Video: Bikepacking To A Hippie Jungle Festival On An $80 MTB

Mar 24, 2020 at 8:39
by ifhtfilms  

Last month, with little planning or bikepacking experience, Mahalo My Dude member Andrew Santos set off on a Costa Rican adventure.

After receiving surprise tickets to Envision Festival, Andrew embarks on a two-day 160 km solo journey through the Costa Rican jungle upon an $80 '94 Trek Singletrack 930 that he found on Facebook Marketplace. Will he survive the ride from San Jose to Envision Festival? Or will he face utter doom in the jungle? Grab a bevvie and turn down the lights – this is going to be a wild ride!


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 i think ill never get an idea how flying for 14h to do drugs and plant a tree then coming back by plane helps the planet. cool trip, but spare the bullshit
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 How to make a profit: step 1) create something that facilitates social media virtue signalling in exchange for currency
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 I don't think you understand the part about planting a tree.
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flag DHsender4life (Mar 25, 2020 at 7:41) (Below Threshold)
 You really feel like flying in a airplane is the core reason the world (mother nature)is falling apart?
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 Events like this help shift your perspective as a human being, which then helps the planet. It's not the act of planting the tree, it's the conversations you have with these types of people that plant seeds in your mind. Perhaps this event is the turning point to where now they'll reconsider flying ever again. Spare your bullshit perspective, how many trees have you planted, ever?
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 It's all about rubbing up against scantily-clad skinny hippie chicks!
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 @NYShred: actually you could be suprised, in my parents garden are hundreds of trees planted and i helped since i was little. i didnt even think about it untill you asked.

i dont believe you have to go to costa rica to figure out that excessive air traffic has huge impact on a planet, check this, i havent been there and already know that, strange huh

even if this video idk, changes someones perspective, its still a couple of privileged people from 1st world countries going on holidays and thinking lsd makes them smarter. been there, done that, it doesnt

want to change the world, start from yourself and then your neighbourhood

want to go on holidays, sure, go, have fun but dont call it saving the world, its actually almost the opposite

and i dont wanna continue this discussion couse it forces me to act like i was perfect which im not
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 It's a lot more eco if you just stay home to do your drugs.
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 @nikifor88: Wishing you nothing but positive vibes my dude. Stay safe and healthy.
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 @NYShred: you too man
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 @Geochemistry: I’m sure his gf is gonna torch him when he comes back ????
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 @TheLongMan: "But honey, I was blindfolded" "Nothing happened (that I remember)."
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 I am a simple guy. I see.. ...
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 Got me to click right away!
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 A classic hardtail?
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 Daaamn!! :-D
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 @mi-bike: cheers mate.
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 Shaved old man armpits?
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 @mi-bike: and 19:39
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 So many stinking dirty hippies, where’s my Lysol?
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 Not so dirty, not so stinking, have you seen the website ? It's more Coachella in Costa Rica than Woodstock... More hippies-chic than hippies !
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 @Ricolaburle: thats even worse
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 @Ricolaburle: thats even worse
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 @gserrato: Sure it is ! It's the "we all gonna change the world by travelling to Costa Rica and pay a lot of money to plant a tree and do some bullshit workshops but hey we are so cool have you seen us on the beach?" kind of festival...
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 and therein lies the lysol with stinky hippies AND a global viral pandemic.

What to do?
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 @ReformedRoadie: Drugz at home. Just read yesterday you can get high off Imodium if you take enough. Also will solve the TP shortage.
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 Im here for the gangbang?
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 that's some really weird sh@t! But hey, that doesn't harm any people so that's cool Smile
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 Enjoyed that! Quite ambitious distance goal on that bike so mega kudos to you! Pura Vida!
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 How to not plan and complete a bike packing trip.....
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 as intended
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 Bikes, beaches, bongos, and urmmm....hippie girls.
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 I caught scabies just by thinking about what goes on there after sunset.
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 Regardless of everyone's comment's on the actual festival or attendees that was a scary first day and a bold plan, or lack there of. Hope the return trip was a little more straightforward and safe for you. Keep up the stoke.
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 I liked it.
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 love that feeling when you camp in the dark and wake up to an amazing view
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 Giving your bike to someone that can use it. Sharing the stoke. You rock bro!
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 Glad to see this stuff into PB cover again!.. We all too disconnected from the meaningful small things... and MTB turns out to be 100 times better if you really appreciate them... We are way too much in our heads!...
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 "meaningful small things.." OK for the bikepacking trip, but for the festival, 639$ for a week is no small thing...
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 @Ricolaburle: something that will transform the perception of your life for ever? Yes worth it.
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 What a sad, sad comment section. The magic of a trip and a crazy bike adventure is pure gold and excellent content! Thanks pb for being soo bold as to have this on the front page. Super fun journey for sure.
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 My introversion levels would be off the scale at that festival. I love a festival but all that touching and happy clappy stuff... fuck.
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 Hopefully he is safe at home now...#stayathome
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 No drugs? Something is off
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 It was traded for surgery
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 At 16mn35, worth the ride man!
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 I could smell the B.O. through the computer.
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 that was fun. felt like I was there.
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 NIce story dude, certainly your good vibes followed you and keep you safe during that trip, that's really the essence. A deep unforgettable life experience. Enjoy
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 26 is NOT dead!
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 They just keep getting recycled. Zombie bikes, for sure!
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 whats worse than a hippie? neo-hippie millennials.
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 You nailed it !
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 Glad you had a good time!
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 Marblehead Mass - yep, makes sense.
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 Does anybody know what the last song was? Let me be free...
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 it was by Moon Tricks
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 This guy has listened to too many Dean Lucas Podcasts
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 Sitting here wondering if the younger me would have thought this less douchey. Hopefully not.
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