Video: Mountain Bike Skills with Leigh Donovan

Jul 7, 2015 at 8:03
by Leigh Donovan  

Do you know what you’re doing out on the trail or do you often ask how can I ride with more confidence and speed? Well that is why former MTB champion and PMBI certified skills coach Leigh Donovan took her 30 years of BMX and mountain bike racing knowledge to video. Today, Leigh has launched a progressive video series “Mountain biking 101” with 10 skills that can help many riders take their riding to the next level. The video series is focused on supporting riders who are either new to the sport or for riders looking to refine their skill set.

Leigh launched in January of 2014 with the goal to help educate more riders around the world and said about the video release, “Many riders do not have access to skill camps in their area, so I decided to make a 'free' video series that could get riders started”. With help from Liv Cycling, Leigh was able to make these 90 second videos come to life. So in less than 15 minutes you can watch 10 skills to help you become a better rider, that’s not bad. The series starts with helping you find your balance points by learning how to separate your bike and body, you will also learn how to better understand a proper bunny-hop, and Leigh even gives a fresh look at re-starting on a steep climb, because in her words, “Climbing is not my forte, and I hate walking, so I feel like I’ve become an expert at this,” she went on to say, “ these are short videos to help riders gain a bit more knowledge and confidence when riding…the videos are more of a glimpse of what is being taught at mountain bike camps around the world”.

To join Leigh at her next camp in Mammoth Mountain, CA July 22-Juy 25th, click here for all the details or just email Leigh at to be added to her contact list for future events and video content.

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 Watched video. Now on the WC circuit, what have I done I just wanna go home
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 Bike body separation, otherwise known as 'crashing'.
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 In coaching speak, this is the ability to move the bike and body independently of each other. If you've ever seen someone who is locked into the same position on the bike they are limited in what they can do. Learning to use the full cockpit, fore and aft as well as side to side are essential skills to negotiating all types of terrain.

(yea, I know you were just being flippant)
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 The most cringe worthy to watch is dead sailor air to otb.
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 Did I just learned how to have sex while riding?
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 trust. GMBN on youtube does the same thing except better and easier to understand
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 Little more in depth would be nice. Bike position, what to expect from over or under steer, body position on the bike during the corner, etc. Just a thought....
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 “these are short videos to help riders gain a bit more knowledge and confidence when riding…the videos are more of a glimpse of what is being taught at mountain bike camps around the world”.

I'd imagine the camps that she teaches go more in depth.
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 Learning body position and balance, or openly expressing your love to your bike.
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 I watched these the other day and shared with some coworkers who are new to MTB, good stuff Leigh has done. I remember Leigh from the glory days of DH/slalom racing, she always seemed to be on laughing gas, and Winning.
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 LD and AC were big influences on me growing up watching DH and slalom in the 90s. I met Leigh a few months ago at Oaks trails in Orange County and she is of course just like in the videos - super nice and stoked on riding. Not all pro mtbers are this approachable.
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 Is that Amy from the Big Bang Theory?
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 yeah, and Sheldon is filming. but I think this one is much better than 'fun with the flags'
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 Take a look at global mountain bike network
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 Can you talk us through the skid to stop maneuver you pulled at the end?
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 try putting your weight more forward while up on the pedals and putting some rear break down.
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 Not to be confused with front brake.
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 Too general in my opinion, "look for line (which?), brake before entry (where?,til what speed?), then position (how?) body"

Fundamentals still offers the best advice you can get, although Barels videos come close if you can handle his accent.
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 The first one is basically dry humping the air whilst moving
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 lead with the hips
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 Fabien Barel made a long time ago, a very good video for all "AM Riders" of the world. Best material ever.
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 what's with the skidding, anyway? I thought you'd want to teach beginner riders NOT to skid when going down trails and tearing everything up
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 Good to see my local SoCal trails getting some love.
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 those vid were just hard to watch..... someone had to say it
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 Yey, after years and years of training I finally done it! I feel great Smile

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