Video: The Latest Tech From the Lenzerheide DH World Cup - Smoke and Mirrors

Jul 6, 2022 at 14:38
by Henry Quinney  

As we get ready for what could be a novel dry race in the summer of 2022, we take a look at what new arrivals we have on the World Cup circuit. There are new bikes from brands both big and small but - and I would say to an even greater extent than usual - secrecy is something of a theme.


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 1. Picture = 1000 words
2. 6:28min Video at 30fps = 11,640 Pictures
3. This video = 11,640,000 words
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 Most are just duplicates of the photo one frame before, so more like 5,000,000 words or so, but I see what yer smokin'!
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 Only 9700 words for those of us in PAL. Pick a frame rate and be a dick about it
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 @westmatteeussen: is anyone still using PAL ATSC or NTSC anymore???
  • 2 0
 Does resolution affect the amount of words a picture equals
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 @Bikerdude137: Perhaps it’s a vocabulary thing. (ie. 480p is 5th grade, 1080p is 12th grade, 4K is university, and… well… they don’t have a resolution high enough for @henryquinney’s vocab yet.)
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 Also did you include the amount of words said in the video because that would add on too. Are random sounds worth any words? I'm definitely overthinking this
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 Please keep the stache going for the rest of the season
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 SRAM design team still using the crappy saggy azz design of the rear caliper blocking the mounting bolt. Hilarious they still cant get that rite.
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 you're not wrong.
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 Design team? Wait what?!?
And here I am thinking all they got are pyro ninjas setting factories on fire around Japan, silly lilly me.
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 What's it going to take to greenlight Aimi Factory Racing TV?
  • 16 0
 Okily Dokily!
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 That's the sort of moustache that isn't allowed within 100 meters of a school or playground.
  • 1 0
 Unless you wrangle the job of PE Teacher
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 No one gonna talk about that Polestar bike at the end? Looked pretty sweet
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 +1 Looked tasty
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 Henry seemed to like them, but I thought they looked like gimmicky tat.
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 Who's going to get a photo of Finn's new Demo first?
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 I spotted this in Morzine a couple of weeks ago...
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 @islandforlife: It looks very unique,like carbon tubes glued to some steel lugs? I think it is a prototype for new kinematics cos the frame is far from being a serial production one. Even the seat stays looks like the carbon one´s in the Enduro.
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 @henryquinney...Out of interest, is your dad Tom Sellick or Ron Jeremy? The lip resemblance is uncanny.
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 [meme] why not both? [/meme]
  • 4 0 can't compare that thing on his face to either of those guys, it's not even close brother
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 The prototype demo looks good,half DH bike half bike packing DH bike hehehe. That cover is really big. Only thing evident is no more links in the seat stays/rockers arms.
I bet it would have a huge SWAT cavity that´s why is so secret,so you can hide an entire bocadillo,not a sad thin baguette like in the other S bikes.
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 Where are the pictures!!
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 They covered that on their last podcast. Video has a faster turn around as Henry works for PB. The photos have a slower turn around as the photographers shoot for other clients, and this means they are a bit slower getting their stuff out.
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 Lookin good mate, Mo' money no problems
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 Mustaches be like, and a windowless van, with "Free Candy" painted on the side. Cruzing through the school zones.
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 That joke wasn't even funny 25 years ago.
  • 2 2
 Says the 'salary man' that works 84 hours a week (heavy sarcasm).... I hope you realize how cliche and innacurate your comment is.
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  • 7 4
 dude Henry is the BEST!
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 That Gamux bike scares me. I've gotten some nasty bruises front sharp edges on bikes.
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 Why is @henryquinney holding part of his mustache in his hand?
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 No pics @PB... next year no DH @redbulltv...
Vital without comments...

Life is getting harder
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 Why does Henry look 25 and 45 at the same time?
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 Youtube pays the bills kids Pictures do not
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 “FORBIDDEN” to be there
  • 6 4
 lose the caterpillar Henry please
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 Everything was quite…interesting
  • 2 1
 Give the people what they want... Forbidden DH bike !!!
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 @mikekazimer: You're the man Mike, thanks !
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 @mikekazimer: Full review tomorrow Kazimer?
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 @mikekazimer: you cant go posting spy photos like that.. it is Verbotten
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 its a good thing he addressed the mustache right off the bat
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  • 4 3
 Get wrecked with your videos I NEED TO PINCH ZOOM THAT NERD GARBAGE.
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 The comment section usually gives Henry a hard time, but I've never heard of him referred to as nerd garbage. Thats harsh.
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 This guy brings some much needed personality to pinkbike… keep it up mate
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 Happy to see that new fuzzy thing protecting against the wind
  • 2 0
 Renegade 80s PE teacher
  • 1 0
 ...skip ahead, skip ahead, skip ahead, back to main menu.
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 Was there anything worth watching in the video? I'd like to know before I waste 10 minutes scrolling back and forth.

If only there was an article...
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 Amy is such a personality...
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 Henry needs a pith hat to go with that fuzzy...thing on his face.
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 Well at least the radar signature might be lower
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 Volvo bike looks
  • 3 2
  • 1 1
 I've been click baited :'(
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 No pics, meh
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 Henry talks sooo much BS speculation its unreal Bellender.

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