Thermal Signature - Video

Nov 3, 2016 at 0:17
by Henrik Kjellman  
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Working in an office is often quite boring. Especially those days the weather outside is great and your biking friends are "working home" - meaning they for sure will spend some of their work hours in the saddle. FLIR engineer, Henrik Kjellman came up with an idea to follow his friends for some business hour riding. A new camera needed some testing and Henrik volunteered. The result? Mountain biking in a spectrum most people probably haven't seen before.

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 Really cool to see How Some parts heat up. Especialy the shocks
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 All I kept thinking of is predator! Get to da chopperrrrr!!!
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Fascinating to me:
1) Bodies are warmer than the shocks when riding
2) Heat on shin bones!
3) Heat buildup in the crook of arms

I'd love to see some thermal imagery shot at an XC race, just for kicks (@UCI do you hear me?)
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 As mentioned below a thermal image alone doesn't indicate temperature as different materials have different emissivity values so while the legs appear hotter than the brakes they're most definitely not!
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 @Nahguavkire: OK then! I am totally ignorant in thermal imagery... I thought the heat emissions were being measured off some sort of common baseline, hence my comment.
Still... never realized my shin bones were such a powerful cooling radiator :-)
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 That was so cool, stared the vid just to see how the body heated up but seeing the shock, forks and brake systems glowing was awesome, I would have expected it with the brakes but surprised me the shock and fork were that warm. Also a unique view of the riders at points at the bikes were hardly visable
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 really good way of seeing a riders body position and how you move. would have been interesting to see some bigger jumps, drops or compressions and maybe long corners...
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 My initial idea was to record a downhill run, but unfortunately it had taken too much time to get there. Maybe another time!
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 Very, very cool video!
I'm wandering if clothes, suspension, brake and bike designers This technique use when testing new equipment?
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 Clothing manufacturers use thermal cameras to see how good their products insulate. And in automotive it's quite common to control brake and engine temperature. But I guess it is to little money in mountainbiking.
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 Legs warmer than brakes!
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 Not necessarily. Metal has much lower emissivity than skin, which means it won't radiate as much at the same temperature;-)
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 @Makten: was just about to comment but you beat me to it!
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 "There is something out there waiting for us and it ain't no man"
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 As a biker and ITC level II thermographer this makes me very happy.
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 Very cool!!
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 The brakes were hot after the descent!
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 whats strange is theres no wildlife to be seen, notting
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 It's not strange. The video was recorded in a small forest near infrastructure and houses, so there aren't much "wildlife" to start with. And since we did a lot of noises I guess any rabbit or deer that was close by quickly disappeared.
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 I'm glad you like the video!

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