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The Pinkbike Podcast: Where Downhill Tech is Going, and Which Prototype We'd Love to Ride

May 14, 2024 at 21:11
by Henry Quinney  
New art by Taj Mihelich.

We caught up with the tech team to discuss what they're reviewing, what we're seeing at races, and what they would love to ride.

For future episodes, we'd love to answer some of your questions. Please tag me (@henryquinney), and I will pass them on to the tech team in the coming weeks. Thank you!

Featuring a rotating cast of the editorial team and other guests, the Pinkbike podcast is a weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between.

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 It would be great if you guys could elaborate on your personal geometry preferences and how you arrived at them. As you said you get to ride a ton of bikes, what are you feeling when the reach is too long, or other dimensions? I've traditionally ridden XL bikes but am now between L and XL in many brands. However the longest reach bike I've ridden is 495, but I wonder if longer would be better. I still look at top tube length as you spend a lot of time seated pedaling.
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 Look to the stiffness / flex issue motocross riders have faced for years. Suspension only works in one direction. When your leaned over and taking a vertical bump, it’s the frame not the suspension handling that. Or off camber sections, the frame has a huge role in the feel and traction. Stiff is NOT always better. The early Honda aluminum frame bikes are universally maligned for being too stiff and harsh. KTM went and made their steel frames stiffer and are not back tracking to make the racers happy.
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 Where did Dario got the info about replacing the Pivot head tube lug? My understanding was when the parts are bonded, they are set and it wouldn't be possible to heat up to remove the lug from the tubes
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 Had some great lolz listening to this one, coincidentally minutes before listening asked my buddy how his new Element is riding, and literally had to check the previous texts to recall the name of the bike, truer words never said by Henry... you guys are a powerful team of industry wisdom, appreciate
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 Henry getting into short travel bikes is step 2 in him becoming Levy
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 Henry specifically on this question- having mentioned that modern XC and short travel bikes feel and often are so capable, would you agree that most of the UK is massively over biked? I include myself in this! And also favourite UK riding spots?
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 I love your podcast, and I listen to it every opportunity I get - I especially appreciate any information on UFO's and aliens, and/or bike frames made out of anything from carbon to stem cells.

But why does your website suck?
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 Kaz question (or the rest with prior injuries) - I compressed my T12 vertabrae in February. How did you approach getting back on the bike after breaking your back?

I've been on the road bike for the past few weeks, and hoping to get back on the enduro bike again soon. Did you just just riding? Or setup a particular training plan?
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 Tech talk is the best, I listened to it a couple of times searching for tid bits of useful information! All tech all the time!
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 Loved the Pod! My only critique was the delayed response time with Matt and the subsequent talking over each other, I assume from the delay.
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 @mikekazimer @henryquinney - DYIN to hear the DH bike test - any idea when that's gonna get posted via video or written article?
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 Kaz wins the music picks
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 The pink bike crew sitting and taking crap about bikes is my favorite type of pod. Thanks!
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 Matt was a little slow off the gun on the questions, hope he didn't hit his head!
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 Its from video delay

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