Video: Enduro Rider Morgane Such Takes Claudio Caluori to Scuol in an Instagram Challenge

Jul 28, 2021 at 1:57
by graubuendenBIKE  

Morgane Such is part of a new generation of mountain bikers: she is fast, she is young, she rides all kind of different bikes and she knows the social media game by heart. There is no better teacher for Claudio Caluori to learn just what it takes to put together the most likeable Instagram edit ever. For the 5th and final episode of “Take Claudio to the Limit” Morgane and Claudio visit Scuol in the Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair bike region with the mission to boost their social media game and showcase the area as well as themselves in the best possible way.

Photos: © Filip Zuan

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 Oh no...I thought the video with Bruni was just weird as a one off. This is even weirder like a storyline on BangBros
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 Some Brit just referenced Bangbros on Pinkbike... We've entered the twilight zone... Wink
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 @mybaben: Next week on Pinkbike: Claudio takes on 8 year old dirt jumper in a game of Bike Horse.. and gets destroyed!

It's not actually weird, it's predictable.
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 cancelling my Instagram and face book accounts just made even more sense
  • 19 1
 It's an amazing feeling, which is almost sad to say, but I absolutely love that I have zero clue what's going on with random people that aren't my close friends.
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 Many steps to go through as they don't want to lose more product (you are Facebook's product), but also download your data from those platforms prior to deleting your account. You'll see just how much they track.
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 @RUSTYBOI77 What, you don't regret the missed opportunity to see Claudio naked on Instagram? Wink

@hi-dr-nick You're on Pinkbike regularly precisely to get a clue what's going on with random people that aren't your close friends...

I'm gonna make a wild guess that you check "normal" news sites too from time to time. So you kinda know a lot about a lot of random people who aren't your close friends.
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 PinkSide will have our credit card info soon enough and just start sending us what the marketing algorithms tell us what we want.
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 Seems like to do this properly; 25% of ride is actually riding, the remining 75% is split equally between getting the perfect shot multiple times, editing and posting w/write up....
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 @bananowy: you’re really reaching buddy. Regular news is vastly different than random followers.
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 @hi-dr-nick: Not "vastly" different at all IMHO, especially PB, but that's just my opinion of course and I respect yours.

I'm genuinely curious though, why did you allow random followers and/or followed random people instead of just your friends in the first place? You're kinda blaming the app for something that was entirely under your control.

Look, I'm not saying there's no benefit to getting off instagram, especially for some people who maybe are more vulnerable. More power to you if it keeps you happy. It's just funny when people brag about not using one social medium on another social medium (which PB essentially is).

Only if you choose to provide it to them, no?
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 Well, that was completely pointless
  • 17 0
 I've certainly reached my limit with these videos....
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 Yo dawg! I here you like videos! so here's a video of our crew taking videos of riders videoing their ride
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 Didn't watch the video. Just came for the comments.
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 the still frame on the video link says everything you need to know....
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 and the OSCAR goes to....lets hope the at least the PR agency had a blast, embarrassing..
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 woop de frickin doo, more riding for the gram...
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 If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
If a ride is not on Instragram, did it ever happen?
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 "Morgane Such is part of a new generation: [...] she is young"

You don’t say.
  • 6 0
 this time not even watching.
Considering the comments it's as batshit stupid as all the others. Way to go @graubuendenBIKE
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 It's 3:33 of your life you can better use doing virtually anything at all. Or even nothing at all.
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 Its easy to poke holes in the flimsy plot of a marketing video, but please remember that the all the different Swiss tourism agencies and govt money going into stuff like this goes hand in hand with the Swiss Sweep of the womens MTB podium yesterday.

MTB is THE sport for many, many people in the alps and for the most part MTB is widely accepted and pushed.The Swiss villages, sport groups, sports university, etc are all in part reposnsible for the crazy high number (per capita) of very solid riders: Yeah it can be a bit weird....but the results speak for themselves, lots of people living in Switzerland make a pretty tidy living in one way or another from MTB.
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 Morgane is French
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 @mi-bike: Where did the burrito dude suggest otherwise?
  • 2 0
 So people all around the world should be happy to suffer through these videos, so the Swiss can have their people on the podium?
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 Should have both chilled out after the ride in Bogn Engiadina in Scuol. (wellness spa). We discovered it by accident. After kayaking down Scuols gorge the team were looking for food and found this amazing place to chill out in. Its stunning!! I am sure they will let mountain bikers in as well...haha.
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 So much unnecessary hate..
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 I feel like I'm out of the loop on this one lol. Why the hate so much? Because they took selfies?
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 Instagram is fuel for depression.
  • 1 1
 As is most social media....
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 this should be locked behind paywall
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 When you realize a part of what you have to pay for your new bike is used to provide this weird Instagram content ...
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 way too much claudio, not nearly enough morgane. she’s the bees knees.
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 as Charlie Strong once said while coaching UT football here in Austin...."Social media is the downfall of society."
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 Not as bad as nictoc or whatever it’s called !
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 Is Claudio no longer a representative or sponsored by SCOTT bikes? First time I can recall seeing him ride another brand since I knew who he was.
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 Locations are absolutely stunning. What a place to ride.
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 Dang that Spec Enduro is sexy!
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 Scuoled--Claudio is such a Morgan
  • 2 0
 what? no eBike?
  • 1 0
 MTB videos have jumped the shark.
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 Antisocial media!
  • 1 1
 "Influencer"...yawn. Nice trails though.
  • 7 10
 I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed that.
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