Video: Hucking to Flat in Urban DH Races

Feb 12, 2015 at 13:47
by Fullface Productions  
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Tomas Slavik and Filip Polc came to south America, where they took part in the Downhill Urbano Industrial in Talcahuano, Chile to test their bikes and get used to urban races before the City Downhill World Tour opener in Santos, Brazil.

Talcahuano Urban DH race

Talcahuano Urban DH race

Talcahuano Urban DH race

Talcahuano Urban DH race

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Video by: Fullface Productions
Photo by: Jan Kasl

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 Kudos to the riders rocking the hardtails, pretty sick!
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 For sure, ht's can shred the streets just as hard!
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 More Kudos to the guy on the marin with a prosthetic leg!
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 Random humans and animals makes this category interesting. It's like playing Need For Speed with max traffic level.
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flag sicsoma (Feb 13, 2015 at 18:54) (Below Threshold)
 don't mean to be a "contrarian", but there is NOTHING about riding an mtb that's anaoagous to playing video games
  • 2 4
 Except the need to use near-superhuman skill and reflexes to dodge obstacles while traveling at warp speeds. The main difference is that video games are digital and mountain biking is... not.
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 Should be renamed 'no hucks to flat'
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flag codyDH14 (Feb 12, 2015 at 23:24) (Below Threshold)
 ???? there were heaps of hucks to flat
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 Show me one, everything was squashed
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 why have i got negative props?
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 Huge props to Adolfo Almarza for riding gnarly stuff like that with his "disability." Sick to see that his legs arnt holding him back!
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 When i see those Marin i know i would see him. Props to him for the love of the sport
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 Hardtails represent!
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 I always wonder watching these urban tracks like Valpo etc why they don't run Maxxis Hookworm's? surely they'd be perfect on the concrete?
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 My cousin uses them, because of the inverse tread pattern they are a lot thicker than normal tyres and weigh a f***ing tonne, not what you want in a race run really, so the huge rotational mass probably outweighs the grip benefit. I see your thinking though Smile
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 try dmr motos for urban riding or other dj tires, not too heavy and no knobbles that need cutting off.
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 The weight saving doesn't seem like a reasonable argument, because most DH tyres are also around that weight.

DMR Moto's would probably be to snakebitey. Great tyres, but for pure stair hucking something bigger should be better. Also thicker sidewalls means you can run lower air pressure, so more grip and more smooth rides.

At the first glance I would also say I'd run Hookworms, but I think they probably have much less grip on stairs (especially for braking). The knobs of a DH tyre actually grab the edges of the stairs creating a lot more grip, where slicks would maybe start slipping faster.
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 i found the hookworm not as grippy as i hoped. its like you are relying on just a single dense tread point verse a knobby with several spread out points, like multiple fingers tips that each feel out to find purchase. they roll fast! like sh!t off a shovel.
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 Because , sponsorship. And also DH tyres generally have the best side wall construction
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 Mattin - Good point about the nobbles grabbing the stairs! ...didn't think of that. I reckon a good best of both worlds option might be to use a normal DH tyre but cut the centre nobbles right down, but still leave the outside nobbles to grab the stair lips.
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 Watched it with the volume off and just enjoyed the cinematography (is that the right word?) and the talent. Good stuff
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 1:29.. Wait is that... Yes it is!! See kids, it can be done with fine results. Extra props to that dude.
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 It’s awesome to see the fans right on the course… literally in some cases… great enthusiasm from the crowd. Props to them!
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 Are they already riding the new Ghost Prototype bike with the riot link adopted for DH?
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 Heard the song in so many edits since Moto 6 came out, still a tune though.
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 Kinda like the Baja 1000 through the streets of Mexico...
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 has anyone ever been doored?!
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 Czechs kicking ass again Cammy!
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 111 days boss!
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 Yep its fast approaching man!
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 0:32: cotic bfe
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 Great video!
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 Song was stolen from @bdjbradley
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