Video: X Games Behind the Scenes with Brett Rheeder

Sep 23, 2013 at 7:49
by Harrison Mendel  
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bigquotesX Games was honestly the sickest event I've ever been to in my life. Being at such a high level event with all of the best athletes from all different action sports is such a rad experience. We always see X Games highlights on the internet and TV but to actually be a part of event and have our sport be at the venue is such a privilege - Brett Rheeder

Video by: Harrison Mendel
Story presented by: FOX


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 Of course Semenuk and Rheeder were the first guys to drop in.. they really represented the sport well on its biggest media stage.
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 Those are Canadians for ya! Yeah Brett yeah Brandon!!!
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flag ThisIsDan (Sep 23, 2013 at 13:36) (Below Threshold)
 I don't know if I can handle all this national pride being displayed.. I guess I don't understand national pride, but I think even for those that do, there's a limit
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 Were you trying to make sense? Cuz you just sound dumb....
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 This really is a pretty good week for Canadians. Rheeder, Semenuk, Stevie Smith. Must be something in the water up there!
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flag Airik (Sep 23, 2013 at 14:40) (Below Threshold)
 how can you not get what he is saying ? being pround on something you did not achieve is stupid and so is national pride.
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 Airik did a better job of explaining what I meant..
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 very true Airik!
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 Brett has such great style and seems like such a cool, nice guy
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 So your telling me I can't be proud that 2 Canadians took home gold and silver at the first mtb in x games? Haha beat it bud your lost!
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 Airik nobody is saying they are proud of themselves for something that someone else achieved. They are saying they are proud of the achievements of those fellow countrymen. What's so wrong with that? Is it a terrible thing to support your countries people in competition? I willing to bet most athletes appreciate and feed off of it.
If nobody gave a rats ass about what anyone else in their country did, that country would be pretty divided and there probably wouldn't be any interest or funding for anyone to compete in anything.
I will agree with ThisIsDan and say that yes, there is a limit.
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flag Andrew-Taylor (Sep 23, 2013 at 21:59) (Below Threshold)
 CANADIANS FOR THE WIN! Literally! But im fond of other countries as well ehhh
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 I`m glad for Rheeder.
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 he just blow off my mind..for condition at the time his run was super gnarly..what a mental! congrats dude
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 Because there is one big big problem in this world. We see each other as nations but we all live on the same world. we are earthlings and we should start seeing it that way. It gives us an escape room to hide behind the achievements of other people to feel better superier even we are not.
I guess "riotpride" never ever had any connection to semenuk ore rheeder and still he thinks he is one of a superier group of people. Guess what, Iam stoked for rheeder and Stevie Smith too and I dont care where they are from because they are two very nice and friendly human beings and this is all thats counts.
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 All I was saying is Canadians are good ppl and won't let some shitty weather get the best of them and will still put on a show and throw down un like some other rides who refused to ride x games cuz they don't like the course like grow up! And no I don't have any connection to Brandon or Brett but why can I cheer them on? f*ck you bud your a looser no one needs your essays on here trying to be cool just beat it!
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 Funny how you are trying to attack me personally just because you cant get the point of what Im saying. Your username lets me guess that you are that kinda guy that tips over cars because his favorite hockey team didnt win. For me thats the real definition of a looser. : O
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 So Airik, you are saying that being proud of someone means your hiding behind their achievements and feeling overly superior? I find that an odd definition of 'pride'. If that's the case then are you saying nobody should ever proud of anyone?
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flag riotpride (Sep 24, 2013 at 17:56) (Below Threshold)
 Nope sorry no it at all I don't like hockey I ride bikes........ And my definition of a looser is the guy starting fights over PB because someone is proud to be where their from! Blow your boy friends pole and don't get so but hurt you live in a shitty country......
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 "Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it." "You'll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race." ~George Bernard Shaw
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 thanks moloch. nailed it. And what is wrong with you guys, are you incapable of understanding a small text in your own language ?
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 Incapable of understanding? Your original comment was in reference to pride, not patriotism. Pride has several definitions but the one most people posting here would be referring to would be -
(as defined by Webster's) Pride - "satisfaction with your (or another's) achievements"

Whereas Patriotism is "love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it"

Everyone is entitled to there own opinions but saying that there is something wrong with people because they don't agree with you is arrogant.
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 hahaha you really made me read my statement again.still yes. I think you did not read it correct. but to be honest I dont care to much to keep this going.
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 What have i started...
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 That course was Rheediculous Wink
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 Wish the x games would have been a better course and event. And not enough coverage of it on espn.
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 From what I've heard the course wasn't great. I get that. But it also seems that if they had perfect weather with no wind or rain for 3 days straight to practice then it would have been a whole different beast. Props to riders that went for it anyway. It was still a pretty awesome display of talent.
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flag MidgetSaw (Sep 23, 2013 at 9:31) (Below Threshold)
 x games shouldn't be part of the fmb tour. its overrated even the bmx comps are lame
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 The events are really only as lame as the people who are competing in them. If you make it part of the fmb, they will come and shred awesomeness. besides, did you see the stoke in Brett's face for winning a gold medal?
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 Also they need to get commentators, listening to them is as bad as talking to my little sister about biking.
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 I was watching this and those moments where Matt Jones falls off the flip and lands on the bike and when Brett got up then kind of fell onto his bike, those look so sore haha! But it was unreal to see those guys ride that course, was well insane. So big
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 That course looked well built as in near-perfect speed for the drops and double jumps... I think people are mostly upset with that sat. bowl and the rollers, haha.

For the first X-Games event, they did an amazing job. It's not their fault that the weather behaved like it did (look at how many slope events were affected by piss poor conditions, it's happens). If it were better weather, the riding would have been insane. Also I think many of you are forgetting that mountain biking was in the X-Games!! Do you guys understand how long we've been waiting for that to happen? Regardless of how it turned out, this was a momentous occasion for mtbing and I can't wait for next years.
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 lol if xgames is so over rated than you go ride it bud go rheeder!
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 Sask250's got a very correct point! The guy said 360 when it was clearly an Oppo 3, which without being picky does give you more points, also a harder trick, they don't have a fucking clue what to say half of the time compared to FMB commentators who watch slopestyle regularly and can tell who the riders to watch are....The X-Games commentators were kind of boring...
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 @scott-townes, it was also reeeeeeeally difficult to clear the step-up if you didn't hit the berm perfectly. Personally I loved the rollers haha, only part of the course that felt like home to me
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 @ nick your just a perfect example of a dumb pinkbiker., i said "xgames is overrated" not "that course looks easy and i can do it rheeder is a pussy" fking donkey
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 Some of those camera angles remind me how mental slopestyle is, sending drops like that looks scary enough as it is but then putting 360s and backflips in just puts these guys on a whole other level!
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flag MidgetSaw (Sep 23, 2013 at 9:29) (Below Threshold)
 practice makes perfect?
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 You can practice that all you want, but you need to be BORN with some pretty big balls to pull that off!
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 neg proped for making the most obvious statement... it is what it is. if you cannot swim you dont jump in the deep end, the logic of pinkbikers, why do you say balls and not brains because lets face most bikers are fucking dumb.
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 I have so much respect for people who do slopestyle, and rampage
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 Yea I wouldn't send those obstacles even in my wildest dreams.
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 "Im flipping it first go" lol
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 where do i get white walls... i wanna be steezy too
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 Been trying to find them in 24". Seems they are damn rare especially at that size...
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 Rheeder is such a sick rider and such a chill/humble guy!

I saw him walking around at bearclaw and asked him how his back was and ended having a 10 minute
chat with him. Pretty cool when you can just have a bullshit with one of the best in the business.
So props for saving the X-games debut and making it exciting to watch, and props for being such
a relaxed guy and keeping it real. Hope to see you on top of the FMB tour next year!
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 damn these guys really work hard. full props. nice to see the comradery behind the scenes too. respect. really loved the edit thanks.
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 waited for 8 hours because of the wind but it payed of! those 2 runs are mtb history
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 GOOOOOO Brett nice little Behind the Scenes bro, and for all the people wondering he Really is super chill and down to earth.
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 Is it just me that cannot watch the vids on pinkbike anymore because of flash player? I cannot upgrade my flash player because my OS is too old!
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 That rim went pop, sick last run
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 Look at his head when he backflips at 5:44. Looking at the landing almost all the time.
Such a skilled rider!!!
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 White walls are classy
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 I loved watching Andreu see the BMX superman and then freak out!
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 Yeeaa Brett your an animal keep it up man, celly hard
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 Way to get back to it after that huge fall, damn! Awesome air!!
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 Brett always looks like he's just about to cry when he's talking..
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 great to see semenuk being the great sportsman he is
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 Amazing, your skills are the best I've ever met, master, too perfect.
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 3:30 is absolutely the best part Big Grin
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 This video was way better than the entire coverage by ESPN! Thanks PB!
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 really sick !!!!
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 Can't watch any of these video's on my mac, or update the flash. Says the upgrade does not work with my OS,

Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions to fix it?
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 buy a pc maybe?
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 Oh no f**k PC's
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 a mac is a pc with a shit os on and costs more. who's the smart one
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 steve jobs he made billions from your pimped out PC's
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 Song ??
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 i was diggin the song as well. went well with that huge first drop haha
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 Uppermost - Passion
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 passion by uppermost
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 I want to get there Smile
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 i want those tires
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 Is it just me that cannot watch the vids on pinkbike anymore because of flash player? I cannot upgrade my flash player because my OS is too old!
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 Real nice feature!
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 feng shui breakfast?
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 Great rider semenuk
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