Video: Mike Hopkins Rides 154km of Trail in a Day

Jul 19, 2021 at 13:36
by Mike Hopkins  

The 154... Every year on July 1 we ride as many off-road kilometers as Canada is old. Started when Canada turned 150 and this year the cookie crumbles at 154km of True Blue MTB!

This year the temperatures were set to spike at a scorching 40 degree's Celcius (107 F), so there were no illusions - it was going to turn into a sufferfest... but the big question was would we crack?! Get beat by the heat, or the trail, or the elevation… would the day see us tuck our tails or would we weather the heat-wave and keep the dream alive?

Good idea? Bad idea? Only one way to find out!

“Don’t know till you go”

Welcome to the 154!

154 KM of Trail in a Day.

Riders: Kevin Erwin, Joe Hopkins, Ben Burwash, and Mike Hopkins
Support Crew: Traharn Chidley, Illiera and Luna Hopkins, Sally and Lincoln Erwin
Filming: Simon Hillis
Photo: Bruno Long


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 Holy shiznit, a third of that would be a pretty big day! Nice work, enjoy your recovery day! Oh yeah - Outside sucks balls, don't involve Pinkbike with any subscription garbage.
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 I second all of the above....but also want to give props to Kevin, Joe, Ben, and Mike for still going hard on the downs (at least what was shown in the video). Would be understandable to take everything at a reasonable pace (ups and downs) in light of the distance and heat. well done.
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 15.4 k is a long day for me…. Well done Mike and friends!
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 Yeah but it's a dry heat.
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 I have pretty sporty big ride fitness and I wouldn't make it past my mailbox in that heat.
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 Shout out to Seven Summits Coffee, which is delicious!

They used to even ship cheaply down to the states, and I'm bummed that they stopped (guessing related to pandemic-induced shipping issues). Can't wait to get back up to Rossland and get some more.
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 Benjamin is most definitely a young Steve Peat.
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 HA! was expecting to see the whole day! I'm nuts
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 Jeez dudes! Why do that to yourselves?! (In all seriousness that is super impressive).
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 f*ck yeh. Mike Hopkins & crew are badass.

Also where can I find that dinosaur dress?!
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 This is very impressive. But when is he going to make an honest woman of @traharn ?
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 Haven´t seen an article i would pay for since the news dropped...
  • 1 2 do realize nothing has changed yet
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 Norm! You god damn legend!
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 Yeah rossvegas and the Hopkins family on pb front page!
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 Farkin' crazy! But the very best kind of crazy, good one boys.
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 Mike you're an Animal! It was too hot to ride for that long!!! ahahaha Cheers to you
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 Is it just me or is this guy not sweating at all? I soak shirts on 80F days in NC. Looks pleasant there....
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 Humidity is the enemy.

My poor west-coast-accustomed body absolutely can’t handle humidity.

Went to Chicago a few years ago. Dressed for a West Coast 80F and made it about 100 yards out of the hotel before I’d soaked my outfit.

Made the mistake of going to Maine this year when it was 94F and like 100% humidity.

Basically lived in the water, because that was my only chance of survival.

That said, the heat wave here during this ride was intense and insane. Hopefully it was still an outlier and not the new normal.
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 Meanwhile Lael Wilcox just did 576 KM on gravel with a MTB in 27 hours..
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 Ya, but who had more fun?
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 Where is this?
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 The magical Rosslandic high country aka Rossland BC.
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 Mightily impressive!
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 I can't even do a 50k road ride on pavement. This is savagery!
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 Quite an accomplishment, Mike. I for one am impressed. Can't wait for 155!
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 damn dude! black shirt in that heat!
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 Multiple wow's, wow to the adventure, and wow that photo is incredible!!
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 I’d love to see the route. Got a Strava map on the ride?
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 No alligators to dodge? Meh..,
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 right, anyone with..... i guess its all about humble braggin rights
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 That is a beautiful photograph. It’s perfect.
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 That elevation gain is insane in the membrane.
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 Bad. Ass.
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 Meanwhile Kaz is wondering what the big deal with 154km is. Everyone with an E-bike can do that.
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 Edit: Until you get to the Green River after about 80 miles. My bad....
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 “…there were no illusions it was(n’t) going to turn into a sufferfest…” Typo Tuesday lives…for now.
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 I was thinking the same, a comma in there would have done the trick.
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 @jaytdubs: Sound solution.

My apologies to all for milking the snark possibilities before Outside scrubs this place clean.
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