Video: Kids React to Mountain Bike Parts

Mar 30, 2024 at 8:54
by ifhtfilms  

From forks to derailleurs and everything in between. Kids react to mountain bike parts.

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 Kids "$1000 for a derailleur! Why so much?"

Me "Exactly."
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 "Why would people be spending this" was priceless too
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 Next episode: kids react to comments on mountain bike website.

Kids: Why are people shitting their pants over somebody else’s bikes drivetrain? Just ride your f*cking bike and be happy.
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 Published on 4/1 because prices of bike stuff these days are really just a huge prank.
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 These children remind me of the insight Levy used to provide us.
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 Spot on
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 I haven’t been thinking of the parts on my bike by how many holes they have. That one kid has a fresh outlook on how I will now be referring to all the parts on my bike now
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 Calling the fork "chopsticks" has me rolling
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 Your Mom won't pay for that, and she'd like to know the day rate for child actors in CAN
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 Can you do the same, but with mountainbiker's wifes/husbands?
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 Non-biking ex’s would be even better.
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 No. No. No.
I don’t need my wife knowing how much I spend on bike parts!

True story. I know a guy that will only buy black bikes. He gets new bikes about every other year. He says if it’s just a black bike hanging in his garage his wife can’t tell if it’s the old bike or a new one.
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 It's called a ring-ring now
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 I'm still trying to decide if I want to call my cassette a "chainyer" or a "spokey pyramid".
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 "Nice Heel Klicker" "It's called a foot high five bro"
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 3:38... kid gets it

Can we also get these kids to call the next slopestyle event?
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 Roy and HG commentating the 2000 Olympic gymnastics is pure Aussie gold humour. They make up the names of the moves as they're going along...

google it or click the link.

5 minutes of laughter!! I'd love to hear them commentate next to freecaster Rob Warner at a slopestyle event!!
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 Pure Gold.
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 Just showed it to my wife, and she suggested to do a girlfriend (that has been forced into biking by boyfriend and kids) edition of this one.
According to her, the answers will be pretty much the same
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 Feels like closer to $200 million than $53 these days.
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 The kid naming everything by the number of holes he could count had me rolling!
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 “This is a motor”… wait what? I thought we were talking about mountain bikes?
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 Spoke pyramid
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 Kids learn from this age that used cars are cheaper than a decent MTB
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 Best MTB content in a very long time. Great job,guys.
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 That’s the sound of my OCD going off the charts as the kids have their fingers all over a fresh brake rotor. Arrrrrrggggghhhhh!
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 I had to scroll past 102 pink bike articles to get here. I’m feeling flush.
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 My mom wont pay for MTBiking Frown
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 Kids bring us back to Earth. Brilliant!
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