Ibis Announces New S-Wheels, Collaboration with Stan's NoTubes

May 21, 2019 at 10:13
by Ibis Cycles  


When we set out to redesign our wheels, the main goal was to make them even lighter and stronger. That wasn’t easy. Our rims are among the lightest, widest, and strongest currently available. To make them better, we needed to reduce the height of our beadwalls. This would improve vertical compliance, leading to improved impact resistance, ride quality, and reduced weight.

Nearly twenty years ago, Stan’s NoTubes pioneered the first modern tubeless system, and they’ve never stopped innovating. One of their key technologies is BST or Bead Socket Technology. BST rims not only have shorter sidewall, but their profile helps make tire setup easy and improves the performance of tubeless tires.

Working together with Stan's, we were able to adapt the patented drop-channel geometry to an asymmetric rim. By combining Stan’s technology with our expertise in wide asymmetric carbon fiber rims, we were able to improve on an already great design.

bigquotesThe collaboration with Stan's brings the advantages of patented Stan's BST to our wide, strong and light asymmetric rims, significantly improving the impact resistance and ease of tire mounting.Ibis CEO Hans Heim

The Ibis Cycles EWS Team has been testing different variations of the new S-Wheels for over a year.

On average, the new carbon wheels are 9% better at resisting impacts than the previous Ibis outgoing wheels, while also being lighter. We have been secretly testing them under our EWS team this season and after three grueling rounds, they have yet to see a broken wheel. That's impressive, considering the wheels are often significantly lighter than competitors.

EWS Rd. 2 - Tasmania
The EWS is the perfect testing ground for new components.

Part of the magic formula is our Toughened Hybrid Carbon (THC). The name comes from the combination of resin materials we use in our carbon layup to achieve the right ride feel and strength. We use a proprietary toughened resin in the beadwall, which allows it to flex and shrug off impacts while keeping the tire in place.

Another key feature is the asymmetric design. Instead of the spoke holes being drilled through the center of the rim, they’re slightly offset. Doing this allows us to improve the bracing angle of the spokes. The larger offset allows us to tension both sides of the wheels nearly equally, which results in a stronger and more durable wheelset.

The new Ibis S-Wheels are available in two different widths. Both widths are available for 27.5" and 29"

Previously, we used the external width measurement to identify between rim offerings. To simplify things, we're now using the internal rim width. The S28 has a 28mm (technically 28.6mm) internal rim width, while the S35 has a 35mm internal rim width.

The new S35 wheels are shipping now on complete bikes. S28 rims and wheels will be shipping later this summer. Both S35 and S28 wheels and rims will be available aftermarket later this year.


We offer carbon wheels in two different trim levels: I9 and Logo. The I9 wheels are built with Industry Nine’s new Hydra Hubs and bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes. They retail aftermarket for $1,799. They’re also available as an upgrade to any build kit we offer for $1,300.

The Logo wheels utilize a hub designed in house to be tough as hell. It spins on high quality Enduro bearings and is laced with double butted Sapim D-Light spokes. They retail aftermarket for $1,299 and are available as an upgrade on any Ibis build kit for $899.

All of Ibis's rims are backed by a seven-year warranty. If it’s our fault, we’ll fix them. We also offer a low cost “accident replacement” program, just in case you drive your bike into the garage…

For more info, visit Ibiscycles.com

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  • + 22
 That infomercial is just rad. In the world of monotonous shreddits I appreciate that Ibis goes a different route and doesn't take themselves too seriously. Good people. Good company. Looking forward to trying these wheels.
  • + 1
 Things I need to know

Are these recreational wheels only legal to buy and possess in WA, OR, CA, NV, MI, VT, MA, ME, and AK?

Is the weight under the legal requirement for possession?

Will I have any issues with travelling with these wheels to states that do not allow these recreational wheels?
  • + 0
 They are speaking to their target market - mid-aged men and dentists. I don't think a millennial wannabe shredder can even comprehend what an informercial is. Would have been even funny if they said "call RIGHT NOW at 1-800-FUN-HOOPS and get a bottle of Stan's sealant for FREE!"
  • + 18
 So you tellin' me that THC is the secret to their rims? nniiccee
  • + 6
 I hear it makes them ride more relaxed.
  • + 19
 Smokes the competition
  • + 1
 @caltife: that one must be a magic resin for sure. Magic carpet feel ride
  • - 1
 Rat Boy: Can I be sponsored by Cannondale yet ride Ibis THC wheels? I at least don't have to tell UCI anymore. LOL
  • + 3
 “S” for Sativa
  • + 0
 @vjunior21: dude thats funny..............
  • + 2
 It’s a combination of resins bruh
  • + 3
 @5afety3rd: if you're using a combination of resins times must be tough dawg.
  • + 1
 Are these the first 'green' carbon rims? Does anyone know what type of glass is used?
  • + 12
 "The S28 has a 28mm (technically 28.6mm) internal rim width"

Goes through the hassle of changing its naming convention, only to make a rounding error?
  • + 19
 Imperial millimeters can be rounded either way. One of the privileges of empire.
  • + 80
 We know, and agree, but ended up deciding to round down to avoid using "29" which would probably be confusing, especially on the 27.5 version. We ask for the mercy of the rounding police on this one.
  • + 17
 @hans-heim: the rounding court has already ruled that you are in violation of standard rounding procedure and have issued a court order that you properly round or rename the rim S286.
  • + 10
 @hans-heim: You could have easily named it S29-0.4, I don't see the confusion there.
  • + 4
 0.113 centi inches my friends...
  • + 5
 Why not just 28.99, DUB width
  • + 2
 Missed a real opportunity there to go 28.99. What a shame.
  • + 6
 I still own two pairs of Ibis carbon wheels. the 741's and 742's. Great wheels at a great price with great support. I had a small tree go through the 741's and with a little helpful nudge from a supportive dealer Ibis didn't even charge for the "accident replacement" rim. All I paid was a small labor charge for someone to re-lace. I expect these new wheels/rims to be great.
  • + 1
 Opposite experience for me. Ibis tried to charge me $250 to build me a new wheel 2 weeks after the one I payed $250 for broke. Jenson helped me get a refund minus my initial $250.

Would never buy again.
  • + 9
 S-wheels?! And Specialized sues in 3, 2, 1...
  • + 8
 Holy smokes, those i9 S35 are pretty light for $1800...
  • + 7
 Dudedog, the best model out there!
  • + 6
 Really hard to want to buy carbon wheels without a lifetime warranty.
  • + 36
 7 years is a lifetime in the cycling industry
  • + 1
 Here, fixed it for you: Really hard to want to buy carbon wheels without a no-fault warranty.
  • + 0
 @JustinVP: yeah I haven't been screwed by ibis' bullshit "no fault warranty"... Stay away. Breaking a wheel with them cost $250 for a warranty replacement.
  • + 1
 @JustinVP: having been acrewed by*
  • + 6
 Imagine building up a wheelset and realizing your rims are on backwards
  • + 2
 Don’t do that
  • + 1
 I can almost guarantee that happens a bunch with offset rims.
  • + 1
 This looks like a positive change. Always thought the Stan's bead interface was really good; nice to see it applied to Ibis wheels. This does make me slightly envious though, having purchased a Ripmo (with 942 logo wheels) a year ago.
  • + 1
 Could have been worse, I bought a Ripley V3 with 942 logo wheels 8 months ago.
  • + 4
 if the proprietary THC is strong enough, i might buy a pair...
  • + 3
 I did some impulse shopping while stoned on quality THC... said no one, ever
  • + 1
 So, when is DT going to make asymmetric rims? That seems to be a factor in overall wheel strength. If Ibis is making stronger wheels with this, I'd love to see what DT can come up with.
  • + 1
 They make a single random one. I don't get it either.

  • + 1
 Asym does make rims weaker, so it factors into wheel strength.
  • + 3
 Don't all rims have a dropped center channel? You need it to install your tires. Never thought someone would patent it.
  • + 1
 Stan’s drop-channel has to do with the inner sidewall profile. Confusing, I agree (:
  • + 4
 I got loads of THC resin... Time to corner the market!
  • + 3
 Wait when did carbon rims become so cheap especially with I9 hubs in play?
  • + 2
 Gotta say, $1799 for carbon hoops and i9 hubs isn’t bad at all. i9 alloy rims and hydra hubs are already $1355 or so.
  • - 1
 Meanwhile Bontrager Line Pro 30 carbon set is 1608g, has quiet hubs, 108 rear engagement, EWS proven and is $960 at REI.
  • + 2

Isn't that the wheel that failed 3 times in review?
  • + 2
 @byfan: www.bikeradar.com/reviews/components/wheels/wheel-sets/bontrager-line-pro-30-wheelset-review

Yeah bikeradar broke 3. Also, a kid on my NICA team broke two of those rims on his Fuel EX. Replaced under warranty both times but seeing as he only weighs about 145 lbs my 200lb self wouldn’t be going near those.

My buddy’s carbon Kovee 30s have been going strong for a year though so ymmv.
  • + 1
 @BamaBiscuits: "2,385 Line Pro wheelsets in the field. This number includes both 27.5in and 29in versions. When we asked about warranty rates after the first two wheels failed, Bontrager claimed that there had been a total of four rim failures similar"
  • + 4
 9% though.
  • + 1
 What about the intended use? Enduro? All-Mountain? Is there a weight limit to these wheels/rims? 400gr. for the S28 in 29‘‘ seems pretty low.
  • + 4
 you had me at THC!
  • + 0
 Newbie walks into a bike shop points at these wheels . How much? 1300$ . Does that include pedals. ?
No just the wheels.
Oh I thought that was the price of the bike!
  • + 7
 For carbon wheels my first thought was that these are pretty cheap - especially for the fairly low weight. You should have a look at high end road wheels. That's a whole new level of expensive.
  • + 3
 how much?
For a bicycle, that's insane!
-No, just the wheels.
head explodes
  • + 0
 @bwcyyc: I'm too busy looking at 60,000 dollar trucks . Which is really a farm vehicle. Then I'm shopping for a 20,000 dollar Rolex watch . Tells the time . I really need a thousand dollar i phone too! Makes phone calls .
  • + 2
 @Sshredder: which $3000 rear bumper did you get for your truck?
  • + 1
 But call now and get your second pair free!
  • + 1
 Patents are cancer.
  • - 3
 Aside from the acronym naming, which is just a preference; you think they would have proof read this press release before publishing...
  • + 10
 Poor use of semi colon, B-
  • + 2
 @bishopsmike: Exactly, so I don’t write or proof press releases.
  • + 0
 "...we were able to create improve on an already great design."

When did Ibis change to ESL? LOLZ
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