Freeride Legend Jordie Lunn Signs with Halo Wheels

Feb 27, 2017 at 1:55
by Halo Wheels  
Jordie Lunn

Parksville raised Jordie Lunn has been pushing the limits of mountain biking since the early 2000’s. Having competed in World Cup downhill races, Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx slopestyle events and also starred in films such as “ROAM” and “The Collective”, Jordie is looked at as one of the most progressive riders on the scene. Jordie is continuing to push his riding in 2017 with his main focus on video projects, Fest Series events and coaching.

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bigquotesWe are beyond excited to start working with Jordie. His experience, attitude and general enthusiasm are second to none and we are looking forward to see what Jordie can do on board Halo. And yes, we almost have the same nameJordan Lunn, Sales and Marketing Manager of Halo

Jordie joins Halo’s tight-knit family consisting of former FMB champion, Sam Pilgrim and rising stars, Matt Jones and Alex Cahill.

bigquotesI'm pumped to have Halo supporting me this season! The wheels look excellent and I can't wait to get them rolling on some big jumps and stunts!Jordie Lunn

Jordie will be riding Halo Chaos wheels on his downhill and dirt jump bikes, along with Vapour 35 wheels on his trail bike, all fitted with Halo’s newest generation Supadrive equipped hubs. Rough AF 2 lands in spring. Here's a small teaser...

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 Halo!. Is it me your looking for?
  • 7 1
 Halo from the outside!
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 And also Yt bikes
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 Yes, saw it an FB too...
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 Hes gonna fit right in with Lacondeguy and the rest of the gang
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 @naadams2: Sausage Fest Series regulars for sure. - good fit. YT squad is booming like the DJIA
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flag dchawaii (Mar 2, 2017 at 11:47) (Below Threshold)
 @endlessblockades: would be sick to see aggy on a YT...
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 @dchawaii: eh I kinda like aggy on the kona and they've shown each other a lot of mutual loyalty over the years, plus the supreme operator is a sick ass bike.
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 It's always been to much for my pea brain to understand that there are 2 Jordie Lunns, and now Jordie Lunn is riding for Jordan Lunn! It's to much, I need a sit down.
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 For a second I thought he made his own wheel company and then sponsored himself.
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 @j-t-g: @Jestered1: hahahaha made my day xD
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 hahahaha :v
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 "when i saw Nickkk was running Halo on that sweet BigHit he's got, and he's been running them without a single taco since '06, i HAD to have them. Sickest hoops out there." - J Lunn
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 Is he sure a 24" wheel will fit a Tues?
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 @BenPea: he might be just crazy enough to try.. #makefreeridegreatagain
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 Halo wheels ain't pretty or cool or light but they will take a beating like no other. They are like the Chuck Norris of wheels, I almost feel sorry for the rock when I hear the "Kapang!" then my tire hissing out. I actually landed a jump after flatting and not a mark on it.
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 Idk man, my new vapour 35's are pretty cool and light! The supadrive hub is class too!
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 Ran into the snake hole.
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 What film was that from?
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 @therealtylerdurden: ROAM!!! Utah segment. "Even for riders like Wade Simmons and Jordie Lunn... moab remains a classic destination for a roadtrip.." Cantchahear the train bell dinging from that seggy?!!
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 @TamKid: Yes!! Thanks bro! Beer
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 God damn, this is a good video
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 Eventually buy our own excavator.
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 Cuz he needed lots of dirt.
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 What is it for
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 Eat your porridge
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 A backflip in the bush is worth 2 on the slope!
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 Don't forget his part in RIDE TO THE HILLS! My fave oldschool mtb film ever. Pretty sure I wore out that VHS cassette.
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 best mtb movie ever.
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 I guess this is what you get when you "Eat your porridge".
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 wouldnt be a pinkbike article without old Skankhunter24 talking his usual shit
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 Jordie Lunn = rock n roll.
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 Riding for halo, does he get to choose his frame or is their a secondary deal under the table deal?
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 Isnt that the tree jump Hunter hit in the Collective?
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 Is he still competing or filming?
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 Meaning, is he doing one over the other?
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 Justin Bieber rides mountain bikes?!
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 f*ck. I was just gonna ask if that was the Biebs
Thumbs up for you kind sir!
I think it's time to call a moratorium on Metal Mulisha wanna-be/look-alikes
Brian Deegan has sold out. He sells his clothing through Wal Mart now.
The "I'm bad, uh-huh' neck tats .are the purview of 'Bro's' that cut up their MX bikes to look the freestyle part, then proceed to roll everything on the vet track, until they get laughed off, then hop on their $10k KLX 110s and get lapped every lap by 8-year olds on KX 65's on the pee-wee track
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 @YoKev: HAHAHAH!!! I seen that happen at so many moto tracks! Also people like Brian Deegan and Metal Mulisha are also racist crypto-Nazis
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 Hot Chick: "Nice neck tattoo, you must be a underwater welder or a motorcycle gang leader"
Dude: " No , I ride mountain bikes"
Hot Chick: "Oh, let me introduce you to my friend."
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 I've seen a lot of this edit before somewhere - maybe on IG
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 It was already released a while ago, but it's sick enough that they reposted it, for this press release.
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 holy shit, the sales rep and the rider have the same name essentially
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 Jordy eat your porridge, eat your porridge Jordy...
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 that was great love the POV stuff
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 Oh fuck.
  • 1 0
 Crazy Fvcker.
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 Never heard of either
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 maybe you need to get out of Compton from time to time
  • 5 4
 @endlessblockades: thats pretty bigoted, especially for someone from SF, not very tolerant.
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 Jordie was the first to bring the Cork 720 to the MTB all the way back in 2006.
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 @marcsb95c: I'm being trolled, but Dude, your profile says you're from Compton. I would've said get outta anywhere it was if you haven't heard of either Halo or Jordie. If you're not really from Compton, what does that say about you, huh? huh? riddle me that. BTW I was one of a handful of crackers who was at the N.W.A./PE/EMPD show at Henry J. Kaiser in Oakland in the late 80s. Yes the 80s. Shady 80s, fooool.
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 @endlessblockades: cracka
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 @9:20min in this classic gem of a film from 2001:

He's been in the game, doing his thing ever since... Where you been?
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