2022 Pinkbike Awards: Value Product of the Year Winner

Dec 14, 2022 at 9:22
by Henry Quinney  

Value Bike Product of the Year Winner

Hunt Trail Wide Wheels

It feels like every other week there's a new release of $2,000+ carbon wheels. While they may well have their place, for most people most of the time I think alloy is more than enough. In fact, a good set of alloy wheels that you can rely upon is all any of us really need.

Yes, there might be performance gains to be had but, when it comes to value, you could spend a quarter of the price and still ride the same things on the same trails, you have to ask what kind of benefit spending four times the amount on wheels really brings you.

The alloy Trail wides are a great wheelset that will give a good ride quality and reliability. Should you want something burlier, there are the Enduro Wide wheels, too.

When we tested the Hunt Trail Wide wheels at the start of the year, I came to this conclusion:

"When reviewing a product that offers distinctly better value than its competitors, I always come back to the same question - do they need to be better on the trail? Or merely offer similar performance at a lower cost? The Trail Wide V2s are definitely part of the second group. Bang for buck, you could do far far worse than these wheels."



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 Amazing, I thought the Outside+ membership was sure to win best value. Guess NFTs aren't a "real product."
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 Those are probably great wheels, but with the price of €459 it's hard to argue against DT M/E1900 (with Ratchet LN) which you can find for €299.
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 500€ for a pair of wheels that will have dents in no time isn't great value in my opinion. Like you said DT swiss entry wheelsets can be had for much less often times and are way tougher than most of the competition.
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flag RedBurn (Dec 27, 2022 at 4:28) (Below Threshold)
 A 2000$ wheelset is nowhere close to a a best product award, its the price of a damn bike Dead Horse
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 @RedBurn: These are 400$ NOT 2000
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 I sold my DT M1900s and bought these… wouldn’t go back. Much better ride quality, hub engagement, and lighter. 1 year in and no dents, flats or burps yet.
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flag ciechan (Dec 27, 2022 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 @KalkhoffKiller: how can you have a dent in carbon rim? hahaha
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 Where are you finding the 1900 series for €300?
Even at the “discount” retailers in the US a rear only is nearly $400.
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 @mrpfp: key "in the US". In EU bike-discount sells them for €299.
When you compare $400 and $450 wheelsets, it's 12,5% difference. But €300 and €450 it's 50%.
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 One should always compare RSP with RSP to have a fair value assessment. Also, the Hunts are lighter and the latest iterations seem to have very good results in the durability department
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 @Arierep: Sram, Rockshox, DT and some other brands are always discounted (in EU at least). No one should buy MSRP Lyrik for €1149 if it sells almost everywhere for €799. Fair price comparison is to check prices from major resellers, take average and then compare it.
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 @wyric: ok, then compare them with the Hunt priced when those are available with a discount.
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 Just bought a set of these for £279…still cheaper than 1900s in the UK
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 @wyric: I agree. Some manufs lock down deals with resellers so they can only be found at MSRP. Others are consistently lower in the actual price. You should compare actual 'regular' prices. There's also special one-off deals you get sometimes, I wuldn't include those in a price comparison.
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 @sethlowe: Care to tell us your weight? Big and fast is DT Swiss territory ;-)
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 @wildedge586: 150 naked + whatever trail attire feels appropriate. I ride 2.6 tires at around 22 psi. Have definitely hit some rocks and thought I dinged the rim a few times, but no damage so far.
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 L. DEORE has this category in the bag.
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 Totally agree. But that's old news, isn't it? Instead of an award, DEORE should get an official place in all component reviews, where the reviewer should answer the question whether the component is really worth the extra money above the DEORE equivalent. Probably not, except for shifters, bottom brackets and (if your frame mandates weird hose angles) brake calipers.
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 This is presumably for products launched this year only
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 @boozed: Deore was one of the nominees...
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 @ak-77: Oh I see...
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 Look nice, but I’m a total dtswiss fanboooi for both their cheapest stuff and the top end stuff.
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 Same here. Even with 28 spokes (shortage effects), the EX471/DT350 wheels I built last year and outraged so much don't show any sign of fatigue... and they did cost me about 360€. (and I like the fact that you can peel off the stickers from the rims Smile
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 @danstonQ: I've been beating the hell out of a similar set that I built for my AM hardtial this spring. 28spoke DT350's laced to DT M502's (non welded version of the 471 I believe). I was worried about running 28 spoke wheels on an HT with the way I ride but so far they have been flawless.
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 What were the other nominated products for this award? I couldn't recall seeing the list so I just took a look, but I don't see it anywhere - I only found the overall product of the year nominee list.
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 Do those rims no longer explode spectacularly? Or was that just the 700c/gravel versions?
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 Been thrashing my endurowide set for over a year now with no issues. Glad to see the brand getting some love.
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 Good looking wheels
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 Enjoying my pair I got just before Christmas in some Lake District snow.
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 I love all the hunt wheels I have. Carbon and alloy. Both fantastic.
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 Had these all summer on my 170mm enduro/park bike. No issues or denting even sans insert. 10/10.
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 Watch Ali Clarkson's wheel build video, be patient, and never get hosed on prebuilt wheels again
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 I got a set of these for my hardtail and they’ve been awesome so far.
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 but who made the hubs for this brand because if they are made by novatech they are crap
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 Sorry but these really don't deserve top honors IMO. All the Hunt wheels I've seen have failed prematurely.
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