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Video: The Latest Tech From the Fort William DH World Cup - Here We Go Again

May 19, 2022 at 15:39
by Henry Quinney  

After the season opener in Lourdes, the World Cup calendar took a break of several weeks. In that time, brands have been hard at work to bring new bikes and developments for the next leg of racing.

In Fort William, we've seen further refinement to some of the bikes that debuted in France, such as the Intense prototype receiving an updated link, as well as entirely new bikes such as fresh downhill bikes from GT and Giant. If videos aren't your thing, and the waffle is all a bit too much, hold tight - the tech photos will be online soon.

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 Not typically a fan of video format for these, but this is some excellent coverage with actual interesting and informative commentary.
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 RockShox being quiet on the details of the Boxxer, but a little birdy told me they're not 40mm stanchions like the competition. They couldn't fit the bushings they needed with "stankshuns" that large, so they finally decided on 38.99mm.
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 I kind of hope they go with some stupid value like 38.99 to just troll the ever living hell out of everyone
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 Giant please bring that Glory back to the market, such an iconic bike. Can´t wait for it!
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 This is some great race media... keep it up!
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 Everyone seems to be ripping off The Late Marzocchi's DBC dynamic bleed cartridge
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 Not really, that type of cartridge is commonly used on dirt bikes.
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 Trek factory racing and vali holl and jamie edmonson have different frames ... the idler on TRF is closed and vali and jamies is open
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 Old news. Some Trek riders have been riding the open style idler since before Lourdes
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 Solid. Fan of less scripted edits.
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 Itching to make a comment about how the official drink of Pinkbike Racing should be PBR...
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 Boxxer moving to a larger diameter made my head explode.
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 @henryquinney why did you say virgins at 2:21 and not versions? Wink
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 Tbh more interested in the new Glory than I thought I’d be.
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 quinneys voice so soothing with my coffee in the am
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 Gotta say, Henry is an excellent presenter. Great insight into the tech too - this is what the fans want.
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 I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed ted by Henry’s videos, good work!
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 @henryquinney so it’s the lastest of the last tech? No more ever?
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 Huge fan of this world cup footage. job well done @henryquinney
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 Hell yeah that glory looks awesome. More deets needed!
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 Strange that you couldn't get to see the Intense link when there's a clear photo of it in the Tech Randoms post.
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 Nice one Henry
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 The slow-mo track shots make that look really fun.
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 This was an excellent video! More Henry content like this please
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 Will BETA be covering any of this?
(Too soon, Robin?)
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 I'm starting a new website called Alpha mtb and you can get all of this content 2 weeks before the average beta enjoyer.
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flag suspended-flesh FL (May 19, 2022 at 21:43) (Below Threshold)
 @Big-Dave-Martin-Zanazzi: Will there be any 'Libs' to 'Own' there, or will it be more like Truth Social?
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 Marketing BS facts
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