Video: We Talk Lightweight E-bikes and Specialized's New Turbo Levo SL | Pinkbike Magazine Show EP. 7

May 4, 2023 at 10:38
by Henry Quinney  

This week on the Pinkbike Magazine Show we talk about the brand new Specialized Turbo Levo SL, internally routed headset cables, mountain bike fashion trends, and our (lack of) cooking skills.

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 Where is Levy!?
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 Where is Levy!?
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 curling camp
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flag rob748 (May 4, 2023 at 15:09) (Below Threshold)
 Who cares
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 @brianpark: we’re not falling for that again this year!
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 Still getting probed by border guards (aliens).
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 He's been banned from talking about Specialized bikes ever since he accidentally mistook that Status 140 for a 160.
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 @brianpark: The winter sport or for his biceps?
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 I think they've missed the point on the Rapha stuff. Not that I'm saying I love it and it's the coolest, but it's not fashion dipping into cycling, it's Rapha wandering into fashion. I don't think those pants are intended for use on a bike, but rather, that Rapha is trying to reach out into other markets for brand recognition.
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 No autoplay!
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 Henry - invest in yourself and learn to cook mate. Like anything in life, it takes practice. No one is born a good cook. However, I can guarantee when you've got the stuff that you want to eat dialled in, you'll be a happy man. Well, maybe slightly less surly.
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 Have you even eaten British cooking? Don’t encourage them.
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 @sfarnum: Shots fired! Man, that is harsh. Ok, so in an average sized city only 5 percent of restaurants might be "British", but if you find one, you should enjoy it. Our fast food does not count! Although the right pie and chips can be pretty bad ass.
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 Average house price in Calgary is north of 500k. Not Vancouver or Squamish levels but nothing to be smug about…
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 Why does the industry do stupid things?

"Constant Innovation Agenda"

Change for the sake of change not functional improvement.

I call BS.
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 How good is that print with the saddle, booting that man’s head to the moon?!
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 If you ever used one of Specialized command posts, you can relate.
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 The Rapha pants remind me of breakdancing fashion from the 1980s.
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 Yes - and that was fashion, my friend.
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 Good job new guy, Henry great as always. I would like the set to be less cabin type, nice posters though. And a youtube upload instead of a proprietary vid player.
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 real surprised there are still a few emtb hating dinosaurs out there. Soon enough they'll either own one or be as common as a blockbuster video store.
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 The biggest problem I've found is the increase of donkey's hauling ass up stuff they couldn't climb before or shouldnt be climbing cause it's a downhill trail..and you run head on to some moron with a motor going up the wrong's sucks .. ebikes suck.
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On the previous Force and on the previous & new Fury some excellent cable routing... !
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 Nice one Quinji . Maybe the rapha pants are attempting to attract the trail builders with those. You know, the rich one's
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 History always repeats itself.
When bicycles were originally turned in the motorcycles, was there newspaper headlines and town criers shouting it’s wonders to the world?
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 Quinney. When are you making more F1 podcast episodes?
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 @maxbarron Is acoustic bikes a thing or did you mean analog bikes?
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 Max is hilarious. Hope he shows up in more episodes
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 Can this pleaase be in the podcast feed as well? I'll keep asking...
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 New specialized demo dropping on June 10th just btw
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 new Druid dropping tomorrow
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 @jaydawg69: it's next week lol stop saying that on every post
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 @souknaysh: oops... you are correct. the 4 bar should really improve the bike when you're on the brakes.
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 @jaydawg69: mostly curious about the price, so people can realize that mine for sale is actually a steal of a deal!
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 @souknaysh: I bet it'll be pre Covid prices.... they were selling their frames for $2500 on sale.
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 @jaydawg69: I doubt but we'll see. clearly they were making space for the new gen
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 @jaydawg69: Just snagged one for cheap so hopefully the new ain't to groundbreaking. lol
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