Video: Slavik and Polc Prepare for CDWT

Feb 23, 2015 at 9:34
by Fullface Productions  

Fourcross world champion, Tomas Slavik and the king of urban downhill, Filip Polc spent a week in Bikepark Nevados de Chillan to train for first two races of CDWT in Santos and Valparaiso. The trails were super dusty after month without rain and the guys had a chance to train in conditions which are impossible to find close to home.

Filip Polc Tomas Slavik at Bike park Nevados de Chillan 2015

Filip Polc Tomas Slavik at Bike park Nevados de Chillan 2015

"It is always good to train with someone else, with someone who is as great as you are. If you train alone you never push it 100%“ - Tomas Slavik.

Filip Polc Tomas Slavik at Bike park Nevados de Chillan 2015

Video: Fullface Productions
Photo: Jan Kasl

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 seems like a weird way to train for concrete
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 Well they can't really bomb it around the streets and the skills on a mountain generally translate over to urban downhill riding.
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 I hate dust. Makes me think of summer... longer days... warmer temps... holidays... whoa, sorry just got a bit nostalgic for a moment.
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 F@ck me, am I the only one who has noticed it seems the average vid lately is well under two minutes?

....and for those who didn't notice,the truck @ the beginning is a Ford Ranger, completely redesigned for 2014, but not sold in North America........everywhere else on the globe, just not sold in North America........because it might take a few sales away from the F150, on which the margins are mui buenoSmile
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 and the best part................... 3.2-liter in-line five-cylinder turbo-diesel, making 200 hp!
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 makes me very sad=/
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 Why has almost every American a pickup?
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 thats a very big exaggeration. a quick stat search from a reputable source shows your claim is false unless you assume "almost every" is 1 out of 5. - see table 20

pickups are very useful vehicles because of the large flat bed with open top and sides. they are useful for private and commercial material transport and double as private transportation. much better than a bmw or mercedes or vw coupe. you know, the cars that almost every german drives.
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 Yeah, you're right. I used this hyperbolism to clarify that the average pick-up concentration in America is way bigger than in Europe. I mean who needs a Pick-Up in a big city? It costs only tons of fuel...
When you look at German streets you hardly see any private Pick-Ups. Where I live there are very much american soldiers (I live near the Air Base Ramstein, if you ever heard of it) and over 75% of the Pick-Up's or heavy SUV's you see are american.
I mean, sure they are great and I don't want to be offensive to anybody. I just want to understand why there are way more Pick-Up's in the US than in Europe.

2011 in Germany, 13.358 Pick-Up's were sold in total, while there were over 3,6 million new registrated cars.

(Sorry for my bad english)
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 A few thoughts about why concentration is bigger in could start delving in to the "culture" of autos (e.g., autos perceived as a tool versus entertainment) and how they differ between countries but I'll comment on what I believe are more tangible reasons:

1) Unfortunately, fuel costs are cheaper in US than Europe. Americans just don't prioritize fuel cost and economy as much as other countries. That leads to auto purchase decisions that do not prioritize fuel economy and prioritize other things like utility.

2) US is huge and depending on the city, even the dense cities have more physical space set aside for autos than other countries. Having a large truck isn't necessarily an inconvenience in large cities.

3) Less sure about this but auto market is different in US than other countries (because of #1 and because of our auto "culture"). The portfolio of a given US auto maker has a higher proportion of trucks to cars than auto manufacturers in other countries. Given #1, this makes sense. But for undecided auto buyers, they may be influenced by larger variety of autos compared to other countries that may have a more "limited" selection.
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 Okay, thank you for taking time to answer me. I appreciate it. The Pick-Up thing is probably just a prejudice Wink
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 Hi guys, I saw this discussion and there's a couple things I would like to add, since I love pick ups and have lived both in the US and in Europe.
Having a pick up is also necessary for a lot of people. Even though the US is famous for its metropolitan cities (NY, Chicago, LA, etc) a big part of the American Citizens live on the Country side or have at least land out in the woods or a boat to transport, so that's why it is necessary to have a Pick up, specially if they drive through snowed fireroads 4 months a year.
In Germany almost everything has some sort of paved access and when in need of transporting something big the supplier or the vendor will deliver the service.
I live in Mexico right now and here is a different story, there are still lots of unexplored areas which are not paved, so for MTBers is a must to have a pick up.
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 I just want to get this clear, I like pick ups too!
@jesusrendon Where have you lived in Europe, if you don't mind my asking?
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 Im great
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 You're the greatest!
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 maybe, one day, I`ll be as great as you. thats my dream. dream big or go home
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 we rule!
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 Sorry guys but whats CDWT?
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 not sure if you are trolling, but CDWT stands for city downhill world tour
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 thanks Jose. I didnt really know
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 I am somebody
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 looks insanely dry
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 awesome shots
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 kluci, hustý

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