet Jesus...
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 On the lookout for places to ride throughout Europe when I visit Spain next summer. This place is now on my radar. Got a lot of research to do still being fresh to the mtb scene. Talk about overwhelming.
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 Lonely island has to be the best biking video I've seen yet. And it's only a trailer. The places look insane, the fog, the ridge, etc. and some great riding with wicked editing. Love it
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 Madeira is probably my favourite place in the world. Ridden there three times and can't wait to go back! I recommend going with the Bikulture guys.
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 Planning on living there for two months from late Sept to late November.... looking forward to the vids...
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 Madeira is an awesome place to ride. Period.
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 Lonely Island so far for me.
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 Vink and Anderson
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 cant wait for the sick recap videos!!
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 maaan nico vink is such a boss
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 My vote goes to Lonely Island, my mind goes to Madeira, my body has to stay here in Finale. Could be worst.
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 Looks like no place is immune to the scourge of Blue Gum/Eucalyptus.
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 Rode for a week here last summer - quite simply stunning. Just go.
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 great spot!!

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