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Video: Reed Boggs Shreds on a Snow Bike in 'Another Missile on the Mountain'

Oct 11, 2023 at 16:44
by Ron Hasselhof  

Ok, we’ve seen Reed Boggs and Nicholi Rogatkin shred on their ski bikes before in my past videos but this one doesn’t just present some boys' weekend in the mountains kind-of-fun, it begs a new question altogether. “Are ski bikes entering a stage of adoption like the snowboarding boom in the 1980’s?” And, as mountain bikers… we probably need to be paying closer attention because after creating this video, I really believe all bikers need to come see what the boards-as-wheels experience is all about.

Credit spencerkofoed

Credit spencerkofoed

This video, “Another Missile on the Mountain” pokes fun at a classic viral youtube video titled “Skiers VS Snowboarders” where a news report from 1985 interviews a rather snooty and ignorant resort manager and ski patroller about allowing snowboarders on the mountain. We all know how that story ends with snowboarding becoming an official Olympic sport in 1998 and creating icons like Shaun White.

Fairly quickly into this spoof, Reed plays the character of a young snowboarder establishing the safety of the new equipment and expressing confusion over why some resorts still don’t get it and prohibit ski bikes from their slopes.

Reed impersonates snowboarder from 1985

Much of the rest of the video is fairly verbatim from the original so you really get the idea that ski bikers are facing an uphill battle with resort operators in the winter. Meanwhile, I can’t help but think, “Aren’t these the same people who are adding more and more downhill mountain bike trails to resorts in the summer months? They know the inherent risks of riding bikes, they know the inherent risks of snow sports. If they are already promoting variations of the sports to attract guests, why would they oppose the combination of the two?”

Credit spencerkofoed
Credit spencerkofoed
Left: Reed has no problem loading and sharing a lift ride. Right: Reed tosses a bar spin. Flow trails and side hips are all over the place at Woodward, Park City.

Before long, the video unfolds into a really upbeat freeride edit featuring a pro skier, a pro snowboarder, and Reed Boggs all tearing up a terrain park jumping over and under each other and slashing turns. And, it looks fun as shit. Equipped with Fox suspension and Deity bars these latest SNO-GOs look like a blast and capable. Reed is tossing bar spins and tables all over the place and it really feels like there’s no difference between skiing, snowboarding, and snogoing.

bigquotesJust landed like four new tricks in 3 laps. This bike is insane.Reed

Credit spencerkofoed
Credit spencerkofoed
Credit spencerkofoed
Left: Arguably one of the raddest moments with all three riders hitting the same feature. Right: Reed lets one dangle.

As the video concludes, some text reveals that these bikes are now allowed at over 230 resorts and are gaining traction faster than the adoption of snowboarding. You’ve got to see the map. While there is plenty of dirt for another month or two, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the snow flying. Having ridden these bikes for a few seasons myself now, there’s something special about the experience behind bars on an open slope or through the trees compared to being bound to a single track.

bigquotesYou can ride wherever the hell you want and it just might be the purest expressions of freedom I’ve ever come across.Ron

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 I tried a snow scoot 2 seasons ago. Hated it - felt heavy and clunky and lacked control or feedback compared to skis or a board. It wasn't too bad on chair lifts (other than the hatred from most of the people around me), but telecabins were a nightmare as it didn't really fit. I could see them being fun in the park if you get good. But the feel is probably closer to a micro scooter than a bike, as there's no centrifugal force to hold you up. And I don't think people with a BMX background or skate boarders think scooters are cool...
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 Yeah if you get good, but what if you get good at skiing instead...
  • 9 3
 Totally agree. There's very little resemblance to the feeling of actually riding bikes. Added downside is unless you're as rad as Reed, everyone on the mountain thinks you're a dunce
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 Hey I just have to chime in here. You are entirely misinformed if you have not ridden a SNO-GO. These things are not snow scoots at all. Snow scoots lack the ability to articulate the skis with your center of mass over the inside edge of your outside ski like a pro skier. That is why you had a shitty experience on the snow scoot - the SLAT technology in a SNO-GO takes care of that which is why they are so damn fun and easy to pick up. The learning curve is like 30 minutes and for any seasoned mountain biker, you'll be jumping in the park within runs and pinning it through the trees.
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flag hasselhofbikes (Nov 2, 2023 at 10:03) (Below Threshold)
 @on-the-move: without being terd here I ski better than 99.9% of people on the mountain (insta @robaseltine if you want to verify that) and I still snogo for fun.
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 @hasselhofbikes: Why does this read like you had ChatGPT write an advertising piece for you?
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 you know what bike is better in the winter... a fat bike!!!!! Big Grin
  • 5 6
 @nickfranko: cause I'm the dude that writes the copy ChatGPT is trying to emulate.
  • 6 2
 @hasselhofbikes: I can't believe you're a pro, I'm so much better than you! ...easiest GNAR points of the season right there.
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 How is this different than snowblades while holding a bike handlebar?
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 @VtVolk: oh no, someone's mentioned snow blades! They're the micro scooter of snow sports! (Actually, I used them for a bit as they force you to ski parallel. But don't tell anyone!)
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 @hasselhofbikes: it’s still not a ski bike. Just a more complicated snow scoot.
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 @hasselhofbikes: You sound like you sell these but are pretending you don't sell these.
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 The inline ski bikes look interesting, but these tricycle versions just seem dumb - like having two little skis and then an outrigger. Why not just ski on 2 skis instead of 3 ? As a comment above said, what makes these any funner and better than skis ?

I'm not sure the inline ones are any funner but at least they are a different experience and the balance factor might make them sketchier fun.
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 Agree these one at least seem *slightly* cooler and more like bikes than trikes Id try it for shits, but prob sucks a lot more than just skiing or boarding.
  • 2 2
 They wanted to really push the bi=tri thing
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 @preston67 While the two ski versions of ski bikes seem like they'd give you the same feeling of riding a bike down the mountain, they actually don't. The best you get with the two ski version is an erratic drift because the skis are fixed to the frame. The three ski version that SNO-GO makes has an articulating ski, which means the ski can get an edge as you tilt the bike. You get the same kind of control and predictable turns as you would if you were on your bike. Also, don't get me wrong: skiing is way fun. But if you want to experience what it's like to ride a bike down a ski run, float through powder, and navigate tree lines like you would an enduro run, try it out.
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 I have three of the inline version and they are super fun. I used to snowboard, but now it collects dust. The trikes are sketchier because they arent as maneuverable and want to revert on ya quickly.
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 @Chives09: "aren't as maneuverable and want to revert on ya quickly" ... if they revert quickly, sounds really maneuverable to me.

...also the reason people revert is they wuss out or have been instructed improperly and sit in the back seat. its a pretty easy fix. Just get forward and apply pressure on the bars. Stoked you found ski biking though whatever you ride. It's a fun sport!
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 @mrgarin: For my covid project, I welded some brackets to put skis on an old bike frame. While it's a blast for sledding types of situations where you would basically go in a straight line, it is terrifying trying to go down a ski run on it. An erratic drift is an understatement. I really want to try one of these three ski sno-go's. My daughter who has special needs tried one since she can't hold her balance on skis and she had a blast. Looked just as fun for an able-bodied person.
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 Its a ski trike...
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 I rip on skis and board, but I'm getting old and my knees are trashed, these look fun and my local resort allows them, so maybe it's worth a go...

I want a super floaty pow version, so I'd need a whole new quiver Smile
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 100% man - is your ticket.
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 Helmets not required when freeriding on the snow???
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 Skateboard/bmx rules apply: fashion over function
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 No, not required at ski hills
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 Anyone is welcome to have fun however riding whatever they want, but these just look like a worse / more complicated version of regular skis to me. What is something you can do on a sno-go that you can't do on skis? Bar spin, cool bro. What is something you can do on skis that you can't do on a sno-go? Hmm, you know... actually SKI!
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flag hasselhofbikes (Nov 2, 2023 at 10:41) (Below Threshold)
 Happy to answer this one. I've been a sponsored ski athlete since I was 16.. now 38. Been snogoing for 4 seasons now and I have to say what is cool about it,- is the way I see terrain differently. I move through the trees differently. I brake and slash, bob and weave on entirely different lines that I would have overlooked on my skis. The fact I'm holding bars brings my face closer to action. It feels more like pinning a technical downhill on my mountain bike. It's incredibly exhilarating. Any athlete would be stupidly ignorant to not give these things a chance. Not every day is 12 inches of pow and steeps and frankly I miss riding my bike in the winter and this brings that back.

Snogos are just a different way to experience the mountain and I think its rad af because I love biking too. This is why I keep making videos of Reed and Nicholi. You guys realize that those guys love it right? This is not some.. hey "we'll pay you f*ck loads of money" stunt right? Reed volunteered to do this cause he thought it was dope and fun idea and he loves riding his snogo.

The other point I think you're missing here is that most people can't ski. 4/5 that try it quit after day 1. There's 50 million cyclists in america and only 3 million skiers. That's a huge gap. Snogos are stupidly easy to learn, take like 30 minutes and you're carving. It's f*cked up to be honest. It's almost too easy. I see nothing wrong with giving all 47 million of those cyclists that don't ski an alternative winter sport that is a familiar as riding their bike. More happy people doing healthy shit outside solves a lot of problems in my view.
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 @hasselhofbikes: Yeah I'm always thinking that when I'm up skiing - gee I wish there were even more people here !
  • 3 1
 @hasselhofbikes: "Any athlete would be stupidly ignorant to not give these things a chance"

stupid AND ignorant? NO!!! take my money!!!
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 @preston67: as a life long skier I get it. the reality is we actually need way more ski areas.. not resorts, areas, affordable areas. Like bike parks and trails but ski slopes to spread the community out. It's a shame it's so commercialized and I hope to fight the good fight against these mega resorts controlling our experiences. That said, if want any fight we need more participants and dollars coming into the industry. This is why I believe so strongly in sno-gos product. It brings in new participants and dollars at scale. With those dollars, we can direct change. It's the first step in the right direction.
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 A coil suspension setup would be more consistent and reliable. Pressures wouldn't change like crazy with altitude and temperature. Z1 bomber f and r.
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 Yeah, Bomber Z1 coil feels like the right weapon for this unit
  • 1 3
 ideally sure but snow seldom has roots and rocks and it's usually pretty smooth and powdery. suspension doesn't really do that much on a ski bike other than some softening of bigger impacts when you leave the ground.
  • 1 0
 @hasselhofbikes: We have very different snow
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 @hasselhofbikes: You ever been to Washington? Or anywhere in BC?
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 Ebike is loving this! Takes the hate away from them for a while. Just like snowboarding there will be a market, just like ebikes there will be a market. Hating now just makes you look stupid later, let people do what they want you don't have to ride one.
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 I used to be so good at GTing..
  • 2 0
 We used to pull them behind cars, and rip the snow in the ditches. Then snowboards came out, I spent many evenings being towed on my Black Snow Monster!
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 These are the answer to the question nobody’s asking
  • 3 0
 $5K CAD before duties. If you were worried that MTB wasn't expensive enough these guys have you covered.
  • 2 0
 vs $200 for a GT snowracer new (there's probably one you can borrow outside your nieghbour's house if they have kids) - they both have front sus too
  • 2 0
 @plyawn: or $200 for some decent used skis or a snowboard. $5k is crazytalk
  • 2 1
 This isn’t ski biking. Get a real ski bike with two skis. Lenz bikes makes good ones. Sno-go is a cancer to the sport. They’re trying to ban all other types of bikes from the mountains.
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 “They’re trying to ban all other types of bikes from the mountains.”

Is that true? Source on that? If it is true it sure would make the whole vid above pretty ironic.
  • 3 0
 Spoof is funny. Snowbikes…just no.
  • 3 0
 “Two dollars, I want my two dollars!”
  • 3 5
 Whoa, swing and a miss by the marketing department. Could care less if these were on the hill. Now, snowboarding in the early 90s, different story. It was real, not made up marketing. I only see these in lift lines and green run out trails. You’re not poaching any good lines with us, just ripping the bunny slopes and park… have at it.
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 I have a TNGNT ski bike that has inline skis. I take it to the same places that I normally snowboard which is steep chutes and into the glades. Once you get the confidence and skills you can go almost anywhere in the mountain
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 Tom Wallisch cameo??!!!!
  • 4 0
 The pretzel man! As well as Jonah Williams with the ski stunts
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 Easy, make a special trails for SNO-GOs like in downhill bike, no problem you dont have problems, with mixing all stuff.
  • 2 1
 "Equipped with Fox Suspension" - next 3 pictures have a DVO fork
  • 2 5
 New bikes have FOX see website... Reed was testing a DVO for snogo at the time of this shoot.
  • 1 2
 @hasselhofbikes: nice.. these things are super cool
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 All the time it,s returning in a different versions of it
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 ski TRI bike
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Well done!
  • 1 2
 Sharing the same space with Skiers and snowboarders is insurable?
  • 1 2
 Can you imagine if you hit someone with this going downhill?
  • 4 2
 yea man! they're just like a missile!! hahaha

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