Video: The Making of Shreds or Tails

Nov 6, 2013 at 17:23
by Colin Field  

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When it comes to making a great mountain bike edit, it takes more than just shooting your buddies on a piece of trail with your iPhone. It takes a great trail, great riders and great editing to make it work. And that’s exactly what Ben Reasbeck, Kyle Easby and Brian Hunt set out to do this fall. Reasbeck and Easby are two Town of the Blue Mountains locals that have a vested interest in making the Ontario scene look good.

"Ontario gets a bum rap,” says Easby, “and we just want to show that there are great trails in Ontario.

If you case this landing you ll likely break a frame. Ben knows this firsthand.

And there are great trails because Easby and Reasbeck build them. Whether there is a camera out there or not, these two guys are out in the woods building trails and scoping new ones all year long. Combine that tireless work ethic with the colours of fall and the endless amount of gear that Brian Hunt shoots with, and a great edit was nearly guaranteed.

Humping gear as always.

Hunt’s no stranger to shooting action or mountain biking. He’s been doing it forever. The creator of the classic Canadian BMX movie, CBR, he’s filmed with everyone from John Heaton to Wade Simmons. And when he’s passionate about a project he’s ready to hike everything out into the woods. Including weights; he literally drags dumbbells out into the woods to counter-weight his crane.

Jumping into the criss cross line on Ben s Trail.

I spent two days out there with these guys, crushing beers and carrying gear for Brian Hunt. It was damn good time. And it is always killer to see the final product come out so great. Here are some of the pics I took during those two days, and Hunt's edit to go along with it.

Here s the whip that won the Blue Mountain whip off.

Some of the equipment Brian Hunt used to make this video include:

Sony NEX FS700 - for super slow mo of 120fps and 240fps
Metabones EOS to Emount to put Canon lenses on the Sony
Canon EOS C300 digital cinema camera with EF mount
GoPro Hero 3 Blacks x 2 and 1 GoPro Hero 3+
Dactylcam GoRig with GoPro attached
Phantom Quadrocopter with Zenmus H3-2D Gimbal

Brian Hunt s Quadracopter clocking footy.

Spinny GoPro rig, Rhino Camera gear and Rhino Swivel Mount
Jib/Crane, Kessler Crane, Pocket Jib and Kpod Tripod legs

Slaying the big set with Brian Hunt s crane following closely.

Tripods, Miller Solo 20, best documentary uses tripod out there.

Canon lenses:
Tokina 11-16 f2.8
Canon 16-36 f2.8
Canon 24-105 IS f4
Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 70-200 IS f2.8

On Camera monitor, Small HD AC7 7.7 OLED

Edited in Adobe Premiere CS6, titles done in Adobe Aftereffects CS6 and Color correction was done with Film Convert.

Overlays done with Lumineux by Crumble Pop.

Nose bonk on the fence post.
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  • + 6
 Firstly, awesome work- such a tight production. Secondly- thanks for sharing all this info with people who aspire to be in your position one day. You have confirmed my choice of lens for Christmas (Tokina 11-16). Cheers!
  • + 6
 Great video man. Id go see a lawyer with a case like that though.
  • + 5
 I like the name... but come on what about Shreads or Trails???
  • + 2
 Great vid, loved every aspect! Cams and filming fly over my head like these guys over jumps but thanks for including it. Music made it super heavy, really nice.
  • + 2
 Brian is the man!! Rode and dug with him at the old groundhog trails in Georgetown! Nicest and funniest dude out there!! Congrats
  • + 3
 Sick vid! And what a case to finish it off!
  • + 0
 Nice work. Guessing you shot SLOG on the FS700? Good to see people using proper tools and workflows. BTW, do you use Miller heads too, or just legs?
  • + 12
 errrr...what he said ^
  • + 3
 Using proper tools?
Not everyone can afford $20,000+ worth of "proper tools".
  • + 0
 errrr...what he said ^
  • + 1
 LOVED them rhino swivel mount shots - blew my mind when I realised the camera was movin round you - sik lad
  • + 1
 Can someone link me to a swiveling GoPro helmet mount like the one used in this video? I'd love to get one.
  • + 2
 Dude, there's a link in the article below the quadcopter photo- Rhino Swivel Mount- neat little design but $125 though
  • + 1
 Aha! Thanks, man. Didn't catch that!
  • + 3
 really nice video guys
  • + 1
 Wow! That is one of the best edits I have seen in a long time. Nice Camera Work!
  • + 1
 lots of potential POD 1st and 4th photo awesome pics
  • + 1
 loving that helmet cam footage
  • + 1
 Awesome colors perfect Wink nice movie continue
  • + 1
 so a shit ton of money pretty much is what your saying
  • + 1
 Keep up the good work guys. Loved it!!!
  • + 0
 this is how mountain bikers finish a movie. with a bad crash and no second attempt
  • + 1
 Waterdown represent! Awesome vid.
  • + 1
 Ya Ben! Nice work bud.
  • + 1
 really nice camera work
  • + 1
 Great Vid Colin, !

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