Video: Adam Craig Aboard the New Giant Trance

Aug 8, 2016 at 14:34
by Giant Bicycles  
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bigquotesThis whole Trance development process has been a good time. Every prototype, from the initial geometry mule to the final Trance Advanced composite sample has been ridden on these delightful forested trails of Cascadia. We also spent some serious time in the desert and down in SoCal with the whole team, getting the widest breadth of experience with the new platform. It's been great being able to call upon both the Giant and RockShox engineering teams to iron out the details of what makes this bike so much fun to ride. Alive but supportive, always ready for more, whether it's smashing, cruising or climbing.

Giant Trance 2017
Giant Trance 2017

Giant Trance 2017

Giant Trance 2017

bigquotesFor me, the new Trunnion mounted Metric shock in the updated Maestro suspension is the star of the equation. Having the bike tied together so well with the composite upper link and driving that Deluxe shock (what I'm riding here, or Super Deluxe on some models) so accurately produces the traction and poise I've always wanted out of this mid-travel platform. Side benefit, our Rear Shock Product Manager at RockShox, Chris Mandell, and Kevin Dana, Giant's Global Senior Off-Road Category Manager, are both BMXers at heart who just love to ride. Lap after lap of our test sessions were filled with silly gap jumps and giggles.

Then we got back to the process of figuring out how to tune the shock to produce those sensations for everyone. The lower air pressures realized by lowering our leverage ratio and depending more on support from the compression circuit work perfectly with the longer, lower and shorter geometry to bring us these good times. I''ll take it. Thanks for all the great work, folks. Go ride your bikes. - Adam Craig, Giant Factory Off-Road Team

Photos by Cameron Baird


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 Where do you think that microphone is positioned? I like RAW videos but the audio is a bit over the top.
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 They fake it all in a studio. MTB filming has come a long way since the first Collective film....
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 I like silent MTB films, black and white, shot on film, with real sets and practical effects. No green screen. I prefer a story driven narrative as opposed to all this action in-your-face stuff.
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 @scott-townes: not the first collective film but seasons has to be my all time favourite
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 It kept sounding like a car driving on gravel...
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 is it me or does it sound like the bike has an airplane jet engine on the back when he jumps and gets close.
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 Adam Craig is a hero.
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 A Maineiac doing us New Englanders proud
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 @Offrhodes: Whether on the mountain bike or the cross bike, he seems to embody style, flow, class, commitment, and fun. Emphasis on fun.
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 Its interesting isn't it - ignoring the blatant marketing and obvious commercialisation of the sport to which this website is a sort of shrine - why do we watch these videos? If we are looking for a mid-travel trailbike are we actually looking to see if we can distinguish the minute handling differences between this one and another? Are we looking to see if the bike is better than another bike of any type? We have no bike to compare these images to. Also, if I were riding this bike it would look far less spectacular so I am not really watching to see if the bike is making the rider look so good. Are we imagining ourselves riding this bike with the skill of the rider? but what has this got to do with the bike? Do we assume he has become that skillful over time because the bike has facilitated his training? but the bike is brand new and the rider had to have practiced on another bike. To get to the real reason we have to observe that these videos are completely imaginary scenarios. For one thing the image of the lone-rider tackling the gnarliest trails is factually inaccurate, because the lone rider is riding around blatantly ignoring all the folk distributed around the forest holding cameras and flying drones; in some cases there are probably teams of people carrying various things around to help build the fantasy of the lone-rider. Secondly, the rider exists at the top of some kind of pinnacle of physical ability which not even the toughest EWS troopers can attain: Not only does the rider manage to tackle to most obscure, gnarly, high-octane trails in one flowing, unfaltering run, but he manages to do so without breaking a sweat, without becoming dirty, without slapping a pedal of his little shin, or requiring a chocolate milk. He carries no tools. He fears no bears. The fallacy though is that we do not know this: we do. And yet we still watch. Not only that but we help create this fantasy ourselves. We film ourselves, we pretend to be the lone-rider, we take out the music to further give it the illusion of realism. There is a definite difference between a video of this nature and a head-cam race run. One we watch like children reading a comic, pretending to be the hero. The other we watch a hero, and tell ourselves that it can be done. Giant make sure there is only one bike in the frame so that we associate the freedom of being the hero with one thing only, and actually we all already own something very similar - the thing someone else rode around a bit in a forest a couple of years ago. I would like to know whether 'the pros' in our sport also pretend to be the hero, to carve a turn like they see in the movies, or imitate the runs of past legends? There's your sociology/ marketing essay, £5 for the lot, all the best, god bless
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 You omitted penis connotations the the brands name. And the way the company managed that problem when releasing a line of womens bikes. Some husbands must be gutted though, for missing a chance for self-boasting.

Anyways, I think most men who buy short travel bikes try to appear as heroes for tackling rough tracks on theoretically small bikes. That is off course a manifestation of minority complex where they think that if Enduro is raced on 160 bikes then they are not worthy. I call it a BS because those new trail bikes are basically 130 frames with componentry and geometry of 160 frames. Hormonal imbalance combined with being simply tired with the bike they have and wanting to try something new.

Ah yes, the issue of RAW videos, so many of those now. Expect plenty of slow mo in 2 years. And people will love the first ones.

Did I miss anything? How about this video being just a record of a guy riding in front of a camera several times, and wankers like you and me being the sick shits overthinking everything? Thank you...
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 So what your saying is that Giant shouldn't advertise thier product how they see fit?
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 lol wut
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 @Shinobi13: what I am saying is not that this is either good or bad or should be one way or another. I make the observation that all sports require equipment but that extreme sports and mountain biking in particular advertise that equipment in a certain way - through examples just like this video. But it goes deeper than that because we consume these images and know what to make of thrm, indeed as I say we make similar images ourselves. And I find that an interesting distinction to make between our sport and others like moto for example - certainly more interesting than doing whatever I am supposed to be doing.
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 @browner: yea because in moto you get girls in strings by a 2 seater truck larger tha na fkng bus, to make guys buy motorbikes and drink Bud while watching races. I'd rather take MTB commercials. Talking of psychological profile of the target group... I talked to a skills coach once, he'd take a smart arse with roadie background over a tough moto dude ANYTIME. Then another skills coach to whom I told that story, said, oh yea...
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 I just enjoy that in the course of advertising the companies make some great edits.
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 shit, I thought this was a comment section - not a dissertation paper
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 @Grmasterd: who actually read all of this? Sheesh.
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 He's bitching because mtb riders demand brands sponsor top level riders and film videos of them on rad trails for us to even consider buying their stuff? Would he perhaps prefer the auto model whare Giant would pay tons of $$$ licensing a hit song and then pay even more for a celebrity to voice over narration on the ethereal qualities of the bike set to artistic shots of the product?
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 Adam Craig was great to have around at the Trans BC. He went out of his way to thank the volunteers and show his appreciation for the event and then throw down some serious bike riding- a gentleman and a fast MFer.
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 Why isn't Adam Craig participating in Enduro events?

He used to excel at Super-G & is capable of going up a hill quick.
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 Oops - Super-D.
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 @hifiandmtb: I recall he did well in the EWS one or two years ago, but he's been laying low it seems. I love his riding style, his interviews, and his general positivity. He raced the Carson City 50, for what it's worth.
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 @Grimes1405: He is racing in North America. 2nd in the Trans BC enduro in July.
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 @tigen: That's right. The pictures from Trans BC were downright ludicrous. Gorgeous trails!
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 Got to see him at the North Shore Enduro last summer in BC and have never felt like a worse rider than watching him fly down the trails I struggled on.
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 sweet edit. now want. would be rad for fromme
  • 7 6
 Can you please disclose the trail location? I am from the PNW and just can quite name this trail which looks amazing.
  • 11 6
 Sorry, no.
  • 5 6
 Don't ask don't tell man.
  • 14 2
 Its in San Diego, SOCAL... pretty cool place.
  • 7 2
 Looks like Forest Park to me. Amazing riding, right in PDX.
  • 1 1
 @mwills: Shit dude, meant to press the up arrow. Everyone should move to PDX-amazing trails.
  • 3 1
 i hear that trail is in forest park
  • 1 3
 I thought PDX was one of the least mtb-friendly towns in the region...
  • 3 2
 @pdxkid: @mwills there are no trails within an 30 minutes of Portland that are worth riding. We still drive an hour out to get to anything worth a full day. Portland hates mountain bikers and makes good shit illegal.
  • 2 1
 @DrPete: your absolutely right. Portland hates mountain bikers... it sucks having to drive over 45 minutes to get out to trail.
  • 3 0
 @Holstermx26: Sucks. Well, at least Thrillium is reasonably close.
  • 3 1
 @DrPete: If you do enough research, or ask the right people, there is a kick-ass set of trails in a place that sounds a lot like Braappoose.
  • 1 0
 @joepax: I'm usually at Capitol Forest and north but I'll do the homework next time I head south. Thanks.
  • 1 2
 @joepax: nope no such thing... thats how you get stuff shut down. dont even talk like that man...
  • 2 0
 @Holstermx26: I already forgot. Smile
  • 1 0
 @joepax: logging, trails no mo. I'm sure you have seen it.
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 That video put me in a trance.
  • 2 0
 Damn. How do I get my bike to sound like that?
  • 2 0
 carbon hoops
  • 2 0
 I'm so looking forward to delivery of my new trance Eeeeeeeeeeee
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 sounds like there in a bird enclosure, over done it with the fake bird noises
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 Just realized how similar the Giant Bicycles logo is to the Pepsi Cola logo...
  • 2 0
 The guy from "Off Road to Athens"?
  • 1 1
 Sick edit !!!! Cant wait to get my hands on one of those bikes !!!!!! Nice work to all .
  • 3 3
 Sweet, but didn't his pack seem to high on his back??
  • 2 2
 yeah notably miniature and high.
  • 2 1
 looks like a reaction to the enduro fanny pack. actually, i bet this would flop around a lot less than a regular backpack too
  • 2 1
 @xeren: I just thought it looked uncomfortable up there, I find a pack to high feels weird and screws up the center of balance..
  • 1 0
 Seriously?!! You need to go ride yer damn bike!!
  • 1 0
 @dirtbagluvin: Don't worry, I ride all the time.. just an observation, don't stress about it..
  • 1 1
 I flippin' love WA.
  • 3 0
 Canada is great
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