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Video: Kids React to Mountain Biking

Mar 19, 2024 at 8:44
by ifhtfilms  

Watch kids' first reactions to mind-blowing mountain biking.

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 This needs to be a weekly series. In 8 minutes half a dozen kids replicated the PB Comment section and most of my daily internet travel...all without the attitude. Kid Incredible gets bonus points for having the least care factor and throwing the best shade. Bring the component reviews!
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 Alien! The balance of a God!
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 To be fair, I thought the same thing when I first saw it. I'm still not convinced thats not a true statement.
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 He pretty much nailed it.
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 @dadof4: Trae is going places! He's more fun and wiser already than most of us! Big Grin
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 Part Two: Your Medical Insurance Provider Reacts to Videos of Mountain Biking
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 American: "you guys have insurance"
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 I loved Star's reactions, "When I'm bigger I would do that". Sounds like an aspiring mtber to me!!!!
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 I don't know if it's a phase in a kid's developpement, or I mean I hope it is just a phase. She has facial expressions similar do Donald Trump.
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 "Enjoy the ride, buddy!" Hell yeah kid.
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 That was a killer roast!
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 to be fair....I'm 40 and have the same reactions
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 It was interesting watching their reactions to world's firsts. Essentially "that was cool" but thinking nothing of it. Gives me the perspective of people who don't ride and how hard it is to engage the common person.
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 It’s the same way I watch Olympic gymnastics
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 Hahaha, that was class.
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 This is pure gold. It cracks me up how similar the kids reactions are to mine when I watch these guys!
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 Who's gonna be doing a "Double Vuvvel"?
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 These kids know what time it is:

"Why do you think they would do this?"

"To make good content."
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 I - LOVE - IT!!!

Man, this is great!

Meh, it's OK Mike Levy
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 My kids love Danny's Day Care!
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 Can't beat the honest comments from kids.
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 they all sound like every rampage judge
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 The kids who randomly decided to watch me ride had that reaction
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 That was pretty funny and worth the watch.
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